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Probably the best incense fragrance I have tried thus far. Personally not a fan of the biblical type incense. This is very refreshing. It's a fresh take on incense. Some very nicely blended iris and woods in the background. However, I'm still not an incense convert.
17th May, 2018 (last edited: 21st May, 2018)
A really beautiful incense fragrance. Not a heavy, smoky scent - I find it light and airy. There's not much development over time but that's fine by me :)
Imagine you've sought refuge from the midday sun in an old church beside the sea. The cool stone interior, the wooden pews. Just lovely.
18th May, 2016
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United Kingdom
After a brief blast of petitgrain the incense which it is named after arrives without delay - no procrastination in this Tauer. The petitgrain blends in with the incense and adds a crisp component to it; this gives the incense an unusual twist and this later continues with the addition of a somewhat underwhelming ambergris that supplies a slightly salty component to the whole mix.

As far as the incense itself is concerned, it is a rich but actually not heavy version; and is has hints of myrrhe added at times. I get not really any significant smokiness, but later on whiffs of balsamic undertones are evident that are displaying an only minimally medicinal character on me. A warming winter incense.

Later in the base a synthetically inclined sandalwood appears and the incense gradually fades out.

The sillage is moderate, the projection all right, and I get eight hours of longevity.

This is a solidly made incense with creative touches that is not very intensive and never really a strong incense scent. On the other hand, its comparably restrained character would make it suitable for the office on colder days, which other incense fragrances often are not. Not brilliant but not without its merits. 3/5.
06th May, 2016
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Supremely salty and bone dry incense and woods combo – this is where Fate Man picked up his edge, though he’s a far cuddlier character. The aura of Incense Extreme is contrarily soft seeing that the scent itself is quite martial in its directness: these are woods that have been petrified in a salt desert since the start of time, the incense has a high pickled lemon and dried sweat pitch, there’s not a trace of anything sweet when approached up close. Incense Extreme is bright, diffusive, with that surprising softness hovering over something that is essentially razor sharp. A joy in cold weather.
29th January, 2015
White, futuristic, hopeful, pure and serene.

Incense extreme is based on indian Frankincense, which is a resin i'm not familiar with since all we burn here as middle eastern christian orthodox is somali and omani frankincense.

I was eagerly anticipating to try this, especially since Andy mentions that this scent is a pure interpretation of the indian resin itself.

After giving it two full wearings from a sample, I can safely say that this is my favorite incense scent (along with Bois D'encens which is based on somali frankincense).

Incense extreme is so simplistic yet filled with architectural open spaces.

It even inspired me to write and mingle new melodies on my piano.
22nd March, 2014
A rich, but at the same time really clean and simple, romantic, bright, and uplifting scent. Balsamic incense with a contemporary geometrical feel, fairly close to other modern incenses (e.d. the CdG ones). An animalic ambroxan note comes and goes, perfectly interacting with warmer and more aerial notes. Overall a balsamic take on incense, really powerful and long-lasting, with many points in common with other Tauer's. Soothing drydown.

30th January, 2014 (last edited: 12th April, 2014)
Very architectural. The olfactory equivalent to the Guggenheim in Bilbao.
29th April, 2013 (last edited: 09th May, 2013)
I want to love it, and I tried really hard... I love incense scents in general, but this is a little too hardcore altar boy for me. It smells great when sprayed on, all you get is "Incense! Incense! More incense!!!" and it does not change much, yet becomes drier, almost one-dimensional. This one's got excellent staying power, settling down to a mosquito-repellent whiff the next day.

