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Neutral Reviews of Gucci by Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

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This one is a mixed bag for me. Upon initial application it has a powdery curcabit (melon/cucumber) quality to it. It has notes of Jasmine and bergamot which I like. Fortunately the fragrance settles down into a nice deep masculine oriental scent. I love the scent after dry down and it does hang around well on my skin. I can frequently still detect it the following morning on my wrists. My wife likes it too.
03rd March, 2018
This one is really meh. In theory, it should work because it has some nice notes, but it's not memorable. Smells perfectly pleasant and safe, though. I mainly get a woody sweetness that doesn't develop much, though it sticks around for around five hours.
02nd August, 2015
I love the scent, but it doesn't last so not great value for money. :-(
06th April, 2014
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This is a case of, nothing wrong with it, but not sure what is right with it either. Almost reminds me of marshmallows- soft, powdery, easy, lightly sweet. I
10th February, 2014
When I tried this scent for the first time in the store, I absolutely loved it. Fantastic opening, smelled great the rest of the 30+minutes I was in the store shopping, so I bought a bottle. SOO disappointing now that I've been home and wearing it for a week. The longevity is terrible. I can't smell it anymore after an hour, either on my skin or my clothes. Damn shame because it smells fantastic for the first hour.
28th November, 2013
Nice but bland

There's nothing to dislike here but it's a bit bland. Longevity is poor, good for work as it will offend no one but its not bottle worthy

16th May, 2013
This is literally nothing more than Michael for Men (Michael Kors) at half-strength. That is it. A plummy, semi-spicy, leathery tobacco leaf scent in the vein of Burberry London, with all the lead-ons and poor performance. A very pleasant fragrance, but totally unoriginal and far too understated. The kind of scent that is fetching for modern day people that don't have real olfactory points of reference.
03rd June, 2012
Too generic smelling for its price. I expected a bit better but was kind of dissapointed on this one. I don't think it smells bad but its just a smell that has been done so many times.
15th January, 2012
Gucci by Gucci pour Homme is certainly nice, but a little too safe in my opinion.

A sales assistant described this fragrance as being sweet, however I do not agree. I'm also not very convinced that this is a woody chypre.

I'd say that this fragrance is more of a woody aromatic. The scent is refreshing, masculine, yet bland. A little like Only The Brave by Diesel.

The cypress and bergamot opening, while somewhat unique, needs more strength. I appreciate that Gucci wanted to produce something modern and stylish, however they failed, creating something rather generic.

I agree with a reviewer on Fragrantica, "Acc", that Gucci by Gucci pour Homme "is not meant to be vibrant, virile, sexy, attractive to women, refreshing or fancy." I do understand that. However from a female's perspective, women like their men to wear a fragrance that is memorable, something that they may smell elsewhere yet connect to you with fondness. This fragrance just doesn't seem to have that ability.

The scent dries down to something rather musky and subtle. Unfortunately the unique notes like elemi resin and olibanum aren't standouts here.

The lasting strength is very poor, terrible in fact, which is very disappointing. I do still recommend this fragrance, however not with the upmost enthusiasm.

30th June, 2011
I received this cologne as a gift from my fiancée.. She loves it. She loves the deep, musky, woodsy smell of it.. I hate it.
Here's what I have to say about this frangrance.. First off I get very few notes with this one, right from the beginning I compared it to a pine tree air freshener.. But, I think that's a little harsh.
This fragrance does have a soothing, relaxed feeling to it. It's never over powering which is nice, and lasts for as long as you decide to wear it..thumbs up. If you need a scent for a movie night or any 1 on 1 date it perfect and probably the only place it will get noticed....
Just as an added comment.. I wear this the least of all my colognes but let me tell you.. Females for some reason LoVE this scent.. I've gotten more compliments on this then any other colognes I've worn....besides Armani.
09th April, 2011
An aqueous extremely sharp clean chypre with a moody incensey soul, an hint of forest, a smoky-dusty temperament, a plain lingering saltiness and a melancholy dominant note of violet. Abstract. Nothing special in my vocabulary but surely not a badly appointed fragrance. Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme lacks uniqueness and real articulation imo. It's fresh and masculine because of stressed notes of tobacco and patchouli blended by an aromatic water of aldehydes and citrus with a touch of lavender. Really stiff and misty. The violet feel is prominent and is operating mostly in the top on the side of the woodsy note of cypress. The first blast is indeed moody (violets), traditionally angular/spicy because of citrus, dry spices and woodsy elements. The note of cypress reminds a bit the one I catch in Encre Noir which is a far more likeable concoction according with my taste. The following note of tobacco enhances the smoky bitterness in part tamed by a "sad" jasmine presence. I perceive a note of black pepper as often appens to me with all the violets leaves prominent concoctions. The sweetness is tart and barely sketced because the scent is basically sour and aromatic. Gucci finally slides towards a bed of ambergris and incense with an hint of bold patchouli.  It ends as an incensey, floral and almost smoky scent. Decent sillage and poor longevity.
04th April, 2011 (last edited: 17th January, 2016)
I dont mind the smell its quite nice very soft and sensual. Like one other reviewer said it stays very close to your skin so people might not smell it unless they get very close.

