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Take some cheap but not very sweet orange candy and melt it in water and so You have this fragrance. Disappointed.
15th February, 2012
I really wanted to like this. It's hard to find in my neck of the woods, so there was nowhere to sample it, but based on input from some of the respected rewiewers here and other places, I was confident enough to blind buy a bottle. It sounded exactly like the kind of thing I was looking for. I'm really glad I only got the small bottle. Not that it's bad, but maybe my expectations were a bit different or too high. Maybe I just got a bad bottle.

A blast of almost sickly-sweet fruit and that's basically it. It immediately reminded of Calvin Klein Escape. Escape and I had our time together back in the mid 90s when I was a young pup, but that certainly isn't what I'm looking for in a scent now.

After a few hours it mellows out a bit and I actually don't mind it as much, but for me the destination just isn't worth the journey.
21st April, 2011 (last edited: 24th April, 2011)
Del Mar Marbella is my second favourite of the Baldessarini Del Mar line behind Seychelles.

I mainly get a blast of mellow citrus, followed by a spicy heart accord, then a beautiful musky drydown. It’s as masculine as the Seychelles Edition, but not as strong. This one seems to have more of an overall woody feel to it.

Sillage and longevity are pretty good. After about 4 – 5 hours, I felt the need to re-apply.

For what it’s worth my personal order of preference for the Del Mar line goes:

1. Del Mar Seychelles – 5/5
2. Del Mar Marbella – 4/5
3. Del Mar Caribbean – 3.5/5
4. Del Mar Baldessarini – 3/5

I’ll probably re-purchase this one when it runs out.

19th April, 2011
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This one is a keeper. Great scent for any season. Very masculine, yet quite casual. One of underrated ones that is lost in the mass of oversaturated market.
16th August, 2010
fruity, untoxic, easy to wear during summer longue. very happymaker scent. one of my last favourite perfume
15th June, 2009
Like a breezy tropical island. You can smell the aroma of the fruits hanging from the branches from the next island over and you wish you were there. But it's the combination of ocean breeze and that fruited island that makes the place were you are smell so good.

Imagery aside, a fresh airy fruity and cedarwooded scent with average longevity and sillage. Fun for summer!
01st April, 2009
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United Kingdom
I LOVE this fruity juicy concoction! Completely different scent from the other Del Mar's. Wonderful fizzy summer wear. Very long lasting too!
28th November, 2008