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    For some reason, people pay much more attention to the masculine fragrances in the MDCI line than to the feminine ones, which is too bad since their florals are easily among the best out there. Nevertheless, it's not hard to understand why Invasion Barbare gets so much attention: it's pretty much the platonic ideal of a fougere. I don't even like fougeres and I love this one. There's two things that make this work: MDCI's characteristic use of high-quality ingredients and the clever addition of a cardamom top note that ties the whole composition together.

    22 March, 2014

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    joe grizzly
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    I almost blind bought this fragrance because of all the great reviews But I'm glad I didn't. Not a horrible scent but it reminds me of a shady jewelry salesman. I can't pretend to be a professional Nose and pick every note in this but I did smell the cedarwood. I was so anticipating this sample from surrender to chance and it left me wanting more.

    Cons-scent does not smell like its worth $250

    21st March, 2014

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    This could be my new signature scent. Normally I like dark and challenging scents but this one is just so smooth and comforting. It lasts on clothing forever. I can't imagine allowing myself to ever run out of this. I hope it is just as good in warm weather. While expensive, I think it is a safe blind buy. Though others may not be as infatuated with this fragrance as I, I can't imagine someone disliking it. Hope my wife likes it. If not, she at least better get used to smelling it! :)

    16 March, 2014

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    Turin likes this a great deal - 5 stars. He's right in that it is a good masculine scent - and that spicy/woody is an apt description. It's also been called an oriental fougere, but that label does not resonate with me.

    It's dry, sedate and safe for wearing on any occasion. I would have almost taken it to be a new Guerlain. It's in the mode of Habit Rouge and Heritage.

    The thyme, cardamom, lavender, sage and cedar wood ground it in the woods with a dash of spice category. It's just not terrific or outstanding or original in any way, hence the neutral reaction.

    And at $250 the bottle, you can get as good or better for a third of the price with Guerlain's offerings.

    04 March, 2014

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    Versatile, safe, alluring. can't quite pick out the smells, but the top end smells elegant and dashing. It's a safe wear around the office, church, or a luncheon. It smells great on me, but the longevity isn't as good as I'd expect for the price. Lasted around 5 hours. A significant other that's physically close to you will still be able to smell it, if their nose is against you.

    23 December, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Fashionable white muskiness with a classic background.

    What a strange experience with this fragrance!! First approach: frankly disappointing (a disappointment similar to the one i undewent inhaling Veni, Vidi, Vici HdP), despite the high expectations i had placed on this celebrated fragrance before to test it on my skin. This disappointment (which is indeed not "full-bodied" --expecially in relation with the fougere side of this oriental/fougere-- turning namely out as an un-full satisfation) does not depend from the lack of craftsmanship in the olfactory execution which is on the contrary notable along the trip (with all those subtle spicy/ herbal nuances) but it is soon centered over the main common central accord emerging by soon, i mean the musky/ambery oriental "side of the moon" which has already be run tons of times by others. I focused my attention in substance by soon on this powdery white (dry and barely mild) sort of milky suede which anyway i note in a while be smelling about herbs, prickly spices, slightly talky violet and musky/ambery dust. I see by soon in few words a generic (modern and fashionable) aromatic muskiness with a grassy/ earthy and spicy background. This hidden background started anyway to keep in a few time my interest and so we have my second more sensible impression; i had indeed to admit that the aroma tends to evidently improve along the trip cause i use to perceive on my skin a final dusty/spicy (cardamom, ambergris???) virile complexity and a traditional (old fougere type of) sophistication with a classic vibe.

