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Negative Reviews of Gucci by Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

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Terrible. Walk into any mall and you will smell this whether you want to or not. Absolutely nauseating and boring. Smells like boxed commercialism. Very similar to armani code. I despise them both. Shame on gucci for discontinuing the masterpiece that was Gucci Pour Homme (2003 version with black and white patterned box, and heavy square brown bottle.)
09th April, 2014
Sorry to say it: this is one of the most... let's say... modest frag in my collection. Must I add that it is there because I received it as gift, from a friend who don't excell in knowing me?
Quite unimpressive. A more-than-ordinary male-perfume lover will be disappointed. A I was.
Overall, a 5,5/10
13th February, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A fresh, initially a touch ozonic and bright note with citrus, violet, some patchouli and a bit of leathery spiciness later on, but overall a linear scent on my skin. The ingredients are not without potential, but on me they are quite bland, and I cannot shake of the impression of a watery blandness. Silage and projection are poor, but the longevity is excellent with over five hours on me. Alas, this does not remedy its overall unexciting character. 1.75/5.
05th December, 2012 (last edited: 28th February, 2017)
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I'm torn between a neutral and a thumbs down, but in the end, it's a down. Thumbs up = I'd pay for it. Neutral = I'd wear it if I got it as a gift. Thumbs down = wouldn't buy it and wouldn't wear it even if it was free.

Gucci By Gucci is one big meh.
16th July, 2012
I am not keeping my sample, even if only for "reference." I didn't find anything particularly interesting about this one. To me, it smelled like a generic cologne. I'm glad I tried it just before I decided to shower. :)
08th April, 2011
The top-notes of Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme are decent. The combination of violet and cypress, topped off with bergamot creates a lively, fruity accord that, at times, feels fresh and inspiring. However, at other times there is a sour smell lurking in the background that I liken to a wet towel that's been left out on the floor. This quality tends to amplify the closer you put your nose to the skin, but becomes less apparent as you back off. Depending on the persistence and intensity of this odor it can either ruin the opening, or make for an opening that is at least pleasant.

As things transition into the heart, there is a brief moment when the fragrance achieves a somewhat smooth, albeit superficial construction. Here, the jasmine is prevalent and appealing. But this fades quickly.

Soon, the jasmine dissipates into a thin background of stale tobacco. The fragrance has reached a stage that is boring, very synthetic smelling, and somewhat unappealing. It takes on a dull and depressing quality that drags on for about an hour. On rainy days this part is particularly terrible, and despite its two dimensional construction, manages to become heavy as well.

Finally, Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme reaches its unremarkable and generic base of amber and patchouli. Though it doesn't smell bad, I've smelled something just like this a million times before. The base is weak and remains very close to the skin.

Longevity is weak, I've consistently gotten only 3 to 5 hours.

Projection is fair for the first hour, but it quickly dies down thereafter.

Overall, it is not a terrible scent, however it feels superficial and has its fair share of bad moments.


24th March, 2011
Very loud violet and pepper. Quite synthetic and obnoxious.
If I was standing next to a guy wearing this in an elevator, I'd pray for the next floor...
10th January, 2011
You have no idea what I had to go through to review this fragrance. Grinding my nose on the cheese grater would probably hurt less. Who cares if they have listed violet, pepper, cedar or the secretions of a chimera? GUCCI by GUCCI pour Homme is harshly chemical and as screechy as a monkey in labor. The fragrance equivalent of nails across the chalkboard.
29th December, 2010
this one was a disappointment. i've loved most of the fragrances this house has produced (original 1976, envy, GPHI I. GPH II) except this one. a major let down.
19th August, 2010
Nasty stuff. Starts stinking as soon as it gets right out of the bottle, and continues the stink for hours.

I was going to blind buy this, but I'm glad I chose to sample it with a vial instead. There's a reason why it has so many negative reviews! I wouldn't wear it if someone pays me to do it.
12th June, 2010
No, no and no. Violet. I hate violet. This has some other nice florals in the accord, and I always like sweetness but this is generic, almost pointless type of sweetness. The nice amber base can be found elsewhere- like a million times elsewhere and this thing is VERY expensive. Two thumbs down from me for not being able to detect the tobacco either. Shameful by Gucci =[[
19th March, 2010
This one of my final "I like the bottle" purchases before I became a Basenoter. I hadn't checked the reviews until recently and I see that it's left many of us a little cold.

It's taking up space in my frag cabinet that should be used for something else. I'd score this a "miss" for Gucci. Bottle is nice though.
13th January, 2010

I didn’t realize when I ordered the sample that this had a dominant violet in its structure. Had I known, I would have avoided reviewing this and saved my $3. The violet note fooled me for a while… I didn‘t quite recognize it as violet, but I did recognize that I didn’t like it. At least I hadn’t the urge to wash it off immediately – that urge came after fifteen minutes. I get a smokiness to the opening along with its violet, but I’m not sure if it’s my dislike of the violet or my distaste for the combination leaves me cold. The heart notes are floral with jasmine predominating – it’s also an adequate accord but nothing special. I find the drydown rather unique at first with its smoky cedar /amber ambiance, but even that doesn’t hold my interest for very long. In all, I just can’t find anything to enjoy in Gucci by Gucci, which is unusual for me because I tend to enjoy most of Gucci’s fragrances, shallow though they may be.

