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United Kingdom
A warm cashmere hug at teatime in winter. Love it.
03rd March, 2018
First freeze? Trees giving up their leaves? Wanna take a break from your BFF leathery mossy chypres? Well then, it's time for tea! Yep, a little tea with your ginger.

Tea, cinnamon, ginger, and honeyed amber with a slight dash of pepper. The ginger eventually bows and leaves the light but not the stage, so if you have problems with ginger...

Turn that SL calendar page and you'll find Serge Noire. Apply some chapstick and enjoy a clove cigarette. Similarities abound.
10th November, 2017
I really enjoyed this. It's like spicy sap and evergreen forests in the middle of summer. It's masculine with a hint of something lighter, almost bright. It smells like fresh cut wood and pepper.

I really enjoyed this, and would love to smell it on someone else.
14th July, 2016
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5 O'Clock Gingembre is a sweetened patchouli with notes of chocolate, cinnamon, tea and of course, ginger. It's a bit gourmand, but not to any extreme. Easily unisex, good sillage and longevity and surprisingly versatile enough to be worn to the office. This simply is a truly pleasing fragrance. Thumbs up again for Lutens.
19th March, 2016
I've been enjoying this fragrance all day, but I must warn you, it's a deceiving sillage beast! I over sprayed, because I couldn't originally smell much when I put it on...but it grows in intensity over the next two hours and becomes quite strong on me, so I would under spray if trying it for the first time. You can always apply more, but it's tough to scrub it off if you're at work. This is a very dry spicy scent. I really enjoy the ginger mixed with the tea accord. It feels comforting, like a curl up with a good book and a warm drink...but again, if not over applied. I will cut down by half the number of sprays and I'm sure I'll enjoy it even more. This is my second Serge Lutens and I love both bottles I have from this line.
12th March, 2016
Tea and Ginger Biscuits...

This is a very refreshing tea & ginger fragrance. It's really well made. It opens up with very fresh bergamot and then the ginger and cinnamon tea vibe starts to creep up and it takes on a sweet, very smooth and sheer effect. It's a really nice experience.

Five O'Clock au Gingembre is meant to evoke the ritual of having tea in an English country house at (exactly) 5 O'Clock in the afternoon, served with ginger biscuits. The ginger here especially reminds me of stem candied ginger used in cooking, almost like a crystallised sugar coated ginger. Although the fragrance is not too sweet either, it stays fresh and juicy. I also love the use of honey here, almost like ginger tea being sweetened with honey. There is no smoke or heavy notes, everything is kept sheer and light and playful (which is very different for a typical Serge Lutens fragrance). I like this one a lot. It's not groundbreaking, but I guarantee you'll like it. A very warm and cosy scent which I suspect would do just as well in summer as in the cooler months. Tea has a relaxing effect for me, and this is one which makes me feel happy. I get a good feeling from this... if you like tea, honey or ginger, then try it!
06th December, 2014
It's a chilly 56 degrees in Miami today so I am wearing Five O'clock au Gingembre. This is one of my favorites from Serge Leutens. It opens with a ginger/cinnamon spiciness and I love that. I think it leans more to "gourmand" than "oriental." Either way it is a lovely fragrance that lasts and lasts on me. To bad I can only wear it during the very few cold days in South Florida. When I do wear it I enjoy it to the max.
19th November, 2014
This one was an instant like for me. You get a very fresh blast of tea and peppery ginger made sweet with a clean and hefty dose of honey. As it dries down it warms up a bit through the amber, cinnamon, and patchouli. The patchouli's restrained here in the sense that it never hits that stereotypically, heavy hippie level that can get annoying and detract from an otherwise good fragrance. The cinnamon plays the background as well, and I like that, because this one's all about the tea, ginger, and honey. I think Five O'Clock is a pretty safe bet, and you're unlikely to receive many negative reactions from it. It's kind of along the lines of Burberry London and Eau des Baux as far as its impression and context, something to be worn during the cooler months, especially around the holidays. As far as Lutens fragrances go, I feel like this one has a little more mainstream appeal than most. There's something about the sweet woody amber aspect of it that feels familiar, however this by no means common in quality or overall smell, it's just not weird and unusual. Projection is good, a little on the close side, and longevity is about 5 to 6 hours. While it may lack a "WOW" factor, that's not always necessary as far as I'm concerned, and I'm completely happy to own this very pleasant, ginger-tea concoction that's easy to reach for and throw on whenever the mood fits. Thumbs up and a safe blind buy if you like the sound of the notes.
05th November, 2014
I like Five O’Clock au Gingembre’s bracing lemon and ginger top notes, and I wish they would persist longer than they do. While the ginger doesn’t disappear entirely, it quickly melts into the background of a more-or-less standard issue Lutens mulled spice blend that’s not too far removed from the one at the heart of Rousse. Five O’Clock au Gingembre is supposed to evoke and afternoon tea, and with its black tea accord attendant spices, the scent actually does a credible job of mimicking a warm cup of chai.

