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Montale Red Aoud

This with no doubt is the Strongest frag in my collection.
But it is kinda addictive, Biscuit sweet opening, and it starts to fill the room as soon as it leaves the bottle. I got compliments on the 6th hour of putting at most two sprays.

Depending on the situation.... One spray is sometimes over cooking this Cookie gourmand frag.

You defo get your bang for your buck here.
Although I do Adore this, I ware it sparingly because it is 100% beast

Smell 10
Longevity 10
Sillage 10

Infact.... This is stronger than that. Awesome juice. Two thumbs up.
08th February, 2018
This is one of the more condom-themed Montale’s — the rubbery saffron-rose note that’s oddly appealing. But I think that what’s actually impressive about this is that it’s not as rose-dominated as you might expect, rather it takes the saffron as its focus and honeys it up a bit over the standard Montale “oud” accord. The effect is a slightly powdered, slightly gourmand take on the line’s usual Orientalist cliches, and it actually works. Furthermore, it’s not belligerently loud like many of their scents. As it settles, the rose does bloom a little more (not a good thing in my opinion as they usually smell cheap from this line), but all in all, it’s one of the better of the 50 or so ouds they’ve cranked out. A saffron gourmand with some spicy, rosy flourishes. No actual oud in sight, but that’s to be expected.
04th March, 2015
Red Aoud has an opening so obnoxious that you just want to slap its face. Really, it is quite an ugly cacophony of notes – red pepper, that fake chocolate/wheat note from Chocolate Greedy, the sour fizzing Montale oud, and bready cumin – all tumbled in together with no thought as to the outcome. But wait half an hour and all I can say is, Oh. My. God. The snowstorm of notes banks down to reveal a warm, rich gourmand oud that is deliciously reminiscent of halva, that Middle Eastern sweet made from pounded sesame paste and honey. The cumin and saffron notes contribute a bread/pasty feel and the sandalwood adds creaminess. But what really makes Red Aoud special is that red pepper note. It is pulpy, sweet and vegetal all at once, and smells exactly like pureed roast red peppers. Placed against a backdrop of mouthwatering creamy and sugary notes (the honey, the cocoa, and the pastry notes), the red pepper note sings out loud and clear. That, for me, is the secret of Red Aoud – it is half-vegetable, half-dessert. I think it succeeds for exactly the same reason Safran Troublant succeeds – they are both fragrances that balance an array of edible and inedible notes that are just disparate enough (but not clashing) to make you think of dessert but hesitate before putting it in your mouth.

When I first tested Red Aoud, I was disgusted. I thought it was an awful fragrance, stomach-turning in its richness and head-spinning in its cacophony of notes. Now I am obsessed with it. I am not claiming that it’s a great fragrance, but something in it work on me like no other, and I find myself wanting to wear it at least twice a week. I only have a drop left in my sample and I am rationing myself until I can get a bottle of it. I should mention that it is an extremely loud and bombastic fragrance, lasting for days on skin and hair, and weeks on clothes. I love its loudness and vulgarity. Red Aoud is all tits and ass, and wolf whistles from construction workers. And who doesn’t need a bit of spray-on sexual confidence sometimes, I ask you?
23rd February, 2015 (last edited: 06th January, 2017)
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United States
Earthy, Spicy, Sweet. Who knew that these three adjectives could describe something so delectable! The initial blast of classic Montale Oud is quickly subdued by the soft smooth combination of Haitain Vetiver and saffron. Hours into the fragrance the red pepper begins to steal the show as the saffron and orris jump into the passenger seat. Excellent longevity and silage. Well blended and just a joy to wear. Thumbs Up.
17th February, 2014
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United Kingdom
Gourmand Oud

The opening notes is where I am getting a reasonable oud note, but soon a fruity cherry-like aroma comes into the foreground. The drydown adds spices, pepper, vetiver and a decent sandalwood base. This. A rich, deep, creamy and intensive scent, very well blended, developing nicely on my skin and displaying good silage and projection. On my skin the longevity is an excellent eight hours. For collier days.