I tried this in a shop in London, along with L'Air du Desert Marocain", wishing to buy one of them, and choosing "L'Air..." was a no brainer - much more complex yet with an incense note. I got a sample of this and a few other Tauer perfumes (and I am giving a big thumbs up to Les Senteurs for being so generous with samples and generally knowledgeable and non-pushy), so I shall certainly persevere.
25th April, 2013
This opens bright & zingy with a beautiful accord of petitgrain & coriander. l wish this phase lasted longer, but within ten minutes it gives way to a darker, greener impression of pine & a raw, resinous amber. A slightly burnt incense note comes to the fore shortly after, & from here it stays quite linear, drying down to a woody, ambery, dry incense, & lasting many hours with low-medium projection.
The first time l tried this, l found it a little bit boring after the opening, but on subsequent wearings it has grown on me. l find the incense very soothing on a quiet winter's evening at home, & it lasts for days on my clothes.
23rd November, 2012
If you've ever been inside a Roman Catholic Church on a Holy Day of Obligation then you have smelled this before. It's exactly the smell of a burning Censer being swung around a church. The scent takes me back to St. James Church in Elkins Park Pennsylvania, circa 1981... the last year I believed in god.
06th October, 2012
No doubts, one of my favorite incense and a real churchy frankincense i crave for. The juice is long lasting and the incense oil is concentrated despite the scent  turns out never heavy but finally light and smooth. The petitgrain at the beginning is standout and magistrally mixed with aromatic spices,  woodsy notes, smoke and with the coming up frankincense in an almost agreeable way (pungent, spicy and fruity). The frankincense is averagely dry but some resinous woodsy notes and the concentration of incense oil imprint a certain  density to the olfactory outcome. Some arcane green (resinous and aromatic) elements swirl indeed longly around on the side of a dark woodiness and (i suppose) secret fruits. The cedary frankincense is barely ambery with a sort of final virile, almost corporeal woody-ambery (soapy) background that turns the fragrance out not at all gothic, "irony" or straightforward but (because of soothing amber and woods) comforting, warm, sensual, barely powdery and almost urban. You will be enveloped in a sort of timeless, relaxing, well rounded and velvety aura arousing the senses higher and higher.
05th September, 2012
To my untrained nose, this smells like Andy Tauer's LDDM. I therefore give it a thumbs down and recommend L'air Du Desert Marocain instead. This fragrance is redundant in my opinion due to the other fragrance, which does the same thing and better.
14th November, 2011
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United States
I did not like this at first. However, the more I tried it the more I liked it. Also, the more it dries down, the more the pure incense note comes through, and the more I like it. However, early on, there is a "green" note that interferes with the incense note, that I don't care for. This may have been why my initial reaction was negative. Wear this a few times, and let it dry down, before making a judgment.
01st July, 2011
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If Andy Tauer's signature notes (at least in his early perfumes) are coriander and amber, his style can be said to orbit the quality of dryness, of 'dessert air'. Incense Extrême is the starkest and most arid of Andy Tauer's perfumes and is an important contribution to a seam first tapped by Guerlain's now nearing-extinction Djedi.

The scent opens with lashings, and lashes, of frankincense, and a substantial cedar accompaniment. There is a faint spiciness that smells like coriander seeds in a pan on the gas ring, having moved through 'fragrant' to 'smouldering' and now approaching 'charred'. I have trouble detecting the orris mentioned in Tauer's pyramid, but do pick up an increasingly prominent, though nonetheless subdued, ambery sweetness.

For purposes of comparison, I'd skip the Incense Series from CdG, which are overall thinner and less convincing than Tauer's scent, and instead look to the (admittedly much quieter) Armani Privé Bois d'Encens, or go back to the beginning, with Diptyque's L’Eau Trois. In structure, I'd suggest a sideways glance at Oud 27 from Le Labo: both Incense Extrême and Oud 27 have pungent beginnings and both then
compose themselves into far more nuzzling, cedar-based drydowns within an hour or two.

For the meddlers out there, Incense Extrême begs to be layered intelligently; I'd go with a zesty cologne with lots of natural oils and not too many pretensions.
13th May, 2011
Perfumes form people that really knows how to make them! Incense Extreme is an extremely solid composition. Modern, consistent and elegant but at the same time descreet (expecially during the drydown). One of the most minimal incense creations yet among the most versatile. If you ever thought that Avignon was one of the most realistic "churchy" incenses, then try this one. The opening is breathtaking with a blast of pungent frankincense and petit grain surrounded by a remarkable woody vibe. Dry, almost harsh (cedar), but magistrally orchestrated to result incredibly likeable. Green undertones paired off with coniferous hints add depth and charme.The drydown it's somehow "lighter", comfortable and close to the skin and it's when the Tauer's signature becomes unmistakeable. I still found Avignon to be much more original and emotional but Tauer's take on straight forward frankincense is surely a winner. Recommended.
06th March, 2011 (last edited: 16th January, 2012)
Incense Extreme is a simple fragrance. It's an extract of Somalian incense taken from Boswellia trees. Although there's ambergris and some wood notes to round the scent, it's still very much just an extract of incense.

What makes Incense Extreme standout, apart from other incense based fragrances, is that it's built on a natural, quality incense note. Very desert dry, with a smokey depthness, yet clear at the same time. I find it less synthetic than what you'll find in the Comme des Garcons Incense Series. And although a clear smelling fragrance, it's the type of scent that lingers on your skin and clothes for days. This is mainly due to its 25-30% perfume oil concentration.

Incense Extreme almost reminds me of that effect you get, when you pour cold water over the hot stones in a sauna. Although a difficult scent to wear, I enjoy Incense Extreme if I'm in need of something calming when I'm doing yoga or meditating.

