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Gourmand sex in a bottle

Just bought 2 bottles because if the price drop. (10$ a 1.7 bottle!) and it was on my want list

as im interested in gourmands lately (since my Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin adventure)

As LLAM has this liquorice high pinch here it is in the top by blood orange.

Its fantastic! its simple and its mesmerizing because what I SMELL is what i SEE in the top-mid and basenotes.
Its plain THAT simple and thats why i like this also.

Starts blood-orange zesty for 2-4 mins. Then evolving in a rapid tempo to a warm vanilla-praline combo! where vannila is in the background coming up and i think the tonka holds its sweetness up.
Im not sure about the longevity because maybe my dry skin absorbds all these days in winter time.
The praline is never cloying! its well behaved and never too sweet.

It should named Ultra-Eatable and i think (me disliking Ultraviolet) its a shame this one is sparingly available and almost out of stock.
I always ignored Ultrared because of the same botte design as Ultraviolet giving me the idea these scents where in the same line but dont understand me wrong! Ultrared is a whole other league (sniffs my arm for the 24th time now and the vaniila is kicking more in but in a slow tempo as if the vannila is together with an army of strawberries)

I think this is gonna be the new Yohji Homme because its rareness in the next 10 years to come.
Watch my words this one will be spoken all over basenotes and Fragrantica and will be expensive on ebay!
Ultrared is an Exotic,Erotic and Estatic gourmand not to miss!!
I call it UltraRE,EandED :-)


Another interesting fact : They discontinued this fantastic frag ! even on the official site of Paco Rabanne!/en/fragrances/classics/homme/1

this one is wiped out of the history as if this frag never existed! SHAME ON PACO RABANNE!!!

Pros: Deep,sweet, addictive gourmand
Cons: Why did they discontinued this"

24th August, 2013
Citrus Gourmand. Opens with the blood orange strong and it remains for all scent life, just calms downs as the gourmand notes appears (praline, caramel, vanilla). It´s a soft gourmand and the citrus allow you to use it on a summer night, but not the really hot ones. I´d pick this to go to a spring night out. It shares Paco Rabanes last launches DNA.
07th February, 2011
It smells very similar to TM B*Men. Give it a try if you like B*Men.This one's fresher. Thumbs UP !
25th June, 2009
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Re-evaluating this one, I now really love it! Its got orangey notes on top accompanied by a delightfully sweet toffee type smell. It's very sweet but it is enjoyable. It is a pity this is a limited edition as there is definately a place on the fragrance market for a sweet gourmand like this. Thumbs way up!
15th May, 2009 (last edited: 30th July, 2009)
Supermegaultrabetter than the Violet progeny and an amazing fragrance in its own right. Admittedly very sweet but livened up by a lovely ever-present note of orange zest that allows the scent to breathe. Plus in no way does it smell synthetic like most of its peers. I love it because it puts a smile on my face.
14th March, 2009
Starts off orangey... before settleing into a powdery toffee smell... but the smell, although defined enough on the skin to smell good, is not strong enough to be sickly.

Longevity is good, starting fresh with the va-va-voom you need to start the day or before going out... before sweetening off to a more sensual soft scent... potent for those who are thinking about getting close (;-)) but wont stink out everyone in the room...

tres bon! je'ladore...
07th February, 2009
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United Kingdom
The best LE Ultraviolet flanker yet. It smells like a dessert that I could sink my teeth straight into. I just wish Paco Rabanne would launch it as a permanent, unisex scent.
05th December, 2008
21st August, 2008
smells verry well but a little bit artificial..chemical...
22nd May, 2008