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Negative Reviews of Red Aoud by Montale

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First fragrance from several samples from the Montale line and this is not for me in the least. WOW super floral with some sweetness and a soapy vibe. Leans way feminine and towards the dry down does become more sweet and powdery. Glad I got a sample first. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY if you don't like florals.
31st May, 2017
While they name it as Red Aoud, I must say the oud note is one of the weakest notes in this fragrance!
If you're looking for oud go somewhere else!
The opening is a sweet and strong saffron smell with some oud note. you can smell the oud but it's nothing against saffron note and also disappears after about 2 minutes and only thing you can smell is strong saffron note with tons of sweetness!
Do you know what the mid of this fragrance smells like?!
In my country there is a home made beverage which is very simple to made. add as many as sugar you can in the water (make it syrupy) and then add saffron powder in it! bingo, you have this fragrance!
After a while rose note kick in and now you have rose and saffron notes hand to hand with that strong sweetness all the way through!
Where is that pepper and vetiver and the other notes?! dude, go kid yourself!!
In the base you can smell strong vanilla plus rose and saffron that are weaker but still strong enough to smell!
Projection is like a beast, I only sprayed once and the scent filled the whole house. also longevity is insane!
Believe me or not I can still smell it after 48 hours!
Yeah, I'm a lazy guy that didn't take a shower for two days but it's quite annoying that I can smell this fragrance after 2 days on my skin!
I think if you spray it on your shirt you should burn it or throw it away to get rid of the smell!
All and All, completely feminine with projection and longevity strong as sun!
16th February, 2014
This opens with a peppery note that sweetens which is quickly followed by a dry biscuit like woods and the soft medicinal oud. After a while I can pick up vetiver and a cherry sweetness at the heart of the frag. This scent does rub me the wrong way and gets a bit sickly.

17th May, 2012
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At first I am surprised by how little aoud I detect; it strikes me as rather gourmandish and sweet with a definite saffron presence. Soon, the aoud comes through in typical medicinal manner, while the sweetness continues. I don’t really get a sense of cumin here, at least not any of its dirtiness. Red Aoud comes across as gourmandish fragrance. I really don’t like it very much at all.
05th February, 2012
i really like aoud and i like other montale's aouds (especially black). but this doesn't even smell aoud-y on me... all i get is some bland sweet powdery scent that stays the same all the time. it reminds me of the 80s lipstick smell.
01st December, 2011
I can tell that I am supposed to think that this smells good.

Maybe if I were someone else?

Aoud is perhaps not for me.

This reminds me of the sweet, pulpy smell of rotting wood, (which I like, in isolation) but I cannot take the combination of spices and vanilla/cocoa. If this were a dessert, I wouldn't be able to eat it.

29th August, 2011