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This may be my wine background talking here, but I honestly believe that you need to have some everyday bargains in rotation in your wardrobe. Or maybe I'm just bourgeois. Either way--I think it's both gauche and ruinous to pretend that decent fragrance can't be had at lower price tiers. Bulgari has historically been one of the best sources for relatively inexpensive perfumes that have intelligence and personality, even if the house that gave us Black isn't quite what she used to be.

Nevertheless, I've really taken to Jasmin Noir. It's a mainstream--but far from stupid--take on something niche perfumers have been doing for a while now--basically, hitching a heart of jasmine to a vanilla base (think of L'Artisan's Vanilia, for example). This pairing usually comes off as jazzy, tropical, and sunny. And despite Bulgari's "noir" characterization, that's essentially what this is, too--a pretty, aromatic perfume that's probably best for daytime or casual evening wear, when the weather is warm and you're feeling a little festive. The opening notes, listed as "gardenia" and "green notes," strike me as considerably sweeter and less dramatic than that--more like honeysuckle, with a little touch of something fresh and sappy. The sambac jasmine at this perfume's heart is also fresh and sweet, with a pleasantly candied edge that never teeters over into cloying or juvenile, and it's rounded off with an almondy note that reminds me--a little--of marzipan. The drydown includes a little dose of powder, just a hint of dry vanilla, and a bit of black licorice if you *really* look for it.

Cheerful and balanced throughout, Jasmin Noir is an unpretentious little gem. The price of the EdP (45 bucks, give or take, from the discounters) is so affordable, and it's so ubiquitous, that I fear many of us avoid it for fear of its obviousness. That's a shame. Me, I'll be buying bottle of this for myself before it goes away, as good things as wont to do.

It really is a kind of shame that Bulgari stuck this scent with the sinister/sexy come-on of the "NOIR" tag, because more than anything else, this could be what happened if Alien had a wholesome pink-cheeked younger sister, who keeps normal hours, who tends healthy plants, and who bakes beautiful treats. And I do love Alien, but I'm not always in the mood, because it lasts for hours upon hours upon upon hours--and I really have to be in the mood for its weird-assed woody base. Jasmin Noir is simultaneously spicier and friendlier--maybe the nice little sister has been taking samba lessons and learning something about her wilder side.

Anthropomorphism aside, this perfume begs for sandals, a fresh pedicure, and a pair of shades if the sun is up. And stick with the EdP--the EdT lacks the floral heart that makes this perfume sing.
16th May, 2016 (last edited: 12th June, 2017)

Hard to Describe such an Heavenly Scent like JASMIN NOIR! Definitily a Jewel of a Fragrance and My favorire Perfume for a Lady. I feel very Witchy when i smell it. One of those you get so many Compliments both Woman and Man when you walk at a Salon. Mesterpiece,Unique, Classy,Exquisite,Expensive,Amazing, Warm and Ultra Feminine.

It is Excellent for Jasmine&Gardenia Fans. Fantastic Opening and Gardenia is bold. It Perfect Combination with Jasmine in the Heart. Warmth of the base notes Following the Rich Floral Heart and makes it smell Like Class and Style and Gives you Feel Like Royalty.

JASMIN NOIR is New Signature My Mother. I would Highly Recommend this Lovely EDP to Everybody with assurance that you won't be disappointed if you are a Classy Lady with a Golden Heart. Seemly for Every SPECIAL Moments in AUTUMN/WINTER. The bottle is Dramatic and Attractive too.Carlos Benaim is a Adept indeed.


Longevity?12 Hours on my skin.