14th November, 2009
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Too fruity , and remeber me a lot of other scents , a generic-nothing-new by Gucci.
Thumbs down !!!
02nd November, 2009
Sybarite Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Overtly synthetic, overtly generic "juice" with, unfortunately, few redeeming qualities ! (If any ?) ... Gucci seriously needs to be "rapped on the knuckles" for this one ! ... What unfortunate mediocrity !!!
It opens with bergamot and very melon like fruity notes. Thankfully this "melon" does not stick around for too long. But then neither do the merest hints of the cypress and violet. (Which is a pity, as I was most looking forward to those !) ... It then swiftly exchanges any minimal sweetness it had from the fruit, for an oddly salty accord. Very reminiscent of the scent sea water would leave behind on "drying" skin. ... Here it's finally joined by the tobacco notes, together with some faint leathery woods. The reserved patchouli and incense is so in the background as to be almost non-existent.
I found the salty tobacco notes probably it's only redeeming quality. Yet, too little, too late ! For the frag dissipates in no time at all, having dismal longevity too. A complete disappointment !!!
14th September, 2009
I Actually bought this on accident.
In the perfume shop I was in a rush an didn't notice the woman getting the wrong one. How could I know there was a "Gucci Pour Homme" and a "Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme"??

When I got home I was horrified, especially when you compare this to "Pour Homme" it is a very dull scent. As someone else said it is very generic and I can't imagine why one would by this scent.

The reason I sound very negative is because scents like these are not for me, but even if this is your cup of tea I still think it is too generic to stand out from the others in any way.
I haven't tested longevity because when i sprayed it on my arm I washed it off very quickly because it really didn't appeal to me.
10th September, 2009
I usually like the earthy green violet note in fragrances, so I was pretty excited to try Gucci by Gucci. Unfortunately, the violet is buried under a cloyingly sweet berry-flavored bubblegum note that doesn't go away for some time. This is gradually replaced by a (more) tolerable sweet tobacco note. But that synthetically sweet bubblegummy note keeps tagging along, refusing to leave you alone.

I can see why Gucci made this (they are and have been a very wood-and-spice dominated house lately), and I think the notes used had the potential to be great...but basically the perfumer failed and created a cloying green mess.
26th August, 2009 (last edited: 03rd December, 2010)
I hate to be negative about a Gucci product, especially because I love Pour Homme II, but this frag. reminds me of medicine or rubbing alcohol. I recently applied some from a tester I was given and couldn't wait to wash it off. Thumbs up on the packaging however.
16th August, 2009
Landrik Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Nah! this one is too chemical for my liking...seems to give me headache with just a small spray on the back of my disappointed...
18th June, 2009
This has a gloriously juicy and rich opening, which unsurprisingly for fragrances of this type, lasted about an hour. Akin to Paco Rabanne One Million, but better formulated and less pugnacious. If it had managed to maintain some of the spirit of the opening I would have been delighted. As it was, three hours in , and my wrist was conspicuously devoid of any evidence that anything had been applied there. This is all head, and no shoulders.
23rd March, 2009
I like GPH I/II better. There is one note in the beginning that reminds me of Platinum Egoiste (I'm a big fan), but I'm instantly distracted by something screechy and nauseating - a high pitch flower scent drowning out a more or less pleasant wood background. Lasts for days on my clothes. Unfortunately.
16th March, 2009
Cough drops..., yuck yuck yuck. I appreciate a nice masculine smell but this smells so heavy. Not a scent for the modern man.
08th February, 2009
It's as if they mixed Gucci PH I (incense & woods) & Gucci PH II (dank tea and violets) and got this mess. Very weak too. There are much better scents out there.
31st December, 2008
I have no interest in the new, "modern" fragrances. They are all very common and cheap smelling. In my opinion, the 80's and early 90's were the most glorious years of fragrance industry. That was the era of many all-time classics, as well as some of the finest niche creations. I have yet to find a fragrance released in the new millennium that makes my world shake. Gucci is another big, iconic name that has fallen from its pedestal with the release of this... insult. It doesn't even deserve to be reviewed.
25th December, 2008
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This scent is just plain weird and I've tried a few. If the top notes are a mixture of violet and leather -- well they just don't compliment each other at all. I get some tobacco also I think -- a chypre needs a warm woody base normally, but I wasn't going to wait that long to find out. Jarring.
21st November, 2008
Complete disappointment... Guess I had "a momentary lapse of reason"...!!! Don't like the ending and thanks God it doesn't last long.
20th November, 2008
A disastrous scent of epic proportion!

The houdini of modern scent- it was in and out of my skin in less than two hours.

A whimper of a scent. Spineless. It dares not be different. A clone of other many mediocre juices out there.

Coming from Gucci, we expected more.
18th November, 2008
The bergamot goes and is replaced by a leather note said the Harrods sales person. I get neither bergamot, leather, nor violets, just a rhindy bitterness in a scent almost good enough to be sold in supermarkets. . A bit of tobacco later in a fairly smooth development isn't enough to make me pay for this. Gucci for women is a far superior fragrance compared to this. D&G's recent release is much better and far more intriguing as far as new Italian releases go. Try first, you'll be thinking "what's all the fuss about?". Mediocre at best.
31st October, 2008
I am not an exprienced fragrance lover as many of you on this board, having sniffed perfume for the last year and a half, but i sort of developed my taste. And to my nose this is one of the worst smelling fragrances on the market. I will not even bother testing it for the second time. It just smells dull, uninteresting and reminiscent of cheap and mass-market products.
10th October, 2008
This just landed in stores here in Finland, so i sprizzed some on on my way to a job interview.
This was a disappointment beyond words. Simply boring! I could not believe it after trying out the new womens' Gucci. Even the bottle looks..well, as boring as the scent. There is nothing "gucci" about it. I can't even begin to describe the scent, that's how bland, flat and boring I found it.
I'm furious.

06th October, 2008