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Neutral Reviews of Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

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The opening is very sweet, until the jasmine appears and stays. It’s not the usual, strong and dirty jasmine. It’s a shy one. I love it, but it’s may be too shy, with little sillage and longevity. A shame. I would have bought a full bottle otherwise.
30th December, 2017
I only detect jasmine and a hint of Tonka. After giving it many tries, I'm not impressed. It just doesn't last on me. Literally after a half an hour it's gone.
01st February, 2017 (last edited: 02nd February, 2017)
Just another house trying to sneak in a version of Hypnotic Poison. Really, though, I find this release to be much more tolerable than most of Bvlgari's, as I feel the great majority are trying so hard to be trandsettingly modern that the firm seems to eschew quality ingredients in favor of low-cost fresh and the result is, more often than not, a sparkling opening leading to a flat fall come the heart notes. JN here is a competent piece of work and is mercifully quieter than most of the other copies in its field, so it would make a good casual or office frag for lovers of almond musks.
25th December, 2015
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I can't bring myself to give this a thumbs down, because it's not awful - it's just run-of-the-mill, pleasant in the way that a room deoderizer might be. It's also weak as a kitten, and without any exotic characteristics that would justify its name. It lasts maybe 30 minutes on my skin. This was an impulse purchase at TJMaxx, and thankfully it was inexpensive.
28th November, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Apart from the dominant jasmine gardenia and a nut-based note are evident on my skin. Later on I get mainly vanilla, and apart from the pleasant jasmine none of the other components develop on my skin very convincingly. So it is all right but nothing special, as is the performance with moderate sillage, adequate projection and a longevity of six hours on my skin.

For those Bulgari lovers looking for a spring jasmine scent this may be worth a try. 2/5
03rd July, 2015
There is no obvious tonka bean on the dry down (or maybe I skipped that part?). But surely there is fake sandalwood.

The jasmin note is fair enough. I know some people complain that it is really faint. Actually it is. But jasmin scent is a head ache induced scent. Even the original jasmin oil (diluted) it already head-ache scent. A little bit too strong of it will slap your head.

21st May, 2014
Jeszra Show all reviews
United States
Liked this perfume on paper but not as much on my skin. It's a little powdery. Perhaps that's the tonka bean?
10th October, 2012
Shadya Show all reviews
United States
I received Jasmin Noir as a gift from a friend. On her, the fragrance smelled divine! Out of the bottle, the scent seemed a little overpowering, but the effect was fleeting. I used Jasmin Noir often, and happily purchased another bottle, but the fragrance began to sour on my skin. By the end of the day, I couldn’t stand the remaining fragrance.

Jasmine is not what I smell when first applied. There is a gardenia floral first impression with subtle notes of Tonka bean and a hint of green. To me, the scent of Jasmine was not how I would have described it. After the dry down, the hint of green disappeared.

This is not a bad fragrance, but Jasmine Noir is not exactly something I would wear long term. Perhaps this would be a fragrance that could be worn for occasionally. I do prefer Jasmin Noir to the oil-based perfumes in Doha, as they can be overpowering.
16th July, 2012
Here's a case where the name is an obstacle. "Jasmine"... ok, I know what jasmine should smell like. I get none of that here. And what is a black jasmine? Obviously a construct.
Here's what I smell. A scent which starts slightly sweet but whose sweetness burns off. Only slightly floral, far less than I'd expect, given the name. Aromatic. Somewhat indefinite in that it is hard to pick out any individual notes. Wood, perhaps. A vague green note, perhaps this may be linked to the "green notes" and the licorice.
So far it is OK, if a bit generic. But then it develops a more floral and slightly irritating sweet vanilla note.
Doesn't smell anything like jasmine, doesn't smell like anything in particular... meh.
02nd February, 2011
Is a lack of respect when big Houses like Bulgari make fragances with bad Fixation. It is a pity because Bulgari Noir, is one of the most interesting scent I smelled in the past years. A well balanced oriental floral, mysterious and fascinating, with liqueur notes that makes it sensual and interesting. But i can't waste time and money in a fragrance that last 1 hour.. maybe 2.. i really love the smell but, it's not for me..
28th January, 2011
My husband bought this for my birthday and I thought I liked it... at first. The sillage bowled my sister over 3 rooms away with one spray and the longevity lasted for over 48 hours after which point I showered it off. My like for this fragrance was short-lived, I'm afraid. I love Estee Lauder's Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia as the latter note is brought down by the earthy tuberose. However, in Jasmin Noir the gardenia combined with the heady jasmine, woody and tonka bean notes are like listening to a symphony warm up. It's a lovely sound/scent for a few minutes but quickly becomes simultaneously powdery and grating, a real headache inducer. Also, when I wiped my fingerprints off the bottle as I decided to exchange it for a different perfume I noticed it was leaking where the bottom of the golden stem meets the black bottle. Buyer beware! I had a similar problem with my Prada atomizer bottle but solved that problem by purchasing the refillable purse spray.
06th December, 2010
Smells so beautiful, lasts for less than ten minutes (literally!) even though I coated myself head-to-toe in it.
08th May, 2010
I am still undecided about this fragrance. It is not one I am immediatly 'in love' with. There are some sweet powdery notes that I really like on my skin, but the overpowering gardenia and jasmine were just too much for me.
23rd February, 2010
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This perfume has one of the most sophisticated bottles, and for those jasmine-maniacs like myself, you definitely get tempted with Jasmin Noir's name. But, when i sprayed it, it had an awful burst of something i cannot quite identify, like, liquid glue. Weird, isn't it? Then all of a sudden, it settled into a pleasant floral scent and i liked it. Actually it smelled so like Alien by Thierry Mugler, but unlike it Jasmin Noir fades off very quickly. Alien, in comparison, is a much much better and more beautiful scent. So, if you're especially looking for a jasmine scent, this one won't satisfy you.
21st November, 2009
'noir' - French for 'black'. Also related to the 'dark solemn mood' lighting used by film-makers in the 1940s.