13th May, 2015
Big Gardenia and jasmine opening. The dry down smells so much like my own natural scent, in the best way possible. It's a fresh natural musk under those beautiful flowers. There is a touch of lady like powder as well that makes this a crowd pleaser.
01st January, 2013
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Only recently discovered the Bulgari Jasmin Noir range and I really like this fragrance. I really like florals, orientals and florientals so this is for me. Going to be the next I buy.
24th August, 2012
Jasmin Noir opens with big, yet soft jasmine and gardenia and dries down to tonka bean and almonds. It’s feminine and easy to wear; a pleasant crowd pleaser. Also, if you find florals difficult to wear, this one might be tolerable. IMO this ballerina birthday cake needs something more. Maybe leather or incense? A big dose of patchouli?
10th July, 2012
So I'm in some horrible suburb with some time to kill and I walk into an Ultra store in some street mall and spritz a little Bulgari Jasmin Noir on my arm probably because the bottle says "Jasmin" and is black or whatever and the next thing I know I'm falling in love. With my own wrist. I hope nobody was watching me. Unlikely...I think I was the only person in town. But how to explain it all? It was definately a good day. Any day is, when you find a pleasure you were not expecting and Jasmin Noir is that for me. I'm not sure Jasmin Noir is really so much about jasmine. There is a nice smelling floral note, borders on the generic maybe. There's a slight creamy chocolate quality underneath. There are almond and tonka and liquorice and the whole thing has a dry restrained gourmandness about it. Projection is slight. If someone were to say to me, "I think Jasmin Noir is unspectacular," I probably wouldn't disagree with him. But this perfume has a quiet subversive sexiness which is everything. As generic as it can sometimes seem I remind myself to be happy I found her. I needed to see someone on the side. I can't wear Lyn Harris every time.
05th March, 2012
I like it. But I am a novice. Didn't want the sweet khaliji (Arabian Gulf preference) scent JN could be but, thankfully, isn't. Someone mentioned Samsara above. I thought Samsara was overwhelming and did not like being in proximity to it. Jasmin Noir has been a nice transition for me as I move to oud after many years of enjoying it in the Middle East and then not having the time and wherewithall to learn about it.
30th June, 2011
I had heard so many people rave about this scent prior to testing it. I had really hoped that I would be raving too, unfortunately this was not so.

I really wanted to experience that warm, smokey, musky jasmine that everyone has been talking about, yet all I got was a predictable and fleeting blend of gardenia and jasmine which really didn't surprise or amaze me in the least.

Sure, Jasmin Noir is a nice, pleasant, inoffensive scent, yet for me it didn't push too many boundaries. I wanted elegance and style, just like the bottle conveyed, but I was surprised by how light and short lasting this fragrance turned out to be.

I'm afraid I can't hold back on my disappointment. Jasmin Noir is neither mysterious, dark, alluring or intriguing. I'm really not impressed.

04th June, 2011
l get the "green sap" & a gardenia-like note in the opening, followed by warm, creamy, vanillic woods & jasmine. This stage lasts for several hours on me, which surprised me, having heard that longevity isn't one of Bulgari's strengths, & the sillage is good. Eventually the base notes arrive, & at this point it wears much closer to the skin. The base is intriguingly dirty; l'm guessing that's the liqorice note, & that this is where the "Noir" comes in. l've never smelled natural liqorice root, only liqorice sweets, but l'd say this must be the former.
l sort of get the comparisons with Samsara, but this doesn't have the "clean" feel or the rich sandalwood that l get from Samsara. lt also doesn't "glow" in the same way, but l do like it a lot, & would wear it again.
21st February, 2011
This lasts for hours and hours. Smells like jasmin with a black dress sitting in a shop made entirely of wood with gold chains dangling from the chandelier.

Altogether nice but something about it is unsettling. Feels like it isn't the presence that it wished to demand.
07th December, 2010
I enjoy the scent of jasmine with the kick of licorice that is in this scent. It lasts for several hours on me which I consider very good for the House of Bvlgari.
17th September, 2010
A Romantic Cynic setting in the 1930's and 40's sitting with a martini
on right hand and a cigarette on your right in a darken projection room
the smoke is visible though the projection light and hating yourself
on the silver Screen
that's the notes on this perfume
bring out to me i love it

