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Neutral Reviews of Ultrared Man by Paco Rabanne

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This scent reminds me greatly of Givenchy Very Irresistible For men + less heavy A*men. In fact, not really a bad scent, but then again not something I'd pursue. I'm not saying this is not worth pursuing in general, though.
03rd July, 2010
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United Kingdom
If you have a spot in your collection for a sweet and fruity scent then I'd say this might be able to fill it - regardless of your gender. To my tastes this one is better than the female version, though that one is lovely in it's girly way it's just way too young for me (smells like a sugared bowl of berries). This male one is more complex and even though it gets a few "too synthetic" reviews, I find it quite smooth and pleasant and would buy it if I had a place for it.

The blood orange opening comes off more like tangy strawberries than actual orange and this strawberry does smell more wild than flavoured jelly. The tang calms down on me after about 30 mins with the vanilla and patchouli poking through from then on. The later dry down of just the vanilla and patchouli is quite a lovely blend and while I'm aware that many men like this kind of fragrance, it still smells distinctly feminine to me. The patchouli cuts the sweetness of the vanilla down nicely, just to dirty it up a bit and I believe it's that that makes it longer lasting than it's feminine counterpart. I'm not sure of it's sillage as the only time I've tested it has been in shopping centres where my olafactory judgment is rather impaired by the onslaught of shopping centre smells but the longevity is quite good. It hangs about for at least 8 hours but you have to get close to smell it.

I'm giving this a thumbs up because, even though I wont buy a full bottle, it's very pretty and I totally appreciate it.

The bottle is kinda cute with it's stapler-gun action.
10th May, 2010 (last edited: 13th July, 2010)
Heavily sugared, fruit and vanilla flan. The opening is more reminiscent of strawberries than blood oranges, an interesting start, but a little excessive. The subsequent phase is nicely worked out, the fruit still present when the smoother components join the fray. Praline, tonka bean and vanilla ensure a standard smooth finish, to a pretty ordinary product. An interesting concept, but excessively sweet for my palate.
30th July, 2009
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JUST ordered it oline so cant wait to it gets here,here such great reveiws on ultrared,then we will see what the fuss is about, so look out ..
29th July, 2009 (last edited: 02nd August, 2009)
Smells nice, but lack sillage and longevity.. Especially sillage which is too bad :(
17th May, 2009
Why this isn't unisex or even for women fo that matter is beyond me. There is very little that is masculine about this. It starts out very much like Black XS: super sweet with a berry twist, except Ultrared lacks the contrasting icy plus leather notes in Black XS. This leaves a sickly somewhat citrusy sweet vacuum...summery yes, but sooooo sweet!
Finally a semblance of masculine shows up in the form of tonka bean, at which point there is a faint resemblance to Kenzo Amour. Then the vanilla steps in and delivers the contrast that should have been in the begining.

Bottom line: not a masculine scent in any way shape or form, but a good summery for him and her fragrance, with energy and bright sunny outlook.
At least it smells nothing like the disastrous Ultraviolet Man.
17th July, 2008