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By their fruits know them
Even if you cannot tell
Exactly which fruit.
16th January, 2018
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Grapefruit leather

A nicely restrained grapefruit opens it up, followed by a somwhat boring wood note in the drydown. A light and sweetish leather accord merges into an iris base that emphasises subtle sweetness without being overtly flowery. Quite light, good for a mild autumn office day, but unexciting overall. Adequate silage and projection with a bit over three hours of longevity.

19th October, 2013
Clean. Apple.

This is a classic embodiment of a Nice Fragrance. Any day, every day, any time, all the time, you could wear this and be happy. Yet it's somehow unremarkable. It's very clean, it's very apple-y, and has a decent dose of vanilla to boot, but it's hard to imagine it bowling anyone over. Lots of Nice factor, not a lot of Wow factor. I don't get as much Oriental out of it as others do, but your mileage may vary.

Sillage is decent overall and actually pretty good for the price point. For anyone looking for that fragrance they can just spritz on anytime they're in a rush and have no time to think about what's going to work best, I'd recommend this highly. For those looking for a deep, heady, swarming fragrance, this may be a bit too clean and light. But it's nice.

02nd March, 2011 (last edited: 14th April, 2011)
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"Newer is Better"

This is perfect for anytime because it has citrus and fresh scents with underlying warm inviting notes. It's versatility is amazing and if I had to pick one cologne as a staple this would be it. Wear this one anytime and anywhere. A safe bet for anyone because although the smell is not super unique, but it is unique in that a manufacturer makes something that can be worn to work AND in the evening. It evolves like a cologne should. It is a clean scent with notes that are alluring but not trying too hard to be a lady killer. Will appeal to the masses.

23rd December, 2010 (last edited: 07th February, 2012)
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Like most perfume enthusiasts, I get tired of the same designer cliches you see in masculine fragrances. But every once in while, a designer, though not deviating from the norm, just nails it and produces something that can be enjoyed by even the biggest perfume snob.

The new Perry Ellis For Men can be regarded as a conglomerate of numerous masculine cologne cliches - aquatic, fruity oriental, and woody-spicy - but it hits all of those buttons so well that the collective whole turns out to be very wearable and quite good. This is a sweet but light woody oriental with a subtle vibe or leather and booze that prevents this from being dull and androgynous, and makes this a pretty masculine smelling scent. There is also a very slight aquatic feel running oh so subtely under the surface of this scent, and it actually makes the fragrance even more complex and interesting. I hate aquatic notes, but it is used in a very restrained manner here, and it adds to the overall masculine vibe it has.

Granted, the most hardcore niche fragrance snob will still turn his nose up at this (they are incurable), but I believe even jaded perfume enthusiasts will find something to enjoy here. It's not groundbreaking at all, but Perry Ellis have created a winner here.

MY RATING: 7.5/10
11th October, 2010
There is simply no designer fragrance that I have changed my mind on so many times. But this time, I think I am certain. Perry Ellis for Men is a sure winner. It's quite different from everything else on the market today, it takes risks, but doesn't overdo it as some niche fragrances might do. It's hard to categorize, but I think I would go with a woodsy/incense/spicy/fruity/aquatic. Strange huh?

It opens up with a fresh green apple note, that actually does not smell synthetic at all. Backed by a dark sweet and smokey aroma. I can't help but think about burning incense or a Black & Mild cigar. It has a pumpkin spice smell which pairs with some ginger and some strange aquatic note.. similar to the one in the dry down of Wall Street. It almost smells like a wet dog. However, there is enough stuff on top of it to mask it, for the most part. It dries down with some deep bitter woodsy notes. Quite a complex scent really. Disaster? or perhaps a masterpiece.. you be the judge on this one.

