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Positive Reviews of Harajuku Lovers - Love by Gwen Stefani

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I'll admit that prior to testing the Harajuku Lovers series, I had little respect for Gwen Stefani fragrances. I was actually surprised when I first tested Love, I didn't expect it to be so unique and addictive.

The scent is soft and sweet. It smells somewhat like musk sticks, but a hell of a lot nicer and smoother on the skin.

The sillage is fantastic. I sprayed a tiny squirt on my left wrist and everywhere I went I felt like I was shrouded in a cloud of this fragrance. Perhaps the sillage is a little too strong because after a few hours I began to feel a little dizzy.

Overall, this is a nice balance between musky and sweet. It doesn't smell childish yet somehow I can't imagine a mature woman wearing Love.

Harajuku Lovers Love, is for the spriteful, energetic and pretty young women that aren't afraid to wear something bold and sugary sweet.

04th June, 2011
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United States
starts off kinda tacky with a burst of notes clashing. when love starts to relax, there is a faint fruity presence.creamy jasmine accompanied by a wonderful light musk in which is all on a body odor scent foundation. the scents housing had me thinking no but never judge a book by its cover right.
04th August, 2009