    Ps. I have to underline that the more i test Invasion Barbare the more i tend to appreciated its subtle complexity despite this fragrance will never be properly my cup of tea. The parts i appreciate more are the first half an hour of the trip and the dry down after three-four hours (vaguely a la Basala due its spicy virility, just less woody/tobacco centered and with a musky-vanillic final cushion) so comforting, warm and versatile at once. Some reviewer noted several points in common with Lagerfeld classic (kL Homme) and so do i. The first blast is complex and almost intoxicating. Focusing my olfactory investigation i can detect indeed since the beginning countless nuances, i mean the grassy/watery earthiness (kind of wet concrete effect after rain near the forest), a sort of secret almost plastic (a bit "savon a raser") medicinal/barber shop vibe (deriving in my humble opinion from pine's resins), some "sweaty" saltiness (spicy saltiness??), the freshness from the thyme and grapefruit, the ginger/lavender association with a touch of bergamot. The musky violet, vaguely balmy (almost coconut type) and talky, starts by soon anyway to extend its dominant longa manus and this is the central phase i tend to pass by and that influenced my initial disappointment. I detect in this phase effectively the "freshly laundered clothes" effect in the air. Going on with the development i note that the violet whiteness recedes a bit and a warmer, more adumbrate and intimate musky/cedary woodiness takes the stage with a full charge of cardamom, precious spices, ambergris, woods and aromatic rooty/herbal elements extending their effect from the top. You need 4-5 hours to more appropriately evaluate (and eventually appreciate) the aroma, the time necessary the floral/fruity white powder to get off and the spicy sophisticated warmth to fully emerge. A bit faint longevity and projection, fantastic bottle.

    Pros: Complex beyond the appearance.
    Cons: Common in its main accord."

    04 September, 2013

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    Review by teardrop

    ln the opening l get citrus, lavender, &, l could swear, cocoa. As the fragrance evolves, it becomes more woody, peppery & herbal, with a steadily strengthening note of patchouli. Reading the notes back, l see that cardamom & ginger are listed, & although l can't pick them out individually here, l can see how they combine to produce a spicy, yet fresh accord in the heart. And the idea of an "oriental fougere" suddenly makes sense to me. After thirty minutes or so, the whole thing morphs again into a wonderfully smoky, powdery, rich vanilla along with musk, & the patchouli which remains for the duration. l think this fragrance would easily last eight to ten hours, if not longer.

    A really interesting fragrance, which l feel would require several wearings to understand the genius of its execution. To combine impressions of freshness with warmth, & lightness with weight in this way, without any sense of imbalance or incongruity, seems to me extraordinarily clever. l think it would be wearable for any occasion in any season; it simply smells "good". And although many reviewers describe it as being very masculine, l see no reason at all why a woman could not wear this.

    07 June, 2013

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    Justin Case

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    This is made to please. The opening is a strong cardamom-citrus blend. As it transforms, it becomes sweeter and more refined, almost reminding me of the original Lagerfeld as the musk and vanilla emerge. Not a thumbs up because it smells very familiar and not really unique. I also seems more suited for an older person. Well crafted.

    03 May, 2013

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    Turkey Turkey

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    This one is a masterfully created and excellent fragrance. I am not that into fougery type of fragrances but this and HdP 1725 made my day. They resemble each other imo and because of the price and availability, I will continue buying HdP line but i am also very happy with my decant of Invasion Barbare.

    I do not know any other works of Stephanie Bakouche, but considering this one, it is a must that more fragrances be released with her collaboration.

    Longevity is excellent while in a 3-4 hours, it becomes a skin scent in my case. But really, what a fragrance! Like mentioned before, it is dangerous to get a sample or decant, you may crave for it.

    04 April, 2013

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    The best and worst thing I could have done was pick up a healthy sized sample of Invasion Barbare. This stuff is just that damn good, extremely smooth. Rive Gauche comes to mind but minus the star anise (which gets a bit much for me at times). With IB and its composition, I don't think I could ever get enough of smelling it. It's still kicking pretty firmly 4 hours in to wearing and it doesn't seem like it's letting up any time soon. I'd imagine this will run its course 8 hours and probably stay close to skin thereafter.

    The price point on this bad-boy makes it possibly one of the worst things I could do, by picking up a sample. It's a must have for my collection but something I wouldn't be able to add a full bottle of for some time (if ever). This will have to be reserved for those occasions and special times for me to enjoy a full wear. If you have the few bucks to grab a sample, this is really worth checking out. If you have a lot of bucks to spare, buy a bottle.

    *Update* Had to buy a bottle. Hooked on Invasion Barbare!

