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Neutral Reviews of L'Eau de Néroli by Diptyque

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I am not a fan of "hesperidés" fragrances, and I am much picky with this class of scents - this is to say "perhaps this is not that bad as I depict it". I don't like them mostly because they all smell really close one to each other to me. This is not an exception. It's, well, citrus and orange and "freshness". Not bad and quite natural, I just don't see the specific reasons why someone should choose this one and not other ones (even by Diptyque as well).


19th February, 2014 (last edited: 05th April, 2014)
This starts with a gorgeous, fresh, slightly soapy orange blossom note. It quickly deepens into a white musk scent. This is a very simple scent: orange blossom and musk, that’s about it. Unisex in orientation, and perhaps slightly sweet in character. The dry down develops a slight woody aspect. The musk dominates here, a bit more than I care for. Nothing original or distinctive in this scent, it is simply Diptyque’s version of an orange blossom special.
15th June, 2010
Best BASIC neroli based cologne water I've ever tried. Bright and crisp with geranium note that is easy to detect (so if you don't like geranium don't spray this on). If you are looking of a deep neroli or something with more complex, try out Penhaligon's Castile or C&S's Neroli. This would be good for a "spritz n' wake up" type of dealie but for the price, nah. Go with something else. But I really do like this scent.
08th October, 2009
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I agree that it is the most interesting of the three Diptyque colognes, but that isn’t saying much. It opens with a nice bit of green in a citrus accord… enjoyable and refreshing… I would even say “beautiful,” but this opening is unusually short lasting: Within ten minutes it has moved to a well-made heart of neroli, orange blossom, and geranium. It doesn’t hold on to the heart notes, either. All too quickly, again, the pleasure is gone. L’Eau de Neroli bases out with an inconsequential white musk – white musk is about the only note my nose can determine, and I hate it when that happens. I am not a fan of most white musk fragrances.

L’Eau de Neroli is very nice neroli cologne, and this would be important if there weren’t a couple of dozen other fragrances that could be called very nice neroli fragrances. This one doesn’t stand out in the crowd in any way that I can determine. What is special about it is so short-lived that it hardly counts, and what is left is just your basic ho hum.

25th January, 2009
Diptyque's L'Eau de Neroli is a watery little fragrance that smells predominantly of sweet orange blossom with hints of soapy musk which ensures, I suppose, that it remains completely inoffensive to anyone. I guess I was expecting it to have a little more earthiness and complexity, akin to Decleor's Neroli face oil which is swoonworthy. Anyways, L'Eau de Neroli was a letdown. Even though I liberally applied it, its sillage lasted on my skin about 30 minutes and overall, it seemed insipid and a little boring. From what I've been able to glean on the internet, here are L'Eau de Neroli's notes: bergamot, tarragon, neroli, geranium and beeswax.
19th June, 2008