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Neutral Reviews of Harajuku Lovers - Music by Gwen Stefani

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This fragrance smells very much like shampoo to me.

It's not a scent that I dislike, however it's not a particularly unique or interesting one in my humble opinion.

The scent itself is quite sweet yet fresh. I too can smell the pear and the clementine which gives this fragrance that clean, fruity shampoo type scent that I mentioned earlier.

The jasmine and the vanilla attempt to soften the scent and add some floral and feminine qualities, yet the fruity top notes never seem to mellow.

The lasting power is good yet I do become quite bored wearing this fragrance because it is so linear. So far I'd choose G as being the best fruity floral from this series.

04th June, 2011
Doesn't work for me, too sweet, like those chewy sweetarts.
01st December, 2009