    05 March, 2013 (Last Edited: 14 March, 2013)

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    I'll start with my disclaimer: I typically don't wet my pants because of my fondness for a fragrance.......This is different.
    I found my "Holy Grail." I have spent almost a decade (and several thousand $$) in this hobby, yet I have never been moved or inspired by any scent, anywhere close to this.
    After having it for a couple weeks, I am actually a little bit tempted to sell ALL of my endless sea of bottles on Ebay....So I only wear this one for the rest of my life.
    This truly IS perfection, and it makes everything thing else seem undesirable to me.
    This is understated, but not necessarily conservative. This can be worn anytime and anywhere.
    Is this actually worth the price tag?
    It must be, since I purchased it voluntarily.
    10/10......Masterpiece among masterpieces.

    03 March, 2013 (Last Edited: 05 April, 2013)

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    The scent itself is simple, really no complex stuff or rare and bio nuclear notes, however there's much to say about it also, i like to think of this fragrance as Invasion of the Barbers because that's exactly how it smells, traditional antique barber shop and I will emphasize antique due to the natural ingredients used to make the formulation and the somewhat mature vibe, simple as you have to be a professional successful man or in love with artistic fragrances to realize the magic of this parfum. I didn't write anything about the notes because we all know what they smell like and pretty much what this fragrance will smell like, very simple and common notes that Stephanie Bakouche pushed to the limit and blended like no other because this smells fantastic.

    Invasion Barbare is a perfumery masterpiece, not because of the tacky bottle or the hype surrounding it, but for how it's so well blended it seems magical, as soon as you take a whiff and whether you like it or not, Invasion Barbare will grab you and you'll want to revisit and smell more of it just to convince yourself that it's over priced and not worthy but it's too late, you're already addicted to it. To me this is a truly masculine scent, smells like barber shop and come on, there's nothing more masculine than that, right Mr. Todd? Invasion Barbare is rough but also soft, safe but weird at the same time, this is not a complex scent that you need to comprehend but rather accept that it's a masterpiece that deserves respect.

    15 February, 2013

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    Invasion Barbare seems to be quite a compliment getter with the girls.

    The opening is quite nice and rich in Cardamom and almost hypnotizing Vanilla accords.

    However the Invasion seems to develop some kind of fight between Lavender and Vanilla.

    I also get kind of medicinal notes from it after some time (incense maybe?).

    If you want to have something distinctive and very unique with Lavender and Vanilla this might be for you.

    On the other hand its pretty expensive, so you might wanna review it before buying.

    29 November, 2012

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    Classy scent. My wife likes it as well. Longevity is about 6 hours tops for me, then turns into a skin scent. As others have mentioned, at such an expensive price, you'd expect better longevity.

    Overall, I'm giving this a positive review because I enjoy wearing it.

    I got 10ml of this from a split. I doubt I would ever pay the big bucks for a full bottle.

    27 November, 2012

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    Demond Wilson
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    I NEVER should have tried this cologne! Now I'm in trouble. This the best scent I have yet to come across. If I could make my own cologne it would smell just like this. I put the .07 ml sample on at 8:30am and it lasted all day. Then things get crazy, I woke up the next morning and worked out in the yard for 5 hours in 90 degree heat and humidity and at 5:00pm that afternooon I could still smell it! Now I just have to start looking around the house to see what I can find to sell so I can afford to buy a bottle.

    13 August, 2012

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    The notes have been covered. It is basically an herbal/woody Cologne with depth.

    Here is what it really is: you enter an elevator and inside is a gentleman in a three piece grey Saville Row suit, Church's Oxfords, Drake's tie, and a freaking 19th century silver pocket watch. This is what he smells like. Classy, old school, expensive, restrained, undeniably masculine.

    My problem is that the longevity, on my skin, is only 4-5 hours. After 30 minutes it is VERY close to the skin. For the cost, I'd expect more. If you get better longevity and get slightly better sillage, it could be worth it for you.

    10th May, 2012 (Last Edited: 14 May, 2012)

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    Subtle sophistication. Invasion Barbare is surely not among the most original compositions available on the market but it's still one of my favorite "nugere". Its appearantly classic fougere-y structure makes it easily approachable and perfect for everydays wear but, at the same time, Stephanie Bakouche was able to give it a special character by adding countless details. The rich spicy/citrus opening made of grapefruit, cardamom, ginger and bergamot provides an extremely modern allure while a violet leaf accord enanches the fresh/transparent aspect of this composition. IB evolves then into a more classic woody/musky base that vaguely resembles of vintage Equipage and other immense masculines of the past. .