Personally for me the longevity is very poor within an hour I can smell this on myself whilst others still can obviously i buy the fragrance for myself too!

Im glad ive bought it and tried it and for me it will just be an office or day time scent however when this bottle runs out I wont be buying it again
25th February, 2011
This is a very sweet, distinguished smell. Its very soft and sensual, but doesn't have much depth to it. While you are smelling it, its really good, and about half way into your long realize you're waiting for something. So when you're finally done smelling it...its kind of disappointing. Its pleasantly boring. Better than most...but not better than anything significant. Thats it, it doesn't have a signature. You know those people that just write out their full name faster and call it a signature....thats Gucci by Gucci. Its got not character to it, no bold lines and deep curves. I mean yeah it dots the "I" and crosses the "T" with the same line...but who cares!
Once you are out of smell forget what it smelled like exactly.
10th August, 2010
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Am I the only one who finds this a dead ringer for Azzaro Pour Homme? A mature, somewhat bold, slightly synthetic green scent. It may not be a masterpiece, but it's not nearly as aweful as some people here make it out to be. Certainly no one's going to tell you you stink with this on. Fairly linear with decent projection and good sillage, it's a safe and versatile scent. You could do a lot worse for a father's day gift or something similar.
15th June, 2010
Don't be confused by the heavy note lineup because it's very light: Cypress, tobacco, patchouli, incense, and leather. Violet softens the heavier notes in the opening. It's modern, light, and boring, albeit pleasant. Something to wear when you don't care, e.g., grocery shopping.
27th April, 2010 (last edited: 26th March, 2011)
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United States
A sweet smelling fragrance as is with most anything new these days. A decent fragrance for youngsters under 25. A friend of mine wears LACOSTE ESSENTIAL. This Gucci hinted of it & definitely smelled better. Even saying this, I wouldn't consider picking this up unless it was on clearance & in a small quantity. There's just nothing exciting about this frag, just decent. NEUTRAL FOR ME
11th February, 2010
when gucci came out with this one, i was a bit surprised. the marketing for this one just didn't seem as sleek and 'coveted' or grand or 'i'm a sexy beast come get me' - as a matter of fact my initial thoughts were 'did they just wanna push something out for the holidays?'

on top of that, the name? when i think of the 'Designer + Pour Homme' or the 'Designer + For Men' in a line of scents i think of it as the anchor, the classic.

this one manages to deliver a nice spicey woody top with violet and cypress. however those notes mellow out and all your left with is a generic patchouli/amber blend. it's sweet but nothing stands out about it. if you need a nice scent to give someone for christmas and don't want to worry about it being a miss - than this one is your man.
01st December, 2009
I was not impressed with this 'run of the mill fragrance'; it did not have any penache or special notes. It is an inoffensive, easy smell of soft floral, talc, and fructose. Good for the sock drawer, but too femme for me to wear.
24th November, 2009
Gucci looks at Chanel and some others and says, "I can do that." But let's not be too obvious or underobvious. Tries to be mature in a theoretical way and oddly succeeds, which makes this one an Aurahouse scent, a slightly smoky neutral after doing the now prerequiste slightly weird. Smokes menthol, switches to regular.