Pros: Longevity

16th October, 2013
This is my first sample out of the Montale house. I must say this is a beast.
28th March, 2013
Along with White Aoud, Red Aoud is definetely one of the best Montale's releases. It smells heavenly and it's a masterpiece in my opinion. Oud is not loud/harsh and does not play the main role here. It's sweet and warm, and a true unisex. Sometimes it reminds me of Dior Homme Intense. Thumbs up for this masterpiece.
04th January, 2013
I generally love Montale Paris scents... or hate them. Most I have to try several times before I know for sure. Red Aoud opens sweet and a bit spicy, only a trace of oud. While there is no vanilla or chocolate listed, there is a hint of them. Pepper and cinnamon hint also. It smells nice, just not for summer. This is strictly a cold weather fragrance.I wouldn't wear it often, but I would buy a small bottle for occasional use.
05th August, 2012 (last edited: 28th August, 2012)
If you have tried Chocolate Greedy, this scent is basically the same chocolate feeling mixed with oud. The chocolate feeling is very addictive and the oud gives it a touch of elegance and distinction. I really like this fragrance
28th January, 2012
Red Aoud by Montale - Upon application, an explosion of warm and vibrant, red pepper, coupled with the mustiness of aoud and a lovely, rich, red, fully-bloomed rose, with faint, lemony pixies flitting about, bestir for recognition. This vivacious blend frolics to the middle. Heaps of saffron, with its earthy and dusty floral aspects, tame the adventuresome pepper and rose, aided by a muted, yet biting, anise from the keen cumin, and further assisted by a winsome mysore sandalwood, which imparts its buttery and sweet woodiness. This sensuous melange covorts with the majical aoud, giving rise to hints of an inoffensive powderiness as well as a delicious cocoa, and flows to the awaiting base. Here, in the capable base, as the beautiful rose fades away, the drenched, citrusy greenness of haitian vetiver, empowered by the enabling orris, steps forward to morph the melange aforementioned into a delectable, chocolate drydown. This sexy and potent composition has very good longevity, 10-13 hours, and projection.
18th December, 2011
I am in agreement that compared to some of the other Montale Aouds this one has a more subdued oud note. It smells like a pastry when it gets on my skin, absolutely delicious. It also has great lasting power. It is quite feminine compared to Black Aoud, but I still find myself wearing it anyways because it smells really great. I'm going to chalk up another positive review for this one!
10th June, 2011
Montale. Sweetened.

It's classic Montale but with a twist. Recall that album when your favorite band took its music in a new direction? You recognized the vocals, recognized the signature guitar riffs, but it just sounded different somehow? That's this fragrance.

You get the strong, dark, almost rubbery aoud smell so identified with Montale right off the top. But you also get something quite uncharacteristic: sweetness. It's vanilla, it's honey, it's edible, it's utterly delicious, but it's roasting over a smoldering campfire of aoud. Fascinating. Intoxicating. Unexpected. And very, very good.
23rd May, 2011
I'd split Montale's ouds in two different categories. On one side we have Oud Cuir D'Arabie and Black Aoud that stand out for their uniqueness and their challenging power. On the other side I'd put all the other compositions form the same line as they basically consist in micro-variations on the main theme.

Now, beside what you may personally like or not almost any of the "Aouds" by this house stand somehow on the same level (a good level with the exception of a few really unsuccessful releases such as Aoud Forest and Sliver Aoud). A more or less strong / medicinal oud note joined by a complementary bunch of other aromas to match different tastes.

My suggestion to anyone who like oud is to pick up a bunch of samples from the Montale's range and see which one fits your bill better. Once you've made your choice stick with one, or maximum two of them, as I can assure you that by that point you covered a lot of ground already.