    Overall IB is a perfect connubion between classic and modern that's fantastic for both your most relaxed moments and going to the office as well as formal occasions and nights out. Invasion Barbare speaks clearly of quality but does it with a faint voice. In the end, if you've something interesting to say, you don't need to shout it out loud.

    Overpriced? Oh, well, most definitely but it smells darn good.

    07 December, 2011

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    The Invasion begins with a strong blend of citrus and violet. The grapefruit is very noticeable in the top notes. I usually am not a huge fan of grapefruit in fragrances, but this one works. At first this opening did trigger a sneeze reflex, just as other reviewers have suggested. Soon the lavender and cardmom notes make their respective appearances. During this stage of the Invasion, a powdery malted milk-like accord develops. This actually smells much better than it sounds. I like to think of it as gourmet malted milk. The spicy, woodsy, musky base eventually falls into place and holds the line for hours. I find Invasion Barbare to be a very pleasant masculine fragrance that unfolds beautifully into what I can only describe as an oriental fougere with some woody oriental undertones. A hybrid? Perhaps. A classic? Absolutely.

    03 December, 2011

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    Australia Australia

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    OK, this stuff costs a fortune - about US$250 for a 60mL (2oz) bottle. The big question is - does the quality of the fragrance justify such a significant investment? My answer to that is an unequivocal YES.

    IB's opening is enormously radiant. The first day I wore it to work, colleagues from the other side of the floor came looking for the source of the alluring fragrance that had invaded their workspace. The top notes are tenacious - they hang on for a good two hours and one can recognize their bones even after another 8 or 10 hours. Yes, there is a "white musk" accord at the base of IB, but if this is what laundry detergent smells like, then I'd like someone to tell me what brand it is, because I want to buy a giant tub of it. The muskiness is quietly sexy and retains a gentle radiance, especially (like most frags) after a little activity to raise one's body-temperature.

    Of all the frags I own, IB has attracted the most attention, and the greatest number of compliments. It does cost a fortune but it will have a place in my collection for as long as they keep making it. Actually, if it's ever discontinued, I'll probably buy-up a few thousand dollars-worth so I'll never run out. Yes, dear reader and fellow fragrance aficionado, it really is that good! 10/10.

    15 October, 2011

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    Pleasant but mildly disappointing scent. It is quite restrained and easy to wear, but I kept smelling my wrist expecting more. I really find a hard time describing what it smells like, as it is pretty unique... But the closest thing that comes to mind is the scent of freshly laundered clothes. I really don't mean this in a negative way, but it just smells too subtle for my tastes... To add to the disappointment is the price... Invasion Barbare is quite expensive in relative terms for such a scent, IMO. I am not grading it lower due to this and I have nothing against high ticket scents as a general rule, but I know I will not be buying this one. 3 stars out of 5.

    11th September, 2011 (Last Edited: 27 December, 2012)

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    IB is more or less an aromatic fougere with a big sweet herbal accord, but distinctive enough that it's worth smelling/having, even if you already have a bunch of other aromatic fougeres. It's not quite like any other, and I don't think I've ever smelled a fougere that was more beautiful than this one.

    Mature, gentlemanly, and easy to wear without being too dandified, loud or 'old fashioned'. Works well for both everyday and special occasion use. I find the longevity to be very good, and the drydown, while not amazing, is better than one might expect, and never becomes flat, offensive, or sour. This is very high-quality stuff! (and you see that in the price!)

    The only drawbacks: it's ridiculously expensive AND not widely available.

    After wearing it for a few days, I found myself thinking "this is the fragrance that Guerlain Homme should have been" (not that they are all that similar, mind you)

    One odd aspect that another reviwer alluded to: There's something in this that will make you want to sneeze when you first spray it, but it dissipates quickly and is not a problem.

    Overall, an exceptional, beautiful masculine. Now that I have it, I never want to be without it.