06th February, 2011 (last edited: 07th February, 2011)
A sensuous essay on the smoky seductiveness of frankincense, Incense Extrême evokes ancient history and long-forgotten Biblical landscapes. High quality stuff, and one of the jewels of the Tauer line.
26th September, 2010 (last edited: 07th October, 2010)
Here's what the creator, Andy Tauer says about this fragrance:
"I wanted to create an incense that is intense and clear.
A minimalist, cubist interpretation of incense, a touch of spices, powdery orris, dry cedar wood and ambergris supporting the frankincense that is rich, crisp, red and intense."

He did it. Though I swear that when I spritzed, the first note that hit me was a really true and pure lavender. (I do love that classic lavender/incense combo. It just works somehow.) Anyway, that disappeared after ten minutes and now it's wearing in, the pure, clear incense is the whole thing. Beautiful.

I'm quite picky about my incense and this is superb. There's no rasp to it (my beef with Black Cashmere) and it's not too dry and ashy. But equally, there's no sweetness to it and no flowers. This is completely unisex. I like the comparison with CDG Avignon, though I haven't worn it in a while.

It's obviously related to L'Air du Desert Marocain, but it is slightly different. As if the melody was played with a key change. This is a little bit quieter, I think. (I also haven't worn L'Air for a while.) It is certainly beautiful and very mellow and I think enormously wearable. I may need a bottle.
20th November, 2009
This starts with a large whack of top quality frankincense; effervescent, menthol-like, penetrating, rich and sparkling. This is follwed by a very natural smelling cedarwood. The little iris then provides a link to blend seamlessly into the base of ambroxin which is a little sweet and a perfect balance to the fire-dry incense.

An exceptionally well made fragrance from very good ingredients, totally free from irritating synthy woody-amber accords. Simple and effective - just how I like them. Diffusiveness is perfect, longevity satisfactory with a good application. Highly recommended.
29th June, 2009
I'm surprised by the overall negative reviews on this one. I've had more compliments on this perfume than any other (Maybe except L'Air).
Smokey dry incense/tauer-ade accord, which is fairly linear. It lasts all day on me.
Like many of Andy's perfume, this blossoms in summer.
Big thumbs up!!
27th June, 2009
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United States
I've only recently started exploring incense fragrances and find them to be very hit or miss for me, probably a consequence of what variety of incense the perfumer is attempting to capture. What I have found is a 'vein' of incense style that I really enjoy, and I find that style present in Incense Extreme.

IE starts with a frankincense note that is clear and precise but not overwhelming. Balancing the incense is a touch of sweet-but-not-too-sweet - which I assume to be the ambergris. The incense is well balanced with the ambergris, which I suppose may not appeal to those who want a stronger incense note and smokier body. As the fragrance develops woody notes appear along with the incense, and the composition as a whole is lightly powdery.

What I really like is the transparency and delicacy of Incense Extreme. While the CdG incense series is very good, I find them a touch difficult to wear, especially to work. IE is imminently wearable, and as a wearer I can focus on the incense, the ambergris, the woody notes, or I can take a step back and just enjoy the composition as a whole. It reminds of me of Vetiver Dance in the way the notes seem to fade in and out subtly. Multiple wearings reveal different facets of the fragrance each time, and a single wearing just simply isn't sufficient to get a handle on what's going on here

IE reminds me of a slightly toned down version of Memoire Liquide Hommage and a very, very toned down version of Guerlain Bois d'Armenie. I assume thiee is the variety of frankincense that Longevity is good like the other Tauers I've tried. This clearly wasn't intended as a sillage monster but as a more discrete fragrance, thus the sillage is what it is supposed to be. I don't own any Tauers right now, but if I were to buy some this would be my second choice behind Lonestar Memories. Very enjoyable.

From Luckyscent:
Incense, touch of spices, powdery orris, cedarwood, ambergris, frankincense

22nd February, 2009
Incense extrême is described as a minimalist incense with an extreme concentration of frankincense extract, and it is. It's neither a murky church incense like Messe de Minuit, nor as fresh and woody like Incense rosé. Instead it's dry, dry, dry like dust or ashes, with an almost herbal/aromatic spiciness. Tauer describes it as a red scent - I'd describe it as charcoal grey. If it was only smoky/spicy hot it might seem red, but it's somehow hot and metallic cold at the same time, like smoldering ashes someone has poured a bucket of water over. Although it feels strong when first sprayed on, it has zero sillage on my skin (like most incense scents!) and either the lasting power is quite poor or it's the type of scent you easily get anosmic to when you wear it. I think probably the latter - it feels like the type of scent the nose would quickly get tired of, especially with the high concentration of one ingredient.
05th June, 2008