That being Red Aoud is a micro-variation on the main theme taking a spicy (red-chili) direction. The oud note here is not as strong and powerful as in other perfumes from the same line, but still remarkably present. Hidden cacao hints provide some refinement and a sort of gourmandic quality. Nice and pleasant but I stick with Aoud Musk.
01st May, 2011 (last edited: 13th February, 2012)
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I new new to the world of aoud but am really quite enamoured. Red Aoud starts off with sharp, medicinal blast of aoud, similar to Montale's other aoud offerings. The pepper,saffron and cumin present within minutes to make this fragance quite different from the beastly Black Aoud, which I love to death. What I end up with is a long lasting drydown of spice, gourmand notes with the aoud dancing beneath it all. I find this rich, pleasantly sexual and it never fails to draw compliments. This is less in-your-face than Black Aoud, it is softer, a bit more feminine, but has the sillage and lasting power that brings me back to the house of Montale time and time again. I wear this on days when I am relaxed and comfortable. All in all, I find the quality of the ingredients and the powerful sillage justified the purchase. Love this.
30th May, 2010
Yet another winner from the big box of Montale oud fragrances. It's true that many of them smell basically similar (with a few exceptions), but I kind of like that. I wouldn't/won't actually BUY more than one or two, but I'm enjoying the process of making fine distinctions through sampling.

Red Aoud is distinct enough from the rest of the pack that it's worth putting on your sample list if you're exploring the Montale space. It's distinctly gourmand, which is not true of any of the others in the oud line that I've tried so far.

This one is based on the standard Montale oud accord. It's got some rose. I also get lots of chocolate and vanilla and a general powderiness that's unusual in this line. I'm afraid I can't perceive the saffron and pepper that others have mentioned.

I'm not a fan of the gourmands in general, but that's largely because they're all so frickin' sweet. This one is not, and the chocolate is really quite delicious. The only thing that keeps me from endorsing this wholeheartedly is the powderiness, which isn't to my personal taste. Nevertheless, this is a winner.
01st May, 2010
Heaty red pepper + A Men (Chocolate aspects) + Fizzy saffron + Incensy-vanilla-rose base = Red Aoud.

Top gourmand.
16th December, 2009 (last edited: 24th March, 2010)
Different in character than the other Montale Aouds in that it's a hefty gourmand, and not the usual rose centered fragrance. It's a real spicebomb, reminding me of a thick honeycake type of dessert combined with a sweaty spicy, cuminy meat, couscous and chickpea dish, but with a powerful vanilla base It's a vertiable blizzard of spices, which is it's greatest asset as well as it's main flaw. As compelling as it is, it's too much of a mess for me. In particular, I find the aoud clashes with the other notes, especially when it's most prominent in the first hour or so (this one will last for weeks if you don't wash). In this sense it doesn't seem to be particularly well thought out, though it's a great idea. I think Mr. Montale should have held off on releasing this one so soon, and gone back to it after a break to fine tune it.
24th September, 2009
Absolutely wonderful, especially for women. I swear I would buy a bottle of this for my girl immediately if she would like this one - but she doesn`t. She hates it. She hates oud fragrances in general.

Such a shame, because I can`t think of many other fragrances that I would rather smell on a woman. I get mouth-watering blend of oud, saffron, iris and most smoothly textured sandalwood. Red Aoud smells warm and glimmering, sensual and compelling. It`s like a magnet.

Flawless lasting power and satisfying sillage.

Beautiful fragrance, but yes, I find it too feminine for my own personal use.
09th November, 2008
The aoud in Red Aoud is quite tamed. Compared to most of the other aouds of the earlier Montales, I find the aoud in this absolutely enjoyable. With aoud and red pepper and those other spices – saffron (hate it) and cumin (love it) – in the list of notes, I was expecting something that would be too over the top for me. This one is NOT over the top. It is precisely on target as a refined and balanced aoud / spice / and (what smells like) rose fragrance. To me, it is the most wearable and enjoyable aoud that I’ve found in the Montale stable because the aoud and the rose are kept at a realistic vibrational level and the rich notes and accords are comfortable and well proportioned. I may just have to buy this one…

07th October, 2008