With a name like 'Jasmin Noir', I would be forgiven for expecting a dark, deep and rather heady jasmine scent that conveys all these known associations with the word 'noir'. Instead all I got was a warm floral done in the typical Bulgari style: ephemeral and fleeting. Not that this is necesarily bad as it does make the scent eminently more versatile and wearable. My fiancee likes it. But someone looking for a more seductive and mysterious take on the jasmine signature would do better with Guerlain's Samsara. It is a pity really as I was tempted to buy Jasmin Noir for the gorgeous bottle alone.
10th September, 2009
Another nice creation for Bvlgary, although despiste the name, the scent is quite innofensive as I spected.

Jasmin Noir opens as finishes. Classy, elegant and seductive yet harmless.
You can detect a touch of sweet, citrusy-green note in the opening, but the jasmin appears quite immediately, just as a shade, a whisper.
See, sometimes, this perfume reminds me the glorious "Black orchid" from Tom Ford if you can isolated the vanilla and the truffle notes. It's exactly the same jasmin note.
Ghostly and appealing, misterious. Gorgeous.
The jasmine is accompained by a light, almost invisible floral note, (I assume is the gardenia), and by a subtle green note.

The floral accords of the top and the middle rapidly decease and the scent moves to a woody drydown.
Here it comes the dark woods.
The spirit of the whole juice is more or less woody. You can tell there's a shy hint of licorice on the drydown, just shy.
The end of the perfume is rather masculine with the presence of woods licorice and tonka.

"Jasmin Noir" is a classy, elegant seductive fragrance, that make you feel well without shout out.
Even so, the price is much higher than the rest of the Bvlgary range. I assumed that they try to follow a kind of marketing positioning the perfume as something more prestigious. It actually has not the spirit and it's not really worth it.

Despiste of the jasmin / gardenia notes, the fragrance ends in a quite warm, masculine way.

The lasting power is great but tends quickly to be a quiet scent close to skin.
03rd February, 2009
Described by many of my female friends as the ultimate "seduction in a bottle"- fragrance, as THE flawless olfactory artwork, I was slightly surprised to find out that this scent was not that groundbreaking as I expected. Still, it was highly sensual, yet also distinguished and inoffensive, but a slight bit to flowery for what I consider to be a truly complex female scent. The sweetness seems to take over too much of the notes and it's also not as "dark" as some might suggest. Nevertheless, it's a safe and quite inspired choice for the female wearer ready to detach herself from the generic, commonplace trends dominating the fragrance world and trying to make a mature, dignified and stylish impression.
24th December, 2008
Green jasmine… At first I believe that I smell more gardenia than jasmine, but the green jasmine eventually takes over from the opening accord. For the heart accord, the almond note shadows the jasmine, which has lost some of its green, and is basically a pleasant light jasmine / almond scent. I don’t smell the licorice unless it is a distant almost-resinous dry note in the platform of the scent. The sweet, light wood base still carries a shadow of the jasmine in the drydown. Jasmin Noir nice scent that performs better on paper than on my skin.

22nd November, 2008 (last edited: 24th February, 2014)
It's a typical winter fragrance, very warm and enwrapping, glamourous but not very interesting. It's like a lighter and more wearable version ofPoison, because of the jasmin and almond combination, The first Bulgari pour femme is still the best: one of the very few floral feminines that are unique and instantly recognizable.
03rd October, 2008
My search for my perfect jasmine continues as I could not find it here in the quantity or style I was looking for. I was sooo surprised to see that this is marketed as a woman's perfume because to me - I think I'd much prefer it on a man.

Bulgari have tried to create a new classic and maybe they have, but perhaps should have been more bold and sold it for men. I will have to squirt it on some blokes - just in the interest of science you understand - to see how it fares.

Not to say that I think it's overly masculine and shouldn't be worn by women. It is sophisticated, but on me it was very linear and I need more than that.
06th September, 2008