Longevity and sillage are both adequate, as I get about 6 hours or so, with average projection. My one gripe, is that i cannot wear this often, or I will begin to hate it. As that is the case with A*Men, Joop!, and some other great ones. You can only appreciate their beauty if you wear them once in a while.
03rd April, 2010 (last edited: 24th March, 2012)
The new Perry Ellis for Men is certainly nice. It's really not all that original or even 'signature,' but most people will find it 'nice.' It's an eminently easy and pleasant wear. The apple note from the top is very tenacious and sticks around till near the drydown for me. The middle of rose, orange blossom, violet leaves and cinnamon sounds great but isn't very distinguishable to my nose. The musks are soft and fairly well textured. But for me this one's all about the delicious vanilla note that permeates the whole creation. This is where Perry Ellis fits into my rotation - It boasts one of the most enjoyable vanilla-centric accords I've come across so far. This was a good blind buy.
25th March, 2010
I'm impressed with the PEFM , because I use to avoid any fragrance that contains vanilla , but in this combination of notes , vanilla was well blended , very subtle.
Taking place in one of my favorites in top 10.
Big Thumbs UP !!!
31st October, 2009
Naitch Show all reviews
United States
What an underappreciated cologne this is. This has all the components of what makes a great fragrance. First it is a true 3 layered fragrance, with a beginning, middle and end. Each distinct and very nice. I like the opening of the green apple, the "musk in the middle" and the woods at the end.

Second the longevity is notches above the newer generic colognes that are gone in an hour or two. After spraying at 9 in the morning, I could stilll get a good whiff at 3 in the afternoon. By 5 it was a "close to the skin" trace but to get 5 or 6 hours is all you can expect from any cologne. Spraying on and under the shirt was a good help if you want just a little whiff after the day is over. The fragrance is effective but not toxic, light enough you'd really have to pour the bottle on yourself to turn it against you. 4 to 6 sprays all over will do.

I should mention that like a lot of others I got immediate compliments on this. As much as I love some of my others like YSL L'Homme & CPM, only 1 compliment. Both of course seem to just last 2 to 3 hours tops, if that sometimes.

In a way I hope this stays a well kept secret that develops a cult following, of course selling enough it stays in production.

For the record the notes are:
Green apple accord, amber, black patchouli, warm woods.
07th August, 2009 (last edited: 14th March, 2010)
The love the Perry Ellis from start to finish!! It is a woody oriental scent. It has grapefruit, Orris Root, resins, amber, leather and musk. Warm and smooth scent Great blends of notes!! Refined, yet elegant.
04th January, 2009
I was really looking forward to this, but I was dissapointed. Take Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder and add a dash of vanilla...voila! you have this Perry Ellis. Beyond Paradise is kinda melony sweet but severly tempered with a dark tea note. This is almost exactly the same save for the vanilla that is hanging out prominently in the background. I am neither thrilled nor impressed.

If you can only take one fragrance with you on a trip where you will need something for varying occasions, this is it. For that, it gets a thumbs up from me. It is everyman in a bottle.
18th September, 2008 (last edited: 14th April, 2013)
Tried Perry Ellis for Men today while in Macy's. My girlfriend neither approved or disapproved. Somewhat fruity opening with a little bit of spice. The spice is what hooked me from the start. However, 8 hours later I'm wondering if this is musk I smell as the stuff fades. Nice bottle, annoying little mesh bauble; neither impressed or disappointed by this scent from Perry Ellis.
24th June, 2008
bbBD Show all reviews
United States
Vastly superior to previous PE offerings! The fragrance is a combination of vanilla and musk with slightly spice/woodsy undertones. I don't smell much, if any, fruit notes. The vanilla note is sweet but not too sweet. No one note dominates - the blending is excellent.

Particularly unique to this PE fragrance is the sillage and longevity, both of which are not only better than any other PE fragrance I've experienced, but better than most others in my collection.

The bottle is great - a heavy, thick cube with large wooden cap. The metallic nylon strap hanging off the sprayer is a little odd, but it works ok.
12th June, 2008
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