i'll give it a 5.
16th August, 2010
Balmy and gentle in a way that conjures me vaguely Secret Obsession CK. The whisper of a cool spring night in the yards of a flowered green farm crowded by mysterious birds and buzzers and overlooked by an old farmhouse standing on the hill. The eyes of the owls shimmer in the dark, the crickets sound noisy. This is Jasmine Noir with its dark bottle and its blend of nocturnal flowers, precious woods, almonds, obscure liquorice and tonka. A drama of delicacy and romanticism. Superb.
29th June, 2010 (last edited: 03rd January, 2014)
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I had a major infatuation with all scents Bulgari last year, maybe because the transparency of most of them really appealed to me. I work in an office where perfume can only be worn with great discretion, and Bulgari's quiet, close-to-the-skin offerings fill the bill quite nicely. On weekends in the depths of winter, though, I find myself wanting something with a little more heft and staying power. Jasmin Noir is a characteristically nice take on jasmine, rich and full but somehow still done in the sheer Bulgari style, which makes it both a great choice for people like me, who tend to avoid most full-on florals, and problematic for fans of stronger jasmine fragrances, like Alien. Hence all the neutral ratings, I'm guessing.

Here's what I like about it: nice, fresh, summery opening note of gardenia, followed quickly by loads of jasmine, followed by a creamy, woody base. It's jasmine lite, a rich floral/oriental for people who can't stomach rich floral/orientals. I think it's eminently wearable in a way that Alien, striking as it is, has never been for me, so I'm giving it a thumbs-up, with the caveat that if it's crazy, neon jasmine you want, Mugler's your man.

02nd February, 2010
A little too "well behaving" for me. I have owned Jasmin Noir for more than a year now, and I like it very much, as it is very versatile, but it will never become my HG, but it is beautiful enough for me to have a secound bottle when the first one is ended.

Worn with the bodylotion, it stays on for really long on the skin. Really good quality. Just a little too "kind".

Edit: 2011-10-15:
Now "Mon Jasmin Noir" is released, and it is edgier than Jasmin Noir, so it is the version I like the best. It is still quiet, but not so very" well behaving"! And it is truly beautiful!
18th December, 2009 (last edited: 15th October, 2011)
I think this scent is true to its name. It is misty and dark. A dearest jasmine which is obscured by a rarely found natural gardenia note and darlened by woods. I wish it had more silage and more body. It is somehow weak. It reminds me crystal noir with misty gardenia and dark woods (and black bottle of course). But crystal noir is much of a fruity floral. If you are planing to buy a jasmine for the night or a dark (and misty) jasmine, real rival of jasmine noir is Alien by Thierry Mugler which would win a thousand times.
03rd November, 2009
Bought it to own the stunning bottle, and it so happens I love the scent just as much as its sculpture of a container.

Oh shoot me... I am a guy, and I love Jasmin Noir. I love closing my eyes, and falling asleep at night in this, and waking up next day with its divine stench lingering on my black satin sheets. It makes my day brighter. Or I simply wear it with a heavily starched white shirt, and walk the streets of NY with the soft wind in my hair.

Jasmin Noir is immaculate.
14th August, 2009
A striking brunette walks into the jazz club. She is wearing a beret, black pencil pants, a crisp white blouse, and black flats. Smokey eye makeup. She's a painter...or a writer...a beat bohemian. She sips on a sidecar while tapping a toe to the music.