    01st September, 2011

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    Jack Hunter
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Very complex fragrance that seems to morph on your skin. It opens with a candy type fragrance with lavender and violet notes weaving in and out. After a while it gets very warm and woody on your skin surrounded by that sweet candy smell. A excellent fragrance, is it worth the money? I will let you be the judge of

    31st August, 2011

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    Typical "by-the-book" manly man fougere that is heavy on the lavender. Quite disappointed to not see any twists or innovations on a very familiar theme. That doesn't mean that it's not good, it's doesn't really raise the bar as was my expectation. Certainly not worth the absurd price. I personally find Bois du Portugal and even the much cheaper Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo to be better in that vein. Giving it a neutral rating instead of a thumbs up mainly because of its price.

    21st May, 2011

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Had I tried INVASION BARBARE a few years ago, I'd probably have brushed it off as 'laundry detergent'. It has this peculiar almost abrasively soapy-clean element that triggers on a sneeze and I'm not even prone to sneezing to begin with. But thanks in part to BN-inspired fragrance education, I can now 'pretend' to olfactorily break this aromatic entity down into its component lavender, cardamom, ginger and thyme, with a touch of citrus, violet leaves and a liberal helping of white musk. Impressed yet? Well, what good does that analysis do to me?

    Little it seems. The human mind is inclined to analyze, to categorize, to simplify & attempt to make sense of the unfamiliar. However with Invasion Barbare it runs straight into a wall - this fragrance defies any known category. There are just so many facets to the scent that if one is inclined to explore in detail, losing sight of its beauty within the maze of notes deconstruction becomes a real possibility.

    So let's simplify this. MDCI Invasion Barbare wears elegantly and has staying power. It smells clean in a vaguely familiar yet intriguing manner. 'Laundry detergent' it may be to the average Joe but there is nothing average about the artistry. Which is probably why it is priced beyond the average Joe's reach.

    01st April, 2011

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    A rich, complex scent in the oriental style, but alas, most reminiscent of shaving cream than evenings at an Arabian palace. It's obviously very well made, but, as is the case with scents like Derby or Amouage Gold, more admirable than truly enjoyable.

    05 June, 2010

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    Canada Canada

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    A fresh fragrance that opens with notes of non-citrusy grapefruit, violets and cardamom. As it dries down, a barbershop heart of powdery lavender emerges (similar to Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier), supported by ginger and cedar over some clean vanilla-musk. Deep into the drydown is a Jicky-like leather (most likely castoreum and a touch of civet) that almost goes under the radar. The best way I can describe Invasion Barbare is that it's a fresh-oriental lavender fougere with a musky leather base.

    Although this fragrance is anything but barbaric, I imagine the name is a double entendre, referencing both its clean barbershop (ie. "barbare" shop) lavender and animalic barbarian base of leather. Overall, it's a classy smell, yet it's also relaxing and emits positive vibes, making me feel cool, calm, and collected. If I hadn't found this in my quest for my holy grail, I might have lost hope somewhere along the way. This is one of the few fragrances out there that is good enough to be a Guerlain, and modern enough to not smell like grandpa.

    A modern masterpiece.


    24 September, 2009 (Last Edited: 30th November, 2009)

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    It takes a good half hour but eventually this evolves into something that brings a mix of Grey Flannel and Fahrenheit into my mind. More fresh and less ‘damp rag’ than Grey Flannel, less noxious than Fahrenheit. I’d have to say that IB bears most resemblance to Fahrenheit. I understand that for anyone to imagine a soft Fahrenheit is a tough task but there you have it. Think of it like the petrochemical smell is removed with light vanilla added. In the end it’s that same vanilla which can still be detected the following day.

    Invasion Barbare is nice and very wearable though too expensive. At €160/50ml it’s not worth the price tag, knock €100 off and I’d gladly wear this (nearly) as often as my Dunhill Editon or Bois du Portugal. A great everyday scent.

    12 September, 2009 (Last Edited: 15 May, 2012)

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    Thailand Thailand

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    Invasion Barbare is my definite favorite from the MDCI stable. It pillages the only other masculine offering, Ambre Topkapi, and its feeble peasants into oblivion with ease.

