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    Leather...? Really? Is this really a Leather scent? I think not.
    A green, floral, vegetable mint (as per notes described by a previous reviewer), seem to suffice as a summation of this one. In fact, it reminds me a bit of my green house, which in all fairness is not an altogether unpleasant smell. Sillage and longevity are also more than decent.
    However, if you are looking for a leather-centric fragrance (and that is what I was hoping for when I read the name), you could do a hell of a lot better!

    03 January, 2012

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    What struck me the most about this scent is its oily quality, giving you a feeling of something almost sticky on your skin. And indeed, Cuire Pleine Fleur does seem to stay there a good amount of time, without giving many signs of life though.

    In other words, I perceive this as a respectable and reliable scent, only rather flat and almost apathetic if that's something a fragrance can be.

    So..fine leather..leather it is for sure, cant argue with that..but I just wish it were a little less dull and had more life..

    Definitely not my cup of tea but will stay neutral just because this is possibly what leather is supposed to smell like..

    10th June, 2011

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    Heeley just can't put together a fragrance I REALLY like, and it seems that I like offerings of the same category from many other houses. Menthe Fraiche has a sour note that reeks a little too much; Cardinal is far too dry and astringent and and smells like fresh cedar chips and a dash of incense. Cuir Pleine Fleur continues the trend. Good, but just barely. It has some interesting stuff happening very quickly, top & mid notes, and the emphasis changes dramatically, but it's so fast that it's hardly worth describing. The dry-down is in 5 minutes and it is a rather astringent, medicinal fragrance. It is overwhelmingly clove and ginger. Very, very subtle suggestions of leather come & go for the first 10 minutes, but once they're gone, they're gone. You also need a bit of an imagination to smell leather in this at any point. I had to think "leather... leather... leather???..." to experience it. On the "leather fragrance scale" this one is a 1 - it's subtle and you might not even notice it at all if you don't REALLY focus; Aoud Leather is a 10 - it smells like LEATHER, long, strong and hard.

    Of fragrances that are supposed to have leather, Cuir Pleine Fleur is similar in composition to Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire - minus the actual leather smell. Given its prominence of clove (by far the strongest component), I'd say this is closer to Clove Absolute by Washington Tremlett than any other leather scent I have smelled. Of course, Clove Absolute does the clove smell far better, it's a rich, almost sticky, and quite delightful fragrance.

    Despite my complaints - it's NOT a leather scent, it's a clove scent - it is decent. And, strange to say, it would smell nice ON leather, or WITH leather. Perhaps I'll add a few sprays of this to the cloth next time I oil the hyde on my Jag. Overall it's a neutral, good but not great, because it is an OK scent, wearable and elegant, albeit not a leather scent, and not the best clove scent either.

    22 August, 2009

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    well.... I love the two Heeley scents I own, Cardinal and Menthe Fraiche, but this one... can't do it.

    This house clearly makes fragrances on an exquisite level; never do I get a whiff of any odd notes. Fine Leather opens with an amazing suede-like leather accord, with florals backing it up... but thats about where the leather starts, and unfortunately stops. This becomes a bit more of a violet scent than a leather. Also, for an eau de parfum, the strength is dim. One of the shops selling this talks about the birch notes, and that is what mingles with the florals VERY soon into the whole experience.

    I'll give it a thumbs sideways, as it isn't awful, just ain't what I think it should be.

    24 July, 2008

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