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Reviews of Narcotic V / Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto

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Can't stop smelling my wrists. This perfume is just gorgeous. If you love tuberose and other musky rose type florals (and scents like Frederic Malle's Carnal Flower and Terry de Gunzburg's Rose Infernale for example), then you will probably love this as well. Mysterious and sexy, yet not overpowering.
21st December, 2015
Powerful tuberose floral, feminine and exciting

I'm new to reviewing perfumes, so I'll give a novice's impression: This is a beautiful, not-too-sweet yet POWERFUL take on tuberose florals. To my nose, it seems pretty universally flattering, sophisticated, and doesn't smell significantly different from first application to dry down. Four hours later it's still barely there. I was told at the store by the sales clerk that, according to the perfumist, this is "what every woman should smell like." I'm always suspcious of that kind of gender essentialism, but this is a very well-made perfume, definitely my favorite in the Nasomatto line. I gave it four stars because I prefer something other than flower power in a perfume. That said, it could easily be a five for someone else.

Pros: Wonderful composition, not too sweet
Cons: You have to want nothing else but lots of strong florals

30th May, 2013
Loved Scientia's review - it's always so nice reading someone's description of a fragrance they truly love. You get to see the fragrance in its ideal form, through the eyes of passion.
This is indeed a wonderfully voluptuous tuberose, sensually floral. And she hit the nail on the head when she described what for me is its strength, of the notes being "so intricately interwoven that they form a new note altogether".
I too, was wowed with how the tuberose seemed welded to indefinable notes I couldn't tease apart, which achieved a level of sensuality not on their own, but as a composite note, something new, quite narcotic.
I don't consider it dark or smoldering - tmn it is pure sensuality, something harder to achieve. This is surprisingly lovely, and very feminine.
04th October, 2012
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Narcotic indeed. “A drug (as opium or morphine) that in moderate doses dulls the senses, relieves pain, and induces profound sleep but in excessive doses causes stupor…” (courtesy Merriam-Webster). ‘Narcotic’ is probably the very least of the claims that could be made of this perfume. As an avowed and congenital tuberose addict (I chose tuberose fragrances long before I knew anything about tuberoses, or about fragrance notes), it’s natural I’d want to try this; what was unexpected was the depth of instant addiction to which I tumbled at first (second, third…sixteenth) sniff. Twining, voluptuous tuberose layers over a dark, thrumming summons of a scent—spice, animal, smoke so intricately interwoven that they form a new note altogether, one which might well recall the scent of burning opium. And yet the scent is too insistent, too immediate for the slow, somnolent drift of the opium-smoker: “Narcotic Venus” is olfactory heroin, hitting your frontal lobe in a swift, swelling wave that drags you under and keeps you drowning in its pull. Sillage is moderate, endurance is exceptional…Five stars? Yes. And my firstborn.
23rd August, 2012 (last edited: 29th August, 2012)
According with the others i write that Narcotic Venus is a sort of womanly carnal  musky-floral with a final sort of sensual warmth because of a dense musky creamy undertone linked with the tuberose sinister dirtiness (kind of viscosity) and the spices. Extremely floral ( with the trio tuberose-jasmine-lily) with a decent level of complexity and changeability. Some spices cut the initial floral and clean indolic coolness leading us, through a floral passage and by a rugged exotic pungency, in to a dirty musky base. Lush and radiant with a final touch of milk. Another strange Nasomatto. I don't see the poor longevity and the sweetness is controlled. Finally a bit too synthetic. Not bad although i'm not crazy for it.
09th July, 2012 (last edited: 10th July, 2012)
This is a "warm" tuberose, much like Profumum Tuberosa, with jasmine, lily, spices & musk. l like it, but agree it has poor longevity, hence the neutral rating. l would definitely go for the Profumum over this.
31st January, 2011
I have never smelled a real tuberose. The most close cousin of a tuberose i know the natural scent of is hyacinth and daffodil and both smell very distinct. but i love all the tuberose scents. Fracas, tuberose nor, tuberose criminalle, tuberose coutre....Narcotic venus is a rich heady tuberose scent (like all other tuberose dominant scents) but different from them; has a poor longelivity. My nose does not pass over the tuberose to other flowers or spices (neither the scent survives long enough for that, it disapears in an hour. My tumb is up because i love tuberose and this scent has a creamy milder opening than the others. would be perfect with a longer persistence.
18th October, 2009
This reminds me a bit of Carnal Flower, but without the cool, camphorous opening note and with a bit more complexity. The tuberose, jasmine, and lily accord, indolic and overtly sexual, is balanced by spices that cut the sweetness. This is a lush, womanly scent that doesn't mess around!
07th December, 2008
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United Kingdom
When I first tried this a few months ago I dismissed it as a rather average heady floral. Then I tried it again the other day and started to appreciate it. Yes, it is heady and floral, but it is also extremely sensual; the hot-flesh quality of the tuberose is very prominent. It reminds me of Renee Tuberose, but whereas Renee Tuberose is quite lady-like, this is very sexy. It is definitely not a cool tuberose like Tubereuse Criminelle. I'm seriously considering adding it to my wardrobe.
22nd August, 2008