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Positive Reviews of Aqua Allegoria Figue-Iris by Guerlain

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An interesting perfume that doesn't very much resemble its name. The fig, if you can even call it that, lasts for only a minute or so and most closely resembles Womanity's "fig-inspired" candy note, as opposed to anything that would normally pass for fig in a perfume. Instead, Figue-Iris is more of a bright sweet mix of violets and Guerlain's favorite cherry candy note. It's those ionone violets that have a waxy suede undertone, so the whole thing kind of smells like cherry/violet lipstick. The iris is subtle, fusing with the waxy suede notes to give a "perfumey" maturity to what otherwise would have been a fruity floral.

All in all, this isn't what I really wear, but it's well done enough to deserve a thumbs-up. It's strong without being loud, youthful without being dumb, and wise without losing its sense of humor. I would have liked a better base - it's only got some fading vague woods under the iris and suede, where a full luxurious vanilla/musk/sandalwood base or even some Guerlinade would have taken something good and made it great.
11th January, 2013
I live in Florida so the weather do not allow me to wear deep fragrance.
This one is just perfect. It is balance, soft, fruity and sweet but not to much.
It gives energy and makes you in a good moon.

Too bad it disapears very quickly...
27th September, 2008
the Fig by Guerlain ...
the only fig i know without coconut
the fruity and green notes of the fig are associated with light milky notes
the association with iris makes it very elegant and powdery , very feminine and quite gourmand scent
08th September, 2008
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I count Acqua di Parma’s Fico di Amalfi as my perfect fig, but this is the perfect fig à la Guerlain. For starters, thank goodness, it’s not green. It’s juicy. It makes me want a tropical drink with a parasol in it. And once the iris comes in, it puts me in mind of some delicious sweet fruit candy. Succulent for summer.
29th July, 2008