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    "Silver Musk? I've to taste it! The name is really promising, metal and musk wow, I guess it's one of those cold metallic but very refined perfumes I'm looking for..." Naaaaaaa, not at all. This is a clean musk with a good sillage and good lasting power, that's it. Nothing special, nothing very important, just one in the crowd.

    Two more things: First, Nasomatto packaging is amazing and so are the bottles, really really really beatiful (not enough, thou). Second "Silver Musk aims to evoke superhero magnetism"...are you guys kidding us? Ok it is funny and I really hope this was you're aim.

    06 March, 2011 (Last Edited: 04 April, 2011)

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    Ok- I'll be honest. The only reason I tried Nasomatto's Silver Musk was because I was enamored with Escentric Molecules "Molecule 01" and Luckyscent's website said that if you like M01, you might like Nasomatto Silver Musk. So, being the mindless perfume slave that I am, I bought a sample.

    Well, I cannot say that I detect any similarities between the two. Silver Musk is a soapy, extremely clean smelling masculine green/musk fragrance with slight metallic undertones. Over time, it developed a slight "cigarette ash" note and then mellowed into a classic soft musk scent. Is it just me but does cigarette ash always seem to waft in when iris added? I've experienced that same smell in both Serge Lutens' Iris Silver Mist and Fath's Iris Gris.

    Anyways, back to Silver Musk. On the whole, it was a pleasant enough musky masculine scent if that is what you want. The bottle is oh-so-stylish with its grained wooden top. A similar fragrance to Silver Musk is Bulgari's Pour Homme. However, if you seek a similar thrill to that of M01, look no further than Ormonde Jayne's Isfarkand.

    Nasomatto Silver Musk's notes are impossible to find so I'm just going to list them as: musk and iris.

    16 July, 2008

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