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Gourmand sex in a bottle

Just bought 2 bottles because if the price drop. (10$ a 1.7 bottle!) and it was on my want list

as im interested in gourmands lately (since my Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin adventure)

As LLAM has this liquorice high pinch here it is in the top by blood orange.

Its fantastic! its simple and its mesmerizing because what I SMELL is what i SEE in the top-mid and basenotes.
Its plain THAT simple and thats why i like this also.

Starts blood-orange zesty for 2-4 mins. Then evolving in a rapid tempo to a warm vanilla-praline combo! where vannila is in the background coming up and i think the tonka holds its sweetness up.
Im not sure about the longevity because maybe my dry skin absorbds all these days in winter time.
The praline is never cloying! its well behaved and never too sweet.

It should named Ultra-Eatable and i think (me disliking Ultraviolet) its a shame this one is sparingly available and almost out of stock.
I always ignored Ultrared because of the same botte design as Ultraviolet giving me the idea these scents where in the same line but dont understand me wrong! Ultrared is a whole other league (sniffs my arm for the 24th time now and the vaniila is kicking more in but in a slow tempo as if the vannila is together with an army of strawberries)

I think this is gonna be the new Yohji Homme because its rareness in the next 10 years to come.
Watch my words this one will be spoken all over basenotes and Fragrantica and will be expensive on ebay!
Ultrared is an Exotic,Erotic and Estatic gourmand not to miss!!
I call it UltraRE,EandED :-)


Another interesting fact : They discontinued this fantastic frag ! even on the official site of Paco Rabanne!/en/fragrances/classics/homme/1

this one is wiped out of the history as if this frag never existed! SHAME ON PACO RABANNE!!!

Pros: Deep,sweet, addictive gourmand
Cons: Why did they discontinued this"

24th August, 2013
Powerful and sweet. Yes it smells like Black XS with oranges as said here. If you like sweet fragrances, this is a must have. Unluckly it did not work for my skin... too sweet and cloying.
04th January, 2013
Citrus Gourmand. Opens with the blood orange strong and it remains for all scent life, just calms downs as the gourmand notes appears (praline, caramel, vanilla). It´s a soft gourmand and the citrus allow you to use it on a summer night, but not the really hot ones. I´d pick this to go to a spring night out. It shares Paco Rabanes last launches DNA.
07th February, 2011
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This scent reminds me greatly of Givenchy Very Irresistible For men + less heavy A*men. In fact, not really a bad scent, but then again not something I'd pursue. I'm not saying this is not worth pursuing in general, though.
03rd July, 2010
Kal Show all reviews
United Kingdom
If you have a spot in your collection for a sweet and fruity scent then I'd say this might be able to fill it - regardless of your gender. To my tastes this one is better than the female version, though that one is lovely in it's girly way it's just way too young for me (smells like a sugared bowl of berries). This male one is more complex and even though it gets a few "too synthetic" reviews, I find it quite smooth and pleasant and would buy it if I had a place for it.

The blood orange opening comes off more like tangy strawberries than actual orange and this strawberry does smell more wild than flavoured jelly. The tang calms down on me after about 30 mins with the vanilla and patchouli poking through from then on. The later dry down of just the vanilla and patchouli is quite a lovely blend and while I'm aware that many men like this kind of fragrance, it still smells distinctly feminine to me. The patchouli cuts the sweetness of the vanilla down nicely, just to dirty it up a bit and I believe it's that that makes it longer lasting than it's feminine counterpart. I'm not sure of it's sillage as the only time I've tested it has been in shopping centres where my olafactory judgment is rather impaired by the onslaught of shopping centre smells but the longevity is quite good. It hangs about for at least 8 hours but you have to get close to smell it.

I'm giving this a thumbs up because, even though I wont buy a full bottle, it's very pretty and I totally appreciate it.

The bottle is kinda cute with it's stapler-gun action.
10th May, 2010 (last edited: 13th July, 2010)
Intrigued by the good reviews this fragrance has had on this website, I tried a tester of this in a shop recently. It started off tremendously sweet – nothing wrong with that. However some nauseous note or combination of notes lurking in the background soon came to the fore and remained there indefinitely, reminding me of the unpleasant smell of vinyl seats baking on a very hot day in a 1970s car with the windows closed, and ultimately leading me to revile this scent intensely. I certainly cannot recommend this as a blind buy. In its defence, I would say it has good sillage and its eye-catching packaging is first class. Joop! Go which I have found to be a similar type of fragrance is superior to this in terms of sheer likeability.
21st January, 2010
Ultra series of Paco is great!
I like both UV and UR, this one is a little bit in the edge between men and unisex!!!
Specially the top notes smelling like berries or my nose it has some common notes with Black XS which I found bad....
I read a review mentioning it as sweet strawberry dust! this is it!
14th December, 2009
Heavily sugared, fruit and vanilla flan. The opening is more reminiscent of strawberries than blood oranges, an interesting start, but a little excessive. The subsequent phase is nicely worked out, the fruit still present when the smoother components join the fray. Praline, tonka bean and vanilla ensure a standard smooth finish, to a pretty ordinary product. An interesting concept, but excessively sweet for my palate.
30th July, 2009
JUST ordered it oline so cant wait to it gets here,here such great reveiws on ultrared,then we will see what the fuss is about, so look out ..
29th July, 2009 (last edited: 02nd August, 2009)
It smells very similar to TM B*Men. Give it a try if you like B*Men.This one's fresher. Thumbs UP !
25th June, 2009
Smells nice, but lack sillage and longevity.. Especially sillage which is too bad :(
17th May, 2009
Re-evaluating this one, I now really love it! Its got orangey notes on top accompanied by a delightfully sweet toffee type smell. It's very sweet but it is enjoyable. It is a pity this is a limited edition as there is definately a place on the fragrance market for a sweet gourmand like this. Thumbs way up!
15th May, 2009 (last edited: 30th July, 2009)
Supermegaultrabetter than the Violet progeny and an amazing fragrance in its own right. Admittedly very sweet but livened up by a lovely ever-present note of orange zest that allows the scent to breathe. Plus in no way does it smell synthetic like most of its peers. I love it because it puts a smile on my face.
14th March, 2009
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Starts off orangey... before settleing into a powdery toffee smell... but the smell, although defined enough on the skin to smell good, is not strong enough to be sickly.

Longevity is good, starting fresh with the va-va-voom you need to start the day or before going out... before sweetening off to a more sensual soft scent... potent for those who are thinking about getting close (;-)) but wont stink out everyone in the room...

tres bon! je'ladore...
07th February, 2009
Gblue Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The best LE Ultraviolet flanker yet. It smells like a dessert that I could sink my teeth straight into. I just wish Paco Rabanne would launch it as a permanent, unisex scent.
05th December, 2008
21st August, 2008
Why this isn't unisex or even for women fo that matter is beyond me. There is very little that is masculine about this. It starts out very much like Black XS: super sweet with a berry twist, except Ultrared lacks the contrasting icy plus leather notes in Black XS. This leaves a sickly somewhat citrusy sweet vacuum...summery yes, but sooooo sweet!
Finally a semblance of masculine shows up in the form of tonka bean, at which point there is a faint resemblance to Kenzo Amour. Then the vanilla steps in and delivers the contrast that should have been in the begining.

Bottom line: not a masculine scent in any way shape or form, but a good summery for him and her fragrance, with energy and bright sunny outlook.
At least it smells nothing like the disastrous Ultraviolet Man.
17th July, 2008
smells verry well but a little bit artificial..chemical...
22nd May, 2008