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Barely a thumbs up. Soapy citrus musk opening with a strange warm sweet gourmand undertone. I think that I don't like it because cookies and soap don't mix.
02nd October, 2017
Nasomatto Silver Musk by Nasomatto - Initially, one is treated to a swirling mandarin, with its sweetly tart, orangey facet. Lavender, with its fresh floral aspect, commingles with the mardain to create a zesty, herbal presence. A nascent soapiness from white musk emerges in the background. Transitioning, a lightly sweetish cyclamen carries itself to the fore along with a more softly diffusive and slightly powdery white musk. A characteristically aloof iris, with its violet-like, woody facet, wrests for prominence. Segueing, a faint metallic note, akin to metal shavings, ephemerally surfaces. A magical aldehyde imparts its sparkly clean and fresh vibe. And, a mild hedione diffuses its subtly green sensation. The white musk has taken on a waxy brightness. An alluring drydown ensues. This somewhat elegant composition has average projection and very good longevity.
11th March, 2012
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United States
Very long lasting ultra clean, yet thick scent. Sillage is good as well, although others could mistake the smell of Silver Musk for a high end body wash or shampoo. Not really controversial, yet magical in an interesting way. I understand the connection to elves, LOTR, and flying fairy fantasy creatures. Perhaps this is what Sookie Stackhouse smells like.
02nd October, 2010
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like another one said i cant make out any notes in this other then musk......but its INCREDBILE!!!! it makes your skin smell like you just washed yourself in the laundry and hung yourself out to dry on a nice spring day! its very rare a scent moves me so much i have to go write a review and tell the world how wonderful it smell! it changes your skin to make you smell like a million dollars. i dont care the price i am buying a bottle of this ASAP! very well done scent. might be a masterpiece.
11th March, 2009
This is a beautiful skin scent. It seems to be composed of the purest, lightest musk, as soft and warm as cashmere, yet it also has a brighter, highly focused nuance as well. There's nothing at all "mushy" or haphazard about it's composition, and I find it to be a serenely elegant fragrance. It's listed as a man's fragrance, but it's equally appropriate for women. Pricey, but worth it! On my wish list.
07th June, 2008
Can't make out any notes...other than musk ofcourse. Really subtle, really, REALLY nice scent. If MKK is what your skin is supposed to smell like after coitus, dirty, sweaty, sexy smelling skin; silver musk is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. This is what your skin would smell like after you've bathed in precious bath oils and flower petals. The only other analogy that I could come up with is that silver musk is what I imagine elf skin (like LOTR, Liv Tyler kind of elves) must smell like.
22nd April, 2008