I actually come away from this liking something like Diesel Fuel For least there's some fun in it all...
08th August, 2009
Gucci By Gucci Pour Homme starts off rather nice. But this interesting start slowly fades off within 2-3 hours and remains close to skin. I do detect some tobacco in the drydown. However to my nose this is a violet centered fragrance. Sillage is below average and longevity is slightly above average. This is not at all a terrible effort by Gucci but given its past record this is not a good indication of the future direction of Gucci in terms of fragrances.
30th July, 2009
O my.... I don't know what to think of this.. gucci men cologne has always been targeted towards the older man. This is no difference. Gucci is my favorite designer however, when it comes to there fragrance I only like & own envy. The rest of there line up has a very mature old feel to it. Maybe I will enjoy there scents once I reach my late 40's! I won't give it a thumbs down only because this last forever. & I do mean forever.
07th March, 2009
Gucci PH doesn't smell terrible. It's safe and clean. It was very hyped up by the industry creating excitement in buyers all around. People were under the impression to rush the stores in hopes of something new and unique. It is everything but that.

I was dissapointed. Their is nothing new about this fragrance. It's just like many others and lacks the creativity I'd expect from Gucci. Envy kills this one and has taken the bottle shelf at retail stores.

If you are a guy wanting something for the office to distract the bordem of everyday life, this is for you. However, if you are a man looking for something new, creative, and out of the norm, this isn't for you. It's boring and it burns quickly. Like water evaporating at boiling temperature.

I think Gucci should of named this one, Gucci "Safety"
25th February, 2009
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United States
Gucci by Gucci pour Homme is soft, subtle, and stays close to the skin. The notes harmonize into a slightly sweet and warm woody scent that reminds me more of cedar than cyprus. All together the effect is warm and pleasant and decidedly more mature than sexy. I don't think this scent deserves the thumbs down reviews. Its a good choice if someone is looking for something safe, subtle, and inoffensive. It would probably be perfect to wear to church or a business meeting where you don't want to make a bad first impression.
30th November, 2008
Let me tell you; nobody will absolutely hate this scent yet many will find it to be extremely disappointing.

It doesn't feel like it should belong into the Gucci fragrance universe. It is somewhat pleasant, yet it is also quite common. Incredibly marketable and should be considered as an 'easy-sell', Gucci by Gucci pour Homme doesn't remind me of any exact one scent in particular: it reminds me of a lot of similar scents that I had the chance to experience throughout my years - one after the other.

Comfortable and safe, it feels like a scent that a 12 year old would buy, and a 55 year old would receive as a gift from a relative who doesn't know him very well.

The opening is an elegant mix of violets, cypress, and bergamot. Everyone talks about the tobacco, yet along with it there is supposed to be a strong note of jasmine, as well as olibanum in this. Those two phantom notes are not easily detected. The base is the usual patchouli/amber mix that is carrying the soft and clean tobacco abundance throughout.

When I first saw it notes before the testing, I was intrigued by the violet, tobacco and jasmine combo. I thought it could be very edgy, for a mens scent, and kind of dangerous. People say that Gucci by Gucci (the womens version) feels a little too masculine for some. I had assumed some gender-bending qualities could -or should- be expected from this creation as well. That would be a bold 'first' for the Gucci scent offerings after all those extremely masculine male scents. Unfortunately, Gucci by Gucci pour Homme is not that creation. Then again, it is barely masculine. It just lacks a lot of character and that final punch that could have make this juice somewhat significant. More disappointingly, Gucci by Gucci pour Homme smells kind of cheap.

This scent will receive a lot of mixed to low grades from the basenotes community -I know it in my heart- yet it is not completely awful by any means. I am giving it a neutral grade. It is still better than some of the other new creations released this fall: Infusion d'Homme by Prada, Versace Pour Homme by Versace, and Diamonds for Men by Emporio Armani. If I had to buy one, this would be it among the four listed. Yet, the only way, that I would consider buying this scent, would be as a safe gift to someone. Truthfully speaking, it is not worthy of that much attention.

The bottle is whatever it is. Needlessly heavy and not all that handsome to look at.
23rd October, 2008 (last edited: 06th September, 2011)
I only like the bottle. I got the mini and if I purchase a larger size, it'll be for the bottle only. UPDATE: After It Sets On My Skin It Is So Much Better. I Like It!
18th October, 2008 (last edited: 24th September, 2009)
Allure's younger, less endearing brother. A fruity in the opening and violet amber accord that leaves me feel wanting. Not entirely terrible. There's a tobacco note towards the end that makes it worth a wait.
11th October, 2008 (last edited: 02nd August, 2009)