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Negative Reviews of Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

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On me I get the smokey jasmine scent but it lasts for all of two minutes. No joke. This is one of the many fragrances I've tried that don't last on me at all. Not on my clothes. I've asked other members of my family and they can't smell anything.
01st April, 2012
Way too overpowering and musky for me.
01st March, 2012
This smelled okay for the first two minutes or so, but then ended up smelling like raw meat. It was shocking to say the least. It must not work with my skin well.
15th September, 2009
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I like the top and heart note in this - I do get the "Jasmin" of Jasmin Noir, and actually perceived Joy-like floral notes during the first 45 minutes of wearing. The green sap note and gardenia in the top are nice as well. The problem I have with this is the same one I have with Blv Notte: Bvlgari has apparently started using an artificial sandalwood that turns to sour and acrid on my skin after a couple of hours. Lets just hope they don't reformulate the Bvlgari's I love (Femme, Eau Parfumee, Black) with this same ingredient.
07th January, 2009
The licorice notes in Jasmin Noir has the lead. I like sweet/powdery/floral/oriental fragrances. Now I'd like to move to less sweeter scent. I love the Viole de Jasmin, but it lasts 60 seconds and it's time to re-apply.

When Jasmin Noir came out just this month, I thought it is a intense version of Viole de Jasmin. Boy I was wrong, because this smells like... here's the formula: Raid + hint of dry mossy wood = Jasmin Noir. I find Bvlgari's fragrances smells luxurious, feminine and I love them. I own a couple of them such as Pour Femme, Rose Essential, and was hoping Noir would add to my wardrope.

Maybe I need to give a try for few times.

*let me add some side note*
My gal friend has once mistakenly sprayed "hair spray" (she thought was hair spray) and it was "Raid" that she had picked up! I didn't get to see her that particular day, but I think she might smell like Noir that day!
12th October, 2008 (last edited: 15th October, 2008)
I tried this yesterday, and being a jasmine lover, I'm quite disappointed. I detected not a single trace of jasmine, or anything floral or green for that matter, even well into 7+ hours of its wear. What I did detect all throughout the day was the licorice (which I abhor), almond and tonka bean. It was pleasant enough - sweet, comforting - but it didn't strike me as anything special. It's actually a fragrance I could see old women wearing, it had that feel to it. I've read in some reviews of this that it is a "quiet" fragrance, but I found it to have excellent staying power on me, and did not fade. Speaking of which, on me, it didn't really develop. What I smelt upon first spritz, is exactly what I continued to smell hours and hours later. I initially thought the white florals and green notes of this fragrance would make this a winner for our approaching summer, but it is very sweet, and with heat will, I imagine, be quite cloying and sickly.
19th September, 2008