For a Serge Lutens scent, Five O’Clock au Gingembre wears very lightly on me. In fact, after an hour or two it’s so transparent that it actually begins smelling a bit hollow. The signature Lutens dried fruit and syrup appears only late in Five O’Clock au Gingembre’s drydown, and even then it’s relatively subdued. While it's hardly a groundbreaking fragrance, Five O'Clock au Gingembre is an easygoing, affable fragrance by the standards of this house, and I think it might make a nice introduction to the Lutens line for those who normally shy away from rich oriental scents.
14th June, 2014
A very lovely blend of cinnamon, ginger and a refreshing tea note is what I'm picking up off the top. As time passes the blend gets slightly sweeter from the honey and woodier.

I have to say this spicy fragrance is very nice indeed and very well balanced. This would make a great scent for the Fall.
21st May, 2014
Rich, invigorating, sweet peculiar balsamic/spicy/woody scent. Ambery, round and colourful. May get a bit boring after a while, but still it has a nice personality.

06th March, 2014 (last edited: 05th April, 2014)
Interesting - It's got that famous gingerbread cookie topnote, but it's not very sweet or gourmand. Instead, the supporting cast of notes (and, in fact, what it smells like most of the day) are quite dark. There's a puff of Iso E Super smoke (so the whole thing has that weak-on-skin but plenty of sillage bubble effect) and some black pepper, but the real stars of the show are dark, almost astringent herbs mixed with musty unsweet cocoa and burnt woods.

Oddly, while this sounds on paper like something I'd love, I just don't like it that much. The gingerbread surrounded by peppery smoke smells amazing, but barely lasts, leaving me sniffing my wrist for most of the day just smelling ammonia-ish herbs and inedible cocoa. I'll still vote thumbs up because I do really like those topnotes and the base is at least novel and interesting.
03rd January, 2014
Nice choice of spices make this one you may want to have. A reserved Serge Lutens that won't hit you in the face on the initial spray. Reminds me of a nice cup of ginger tea with a touch a honey. I detect cinamon and a touch of pepper also in this elegent fragrance. 8.5/10.
20th November, 2013
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Classy ginger and earthy goodness.

This is a terrific fragrance. I find it a bit heavier than some other reviewers. Yes, it easy to wear, but it has an earthy complexity in the dry down. The top notes are ginger and citrus. The ginger continue to something earthy, perhaps patchouli or intense? I am not sure and don't really care. It goes between sweet and dry, back and forth. I really, really like this a lot.

09th October, 2013
Gingerbread cookie

This Serge Lutens beauty is like a fresh gingerbread cookie or cake. Wore this one a few times,and it has a slight old school vibe (probably because of the ginger and cinnamon), which seems to be formatted for today's taste of fragrances. The longevity on my skin is average (6 hours). IMO, this can be worn year round (just go easy on the trigger in the summer).

Pros: Ginger and cinnamon done right
Cons: None

19th June, 2013
Opening suggests dried citrus peel, tea, and spices. A kind of potpourri. It is probably the tamest Lutens opening I've experienced. The bergamot quickly takes a dominant role, but it does not quite add up to a creamy, sweet cup of Earl Grey. Cocoa, patchouli, and a touch of honey soon add a much-needed sweetness, depth, and body. This is a very lovely, well-blended stage, with the bergamot still going strong. With the exception of the opening, I find the spices (cinnamon, ginger, and pepper) to be pleasantly mild background presences. On the whole, I find this difficult to pin down, as elements are constantly, even if slowly, changing. At the core, I experience undulating bergamot and slight spices over a cloud of cocoa (sometimes bittersweet) and a polite, somewhat docile patchouli, the composition being sweet, but not overly so, which is of no small consequence with this house. This operates within the domain of spicy oriental or semi-gourmand, maybe more the latter. It doesn’t really smell like gingerbread at afternoon tea, but works acceptably to impart that vibe. It is generally more reserved in projection and silage than other Lutens I've known. This, together with less controversial notes, makes for a more social bottle than the rest. Maybe not so niche as some would like, but still rather unique.
10th April, 2013
Serge Lutens, if what you are looking for is art inside a bottle, a scent that will take you far away from this reality and transport you into a fantasy, a dream or a cherished memory then look no further than this house.

