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Neutral Reviews of Incense Extrême by Tauer

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This is one of those daring scents guys.
I have smelt different fragrances with incense in it but this one is completely different and very unique.
The opening is a brutal combination of sharp herbal, dry woody and strong spicy notes.
It's dark, herbal, extremely spicy that smell more like black pepper. there is no sweet note here. there are no citruses or floral notes.
This may shock you at first sniff!
It's almost acidic and I know this may be funny, but the opening remind me of the smell of ants! I'm not joking!
I used to play with ants a lot when I was a little kid and I can remember formic acid smell because of touching ants in my hands and this fragrance smell really close to that!
If you don't believe me, go and touch a few ants and smell your hand, then go and smell this fragrance.
It's very interesting smell and I like it but at the same time very different.
It's very linear and only gets smoother as time goes by.
Projection is good (not great) and longevity is around 6 hours on my skin.
It's growing on my and with more wearing it via my sample I'm liking it more.
Definitely not a safe blind buy.
06th February, 2014
I like incense and this is for sure a very genuine incense scent. What's extreme about this is its simplicity, rather than its power and projection, which are just about average. Very still, to be perfect this would need that little something to make it a bit more vibrant.

But by all means, a good and easy to wear fragrance.
24th April, 2013
18th January, 2013
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A peppery, inky, soapy incense, Incense Extreme does it's job, but I can't help but feel a little wanting....
04th September, 2012
Cold, metallic incense. Like razor blades dipped in resin. After an hour or two Incense Extreme loses the metallic vibe and gradually gets muskier, creamier. Overall this fragrance is weird, unfriendly, and slightly repulsive.
12th April, 2011
This is all about Frankincense. If you are not a big fan then stay away. My girlfriend described it as a Fragrance for someone who likes the way they smell and wants to be left alone. It's purifying and elevating but a little stark to be welcoming. Very natural and resinous. I like it but prefer the Amber note in Tauer's L'Air.
25th March, 2011
Smells exactly like old Turmeric powder. You know, that pot of yellow dust at the back of your kitchen cupboard, the one you bought 5 years ago for a recipe which required a teaspoonful of the stuff and you haven't used it since. Just go into your kitchen and open it and have a sniff. You'll see what I mean.
02nd December, 2009
To me, it's the Tauer-housenote (dry incense) together with a play-doh like sweet property. I find this scent difficult to wear: it's quite linear, and I'm not sure what to make of the playful sweetness in the background that clashes with the dryness of the incense on the foreground. It does feel unisex to me, with the incense contributing to the masculine side, and the sweetness to the feminine side.

Longevity is alright, sillage too.

27th December, 2008