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Reviews of Terre d'Iris by Miller Harris

Terre d'Iris by Miller Harris is a woody iris that oscillates between shower-fresh and earthy forest. Worn by both Titania and Oberon, TdI was created by the forest itself from spring rain, roots, herbs, moss, and pixie dust.

One thing that I really enjoy about MH perfumes is that although most of the notes are ‘natural’, the end result is a proper perfume that is more than the sum of its parts. TdI is (literally) down to earth enough to wear casually, yet deceptively complex—powdery while green and alive. Just gorgeous.

20th July, 2015
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United States
I agree with an_oud_girl - this leans much more to unisex or masculine, which lucky for me, is partly why I like it. On me, it's not too sweet or powdery and has a nice earthy backdrop. It also seems to have a good bit of development, which is nice as well. I need to give it some more time wearing, but I do like it on first impression.
05th December, 2009
To my nose, this is quite disgusting. It's extremely sweet, powdery, sickeningly floral.Very powerful on first application, it takes a while to tone down, and still remains sickening, sweet, with just a hint of spice. A grandma perfume, but a not very refined grandma.
The notes are bergamot, bitter orange, southern herbs, rosemary, clary sage, orange flowers, rose, patchouli, tree moss, fir balsam and iris, but they hardly give an idea of this prefume.
17th November, 2009
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Terre d'Iris reminds me of Sake by Fresh. It is extremely sweet to my nose, and extremely strong. The actual note of iris doesn't come through for awhile, and even then, I have to strain to perceive that doughy, powdery smell. For iris, I'll stick to L'Artisans' Iris Pallida and for Miller Harris, I'll take the Fleur Oriental!
10th March, 2009
I'm very surprised this is considered a women's fragrance. I would've thought unisex at the very least. It leans too far masculine for my taste. The pungent herbal notes are bitter on my skin and I don't care for the strong powdery freshness.
15th January, 2009