Like i said art in a bottle, this particular fragrance is so beautifully crafted and peaceful, that i only wear it when i'm feeling down or confused, this takes everything out of my mind, calms me down and it makes me feel that everything will be alright. I applaud you Serge Lutens and of course the best nose for me in this fragrance game, Mister Christopher Sheldrake.

Now to the fragrance itself.
When you review a fragrance like this, it is not about compliments or longevity and those superficial things, it is all about what makes you feel and where does it take you. Let me put into words what I picture with au Gingembre:
.Christmas Eve, cold evening, loved ones all together, everybody inside the house warming next to the fireplace just having a good time. Cups of warm tea with honey are served on a wooden table and some ginger cookies just finished baking, they are taken to the table and then sparkled with the most delicious cinnamon powder you can think to add a little spicy touch and just a little bit of cacao powder to compliment the sweetness from the honey and the tea. The night falls and the firewood warms everybody and you just can't help but to smile. The perfect moment that we all cherish. That never-ending dream.

That is what i get from 5 o'clock au gingembre. The name itself is just the beginning of a story and to me this is what true perfumery is about... a journey into what we wish the most, into a moment we'll never let go.
15th February, 2013
This is a nice scent, and a bit surprising in style coming from Lutens -- it is not heavy, gourmand, or sweet.
There is a very brief burst of sweetness at the beginning, but this burns off in a couple of seconds. Interesting spices are framed by bergamot, suggesting cookies and Earl Grey tea. There is a satisfyingly dry pepper note, and a very bright and attractive ginger-spice note at work. In the background is bittersweet cocoa, which adds a dusky, almost smoky note. Thhis is a cozy scent, lovely in cool weather.
14th December, 2012
Five O'Clock Au Gingembre by Serge Lutens - One in initially treated to a lemony accord. Bergamot, with its bittersweet and peppery facets, commingles with a robust, sweetly floral, Earl Grey tea. This tart and tangy mixture, almost effervescent, is carried on an undercurrent of ginger, which infuses its sweet and lemony facets, to the heart. Here, the warmth and spiciness of cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg shower the lemony opening, lifting a gingerbread accord, reminiscent of speculoos, with their rich sweetness and spiciness. A balsamic and faintly buttery woodiness from cedar carries the seductive accord to the base. Transitioning, the smooth cedar is tempered by a woody and lively pepper flittering about, akin to incense, and honey, which imparts its sweetness with a touch of urine. A resinous amber infuses its vanillic and smoky facets. And, a somewhat dark and slightly musky patchouli diffuses its aromatic earthiness. A dusting of bitter cacao also presents. The interplay of the foregoing leads to a comforting drydown. This unisex fragrance leans to the masculine side, and is light and bright. A festive composition, it has average projection, a 1-foot scent cloud, and average longevity, approximately 8 hours.
31st July, 2012
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United Kingdom
This wonderfully easy-going scent irresistibly brings to mind that famous scene from 'À la Recherche du Temps Perdu', where a sense of calm detachment is induced in the middle-aged protagonist by his mother's tea-time treat, recalling a care-free childhood, dipping madeleines in auntie's lime-tinged tisane. More prosaically it recalls my own childhood predilection for dunking ginger nut biscuits in a steaming mug of Tetley. Oh for those innocent times!
Tea, ginger, honey, lemon, clove and a boozy amber are the main notes I get; Darvant's insightful description below I cannot improve upon. Excellent longevity; unisex; and unlike several from the Lutens stable, one does not require an artistic temperament to wear it comfortably.
02nd July, 2012
Strange fragrance that smells immediately fruity-hesperidic , than spicy-smoky and finally ambery-honeyed with chocolatey undertones. It evolves passing from a cool citrusy and aromatic level in to a luxurious spicy, slightly boozy warm base. I detect some hesperides, gingerbread, dark  tea and cinnamon-lemon-cacao cream. The first stage owns a certain level of cool-aromatic fruitiness (ginger) and a sheer lemony vibe with its vintage bergamot that is intellectual and decadent. In a second stage of the development the smells becomes complex, passing through a spicy-dark tea level and ending in to an honeyed and chocolatey creamy base that in my perception is changeful, exotic, slightly liquorous and voluptuous. The smell conjures the blend of aromas and flavours you can breathe taking the tea inside an intellectual bistro with its liquors, the spicy tea, the cakes, the tobacco and the sweets. A very interesting and intimate fragrance that is not finally too much syrupy as many others from Lutens.
08th March, 2012 (last edited: 09th March, 2012)
Wonderful blend of ginger, honey, lemon & spice. Tobacco notes waft through on a regular basis as well.

