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Negative Reviews of Incense Extrême by Tauer

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After sampling, I don't get it. Smells like medicine, almost, with absolutely no sense of incense.
26th April, 2013
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Tried a sample of it this morning. Reminds me of a cold, dark,damp, musty unfinished basement- like wet stone or concrete. I don't notice any incense , at least in the Avignon/Cardinal/Montale sense. Definitely a different scent but I would not purchase.
24th August, 2012
Should be called Frankincense Extreme. Hard to find anything else going on here but the Frankincense working hard. Boring as dish water but good materials were used. CDG does incense so much better and cheaper. Get 2 Man rather than this.
16th June, 2011
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Suffocating! The first incense fragrance I tested along with Norma Kamali. I burn high quality incense, from around the world, in my home daily. I really wanted to like this, but found it's opening, sillage, and drydown all overwhelming to the point of nausea. I must admit, I did like the next day smoldering effect that was still present on my skin. I've tried Andy Tauer's whole line and haven't liked one. This is unfortunate, as I have the utmost respect for Tauer and acknowledge his importance in the field of niche perfumery.
03rd October, 2010

I get a sort of campfire accord in the opening, but there’s a spicy ambiance that takes the fragrance out of the realm of forest habitation. I enjoy the incense note, and I enjoy the whole opening accord, but I am left wondering why it is so forgettable. The incense of the accord is not one that comes across as particularly ethereal or even churchy, and, while I can admire its discretion, I wonder at its lack of both intrigue and energy. The extremely dry incense that is used might be admirable in an experimental sense, but it just doesn’t seem to work – at least not on my skin.

The cedar comes in later but it also doesn’t accomplish anything on my skin; in fact, both the opening and the heart accords seem to begin deteriorating immediately after they appear. I can’t find the orris in the mixture nor does the ambergris take a substantial role, and in the end, the drydown turns stale and smells a bit of oily residue. Incense Extrême doesn’t respond well on my skin.

16th March, 2009
I'm going to be honest. Yuck! This smells like industrial waste from a plastics factory. Very minimal incense indeed.
31st January, 2009