    IB is a mesmerizing deep aromatic blend of lavender, warm spices, a cool dash of well-mannered violets (not like NR PH), citrus to balance things out, and sweet cedar mixed with a light vanillaesque white-musk base. Sounds boring doesn't it? Well, it isn't going to go anywhere near 'unique territory' and explore new horizons, but it's definitely not boring and 'run-of-the-mill' either.

    Claude Marchal (MDCI) summarizes it as an "oriental fern," which I think is a very appropriate description for what it is. It's somewhere between the realm of the oriental and the fougere, while also being more at the same time. It's not syurpy and sticky, but instead -- devoid of amber and very sleek + contemporary in feel. (Makes 'New York' look ancient) Most reviews say that the scent itself is warming, but I find it to be pretty cool due to the violets with the spices creating a balancing warmth. (less so)

    In the end, Invasion Barbare is very refined, well-mannered, elegant, with appeal through the roof. It's admittedly a scent that is very easy to fall in like or love with. Can be easily pulled off by women too IMO. It's easy and pleasing on the nose so it would be an excellent choice as a "versatile everyday all-purpose scent" for anyone that can be appreciated not only by the wearer, but also people lucky enough to be near by.

    November '11 Update: I *finally* got myself a full bottle. No regrets - this is worth every single cent.

    16 March, 2009 (Last Edited: 06 November, 2011)

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    The cardamom note is the dominant player here, conquering everything else. Later the other notes melt into the cardamom and gives a very anise/licorice illusion where it's a spicy aromatic gourmand. Very interesting but nothing something I'd wear regularly.

    06 September, 2008

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    Hmm, Basenotes lists this as a feminine. I'm not sure what I would make of a feminine called "Invasion Barbare." Would that be something to spritz on as your hamlet is about to be pillaged, or something that Amazons wear?

    Fortunately, however, this is actually marketed as a masculine (although I consider it a completely unisex fragrance). Formerly known as SB1, it was composed by Stéphanie Bakouche as part of the inaugural lineup for Parfums MDCI. Bakouche is a student of Jean Kerléo and graduate of the French perfume school ISIPCA.

    Turin & Sanchez's PERFUMES: THE GUIDE (and, presumably, Michael Edwards's FRAGRANCES OF THE WORLD) classifies this as a "spicy woody," but I have to confess I don't smell any wood at all. Perhaps I'm anosmic to the putatively woody aromachemical in the formulation.

    What Invasion Barbare reminds me of more than anything is Francis Kurkdjian's Le Mâle--in other words, it smells like a powdery lavender. As it so happens, Kurkdjian also composed the three feminine fragrances in the Parfums MDCI line. I don't know whether this is merely a coincidence, or Bakouche was paying homage to her MDCI colleague, or what, but it is rather curious.

    There are differences however; where Le Mâle smells wildly synthetic and has supernatural longevity to prove it, IB flaunts its cash from first moment to last. The ingredients are of an intoxicatingly high quality, with what seem to be a high proportion of naturals. And yes, it is spicy--at least, spicier than Le Mâle, although my nose can't pick out exactly what those spices might be. There's also a very subtle, musky undertow to the base notes that I can't quite identify--it drifts in and out of consciousness in a most seductive way, and is actually my favorite aspect of this fragrance.

    In a nutshell, this is a better, subtler, more complex, and more expensive (!) Le Mâle. I own it and enjoy wearing it during evenings out (it's a bit too powdery to make it as an office scent). Although I like it well enough as it is, I just wish I could smell the wood that everybody talks about, since it would make an already intriguing composition that much more interesting. Oh well, maybe the people around me get to enjoy that aspect at least.

    EDIT: The notes, according to the Parfums MDCI website:

    "Here we have an 'oriental fern', spicy and aromatic, with a captivating blend of headnotes of grapefruit, bergamot, violet leaves, white thyme, cardamom, lavender and ginger.

    A warm heart of cedarwood, bourbon vanilla and musc creates a precious and definitely masculine base which here too contribute to a well-balanced construction, true to the demands of the brand: elegant, precious, masculine and extremely sophisticated."

    09 June, 2008

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