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Negative Reviews of Five O'Clock Au Gingembre by Serge Lutens

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a linear poor performer...disappointing!
tea and ginger, Memoires d'Homme by Nina rcci, much,much better!
01st May, 2016
I takes time until the fragrance “opens” and starts to smell nice and wearable. The beginning is harsh, herbal and slightly alcoholic. Brownish-green dry herbs with a generous dose of lemon juice, very spiky, difficult. The ginger seems to be dry, pushed in the background by bitter and sharp citrus notes. After about 20 mins finally I can smell black tea sprinkled over a base of leather; slightly smoky (nothing spectacular) , still overpowered by the citrus notes and herbs. Five O’Clock gets spicy in the drydown but it is hard to tell what these spices are – a mix of everything dry and edible you will find in your kitchen, soaked in guessed it - lemon. Not much tea in Five O'Clock …
Smells like a spiced up version of Penhaligon’s Malabah ;)
22nd April, 2015
I love the opening (top notes, a little sweet, a little spicy) but hate the drydown--woody/green? The opening doesn't last long enough for me to give this a thumbs up, or even a neutral.
28th January, 2010
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Apart from delicious lemon-honey cookie-like opening I find this utterly disappointing.
It just doesn’t satisfy like some other Lutens releases. Simple as that. I find it too subtle, too vague and fairly lame after all, to be honest.

I was hoping for something savoury, crunchy and full-bodied scent, but no; this dries down for a weak and quite thin scent that in addition of having anything to get hold off, smells very ordinary and boring.
After one or two hours of application I get this wimpy ginger note out of it that’s mixed up with some patchouli and a couple drops of honey. Distant whiffs of that peppery cocoa. It leaves a very subtle dry incense-y trace after some time. Overall FoCG is quite long lasting and it is able to put out decent yet very gentle sillage.
In this stage this scent lingers on as it starts to fade away. Very simple scent – no layering’s, no special nuances or any depth.

This time Sheldrake obviously failed to create anything particularly special.
Not terrible scent no, but the question is how the one would like to spend 80euros for this scent since there are so much more interesting perfumes available, from Lutens as well as many other houses.

Two stars out of five and thumbs very much down.
30th July, 2009