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Neutral Reviews of Gotham by Neil Morris Fragrances

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Bigsly nailed this for me: it's a little like Ysatis (which I used to love) wrapped in narcissus (meh) with a warm undertow of leather and amber. I don't know what to make of it, quite, on the one hand, the opening blast is a little too sweet for me, and the drydown is old-school amber and labdanum. But then again, just when you think you've got it pegged as something from grandma's closet or your hippie college days, you catch the pepper or the leather or that leafy note (myrtle?) and it impresses with its layers. It's overwhelmingly masculine and overwhelmingly feminine at the same time--and that's both the beauty and the beast of it.

I'm not so much neutral about this as ambivalent. I don't know that I'll ever invest in a full bottle, but I know I'll be back.
05th October, 2009
Amber and leather dominate this and they are quite potent. The opening is bitter and a touch peppery, light herbal pepper like finely crushed tarragon or another leafy spice that's peppery. And, hey, rose! Argh I don't like rose... but the rose is calm here and sometimes mingles with the peppery accord. Very nice. Just too much strength for me. But... just let this drydown for you and see how it goes. Seems like everyone gets something a little different.

I'm torn. I like this yet I will never ever find a use for owning a bottle but I'd recommend it for others. Namely those that like the strong stuff from years past but needs something that is more... modern? I like the quality. I like the texture. It's on the animalic side yet feels "fresher" (maybe "not as loud"?) than something other leather and amber scents that just turn on me. On a guy? It's masculine. On a gal? It's feminine. On the weird person in the corner muttering to himself? It's unisex.

I will give one very positive, very subjective comment: it's darned sexy and it depends on who wears it.
25th September, 2009
Fragrance notes: black pepper, yuzu, rose, narcissus, ambergris, myrtlewood, russian leather, amber, labdanum
This one surprises me. Normally I don’t care for amber, yet I find this to be an intriguing scent. I attribute my interest to the fact that there is both ambergris and (vegetable) amber here – I suspect that the ambergris adds an interesting, animalic complexity. There is peppery spice here, evident rose notes, and a cool, almost minty-green note (probably the myrtle). The amber is rich and buttery, and yet it is compelling in a brooding sort of way. Hints of leather add to the depth. Ultimately, this is not the sort of scent I enjoy, yet I can appreciate the craft and quality here. I’m sure others will enjoy it.
27th January, 2009
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