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Negative Reviews of Ultrared Man by Paco Rabanne

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Powerful and sweet. Yes it smells like Black XS with oranges as said here. If you like sweet fragrances, this is a must have. Unluckly it did not work for my skin... too sweet and cloying.
04th January, 2013
Intrigued by the good reviews this fragrance has had on this website, I tried a tester of this in a shop recently. It started off tremendously sweet – nothing wrong with that. However some nauseous note or combination of notes lurking in the background soon came to the fore and remained there indefinitely, reminding me of the unpleasant smell of vinyl seats baking on a very hot day in a 1970s car with the windows closed, and ultimately leading me to revile this scent intensely. I certainly cannot recommend this as a blind buy. In its defence, I would say it has good sillage and its eye-catching packaging is first class. Joop! Go which I have found to be a similar type of fragrance is superior to this in terms of sheer likeability.
21st January, 2010
Ultra series of Paco is great!
I like both UV and UR, this one is a little bit in the edge between men and unisex!!!
Specially the top notes smelling like berries or my nose it has some common notes with Black XS which I found bad....
I read a review mentioning it as sweet strawberry dust! this is it!
14th December, 2009
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