VERY nice!
03rd March, 2012
I've been waiting to try this for a long time, but I havent found anywhere that sells it. Finally, I found it in Harvey Nichols in Leeds. I sprayed once on the back of my hand, and it is absolutely exquisite fragrance, its beautiful, its masculine enough for a man to wear, yet delicate enough for a woman to wear, its indeed a very smooth, delicious scent, long lasting notes of honey, very warm ginger notes, and cinnamon. I can smell a sweet tabacco, though im not sure if theres a tabacco in this one, but its on there to me.

Its a very well put together perfume, it projects extreemly well even with one spray, without being protentious, and the silliage is good, leaving a warm, sweet, spicy trail.

I reccomend two sprays one on eah wrist with this, its more than enough. It will last you a long time. I've yet to try the loved Chargui, which im sure i'll like as much.

27th January, 2012
Really love this. It's a very warm, comforting and strikingly uplifting scent. Spicy, lemony, with just a hint of smoky muskiness, it evokes for me a bright, clear day in late September, when you're sitting in the warm, in front of an applewood fire, whilst a cake bakes in the oven. The only drawback, to me, is the name, which I think is bizarrely clumsy. The perfume itself, however, is a delight.
25th October, 2011
This is a very nice
Masculine Fragrance....
A fine gift idea for that special guy,
When you want to get him "a special something" for his Birthday or Christmas.
I like it ... but not enough zing!
so I thought ... hmmmmmm
let me re-try the sample I have ...

so last night I wore it to bed ...
ahhhhhhh! Rich, Molasses,Gingerbread
and Cloves....
it was there on my wrists and arms
when I woke up this morning ...

So ... I rethought it out ...
I might just buy this for myself .....
as a comfort fragrance.....

but to receive it as a gift ...
I'd still say a very content
...."Yes, Let's Rendez-vous at 5pm!"
08th October, 2011 (last edited: 16th August, 2012)
A mix of spices with a touch of honey and ginger. Delicious? Yes, but I would not buy it as a first SL fragrance. The house have a lot of fragrances better than this one (no, I'm not saying this one is bad, it isn't just as good as Chergui, for example)... lasts an eternity by the way...
21st August, 2011
I absolutely adore this fragrance. I think at first I was just in love with SL because it's a pretty cool line. BUT, I am starting to really appreciate the incredible "nose". 5 o'clock is my very fave at the moment. I am dragging my feet on getting a full bottle because...well, I actually don't know why.

I used up the last of my sample and, because I can not ever pick out notes in a fragrance unless they are uber obvious ( vanilla, frankincense ) I still cannot tell what is in there unless I read the actual description.

My previous favorite was Feminite Du Bois, but after finishing up that sample it really does seem a LOT different from the original version which I gave away like the worlds biggest idiot, about 18 years ago!!!! ( GIANT L on the forehead!!!!)

Does anyone know of any other "natural " niche fragrances that are oddly scented ( no vanilla's and no florals please )...thanks all. 8-)
04th May, 2011
I tried layering this with Opium today becouse I thought it would go well together. It does actualy. Although they do not blend in as one single fragrance. They just are separate fergrances that just go well together.

On it's own a nice fragrance aswell.
13th January, 2011
Perhaps no other fragrance suffers from the baggage of being part of the Lutens line as much as Five O'Clock Au Gingembre. It's often unfavorably compared to Lutens' warmer, louder, (more over-the-top?) scents, like Ambre Sultan or Arabie. On its own merits, though, this is quite a lovely fragrance with an unusual freshness for an oriental.

The top ginger, as others have mentioned, include a pretty, lemony lift, and the scent then fades into a spiced musk. It's a saltier, drier, more transparent and arguably more coherent than Tea For Two, its counterpart in the L'Artisan Pafumeur stable.

While truth be told I prefer Tea For Two with its smokiness, Five O'Clock is a lovely fragrance, meant to be worn when the crisp fall air calls for a richer scent, but not a whole-hog amber dessert.
30th October, 2010
Somewhat of an oddity. Reminds me of christmas time in Asia traveling on the orient express as a young kid. There are a few notes in fragrance which my olfactory craves. Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, chocolat, honey and amber among several others. Five o'clock ticks those boxes very well without having any of those notes taking pride over any others. Deep down you get the cacao with its creamy haze. Cutting through that the ginger and tea swirl alongside bergamot which has a very medicinal character in this composition. The amber and honey are paired perfectly in the base only showing their true character further down the evaporation curve creating a light vanillic facet to an unusual resin/aromatic base. I absolutely love Christopher Sheldrake's work at Serge Lutens even if it is rather 'samey' from time to time but thats a sign of a great master perfumer in my opinion, being able to mark his signature on each fragrance without the average consumer realising it. More tea anyone?
26th April, 2010