This is the kind of woman who wears Jasmin Noir.
27th June, 2009 (last edited: 01st January, 2017)
On me Jasmine Noir opened very spicy and floral. It remained that way for about twenty minutes until the strongly indolic jasmine note took over. Wow, wow,wow, this was the dirtiest and sexiest jasmine note I've smelled in a perfume so far. Although it sustained this phase for quite a while on me, I cant say that the sillage was as good as I'd hoped it would be. With sexy indoles like that I want someone to notice them besides me, instead it layed close to the skin and I had to keep putting my wrist close to my nose. The scent was pretty linear because as others have stated, there were notes that never revealed themselves on me, but I didn't care because that dirty jasmine was to die for. Very elegant bottle.
04th February, 2009
Glad to smell Bulgari putting forth a fragrance outside the Fresh or Tea genres! Jasmin, mmmmmmmmm, definitely indolic. A bit dirty and fleshy here in this juice. Sexy. I'm not getting any licorice or almond here, but that's okay. Along with this fine sexy jasmin is tonka. Rich, full, and grounded. The tonka contributes another dimension to this scent, and it's really a nice pairing! Overall, Jasmin Noir reminds me of the indolic orange blossom/night queen flower/tonka combo of Dior's Addict - only simplified. This is the perfect winter jasmin, love the bottle too!
24th November, 2008
I love it dearly, but, on me, it doesn't last. Alas.
04th November, 2008 (last edited: 09th November, 2008)
This stuff is pure sexy. Elegant, sensual, velvety, delightfully assured, and sexy.
I will eat the wearer!
20th October, 2008
Verrry nice, but jasmine? Not so much. I get a greeny, sappy start, very lovely and fresh, and then a rapid move to almond cookie territory, with a hint of musk. And this is pretty much how it stays, for hours and hours, even overnight. My only complaint would be sillage: it's very much a skin scent, and I do prefer people to smell me a little. But for boyfriend-purposes, this is spot on. Very comforting, very luxurious, seems to be of very high quality. But maybe call it something else? Very little jasmine to smell here. I would have gone with some gourmand name, because this really is unabashedly gourmand-ey. But no tea, though it's Bulgari! It's the cookie to have with the tea!
30th September, 2008
I fully expected to hate this. I should explain that I tend to loathe anything with Jasmin - it does awful things on my skin, turning into a cloying cloud of sickly, headache-inducing nightmare. I have been known to scrub perfume off my skin just to get rid of the overpowering jasmin notes. As you may imagine, I approached Jasmin Noir with extreme caution!

On the very first spray I loved it. I seem to get a really refreshing spearmint note at first, but this isn't listed so I'm not sure what's happening there. It's very pronounced on me, though, and I was delighted. As the scent developed, I kept sniffing suspiciously, wondering when the jasmin note would appear and overwhelm me with cloying old-womanish offensiveness. I DO get the jasmin, but unlike any jasmin I have ever experienced. It's a truly sophisticated jasmin, very understated & subtle but with a creamy almond and vanilla bean dry-down that last and last. The licorice is fabulously well blended and gives this perfume real body.

At first this almost smelled masculine on me - almost - which I suppose was the strangely intriguing spearmint notes I got. Never overly floral, this just gets better and better as the day goes on, and after an hour or so the smell is all woman. Heady, mysterious, light enough for day but smoky, sensual enough for the most romantic evenings: this may well be the first (and only?) jasmin perfume I will EVER purchase!
28th September, 2008
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United States
How I've missed trying new elegant, unique fragrances that were created to be fashionable accessories; to enhance beauty, and set a mood. So many new fragrances have smelled like air freshener, antiperspirant, and/or soap, for so long, that I'd feared the launch of my concept of "elegant perfume" was something of fond memory. I read about Jasmin Noir on blogs, and all the notes sounded intriguing, except licorice. I hate licorice enough that its scent can completely ruin a perfectly nice fragrance for me. I can't smell any straightforward licorice in Jasmin Noir, so I'm relieved. When I first sprayed Jasmin Noir, I was skeptical. It smelled SO good, but I knew I had to give it just a little time to disappoint me. I assumed it would become linear, or chemical-like, or headache inducing, or plasticy, or hairspray-ish, or fruity, or just plain boring. My surprise, many hours later, was filled with happiness. Jasmin Noir is not only gorgeous, it's brilliantly multi-faceted, moody, striking, enchanting, and long-lasting. Rather than blasting individual notes, Jasmin Noir creates a spicy, woody atmosphere of its own. It smells luxurious, and blatantly sensual. It openly and confidently whispers Seduction: the kind involving Veuve Clicquot, Bulgari jewelry, and La Perla Black Label. When I read reviews, I like to see what other fragrances either smell like, or bring to mind, the fragrance being reviewed. Jasmin Noir is quite distinctive on me, but I'd categorize it as having a mood (not scent) similar to Allure, Boucheron, Samsara, Amouage Gold, Nuits de NoHo...perfumes created for glamor and intrigue.
05th September, 2008