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This has basically disappeared off shelves, a response to universally negative critical feedback a few years ago. From the same crowd that venerated dior home, le male, a men, Gucci 1 and 2, Michael for men, terre de Hermes and a plethora of other generic overly sweetened men's potions. Problem with all these fragrances I've noted is how dated and cheap they smell now that we are a few years in the future.

Gucci by Gucci also known as Gucci 3 at the time, doesn't have this issue. A fragrance that's top and mid heavy and then settles down to a fairly simple sweetened (but not too sweet) tobacco/ashtray accord supported by an extremely refined amber, pathchouli, and a hint of leather. This is an excellent designer that can hold its own against any niche fragrance.

This is a sylvan, silvered purple-grey chypre that whispers but never screams. In a fragrance landscape where 1 million and bleu de Chanel are blockbusters it's easy to see why it died an early death - too bad the so called "critics" wrote it off for its obvious "similarities" to everything else without noting it's subtle, elegant and haunting differences. This is a watery men's cologne that somehow evokes darkened, shadowy and blurred images, nostalgia and longings for times past, with a few simple strokes. Call it a willfully minimalist masculine for the Issey Miyake pour Homme generation
26th September, 2017
O, chypre's oakmoss!
Before they took you from me
You whispered to me.
16th June, 2017
Woody, spicy and smells like a mass market scent, which means most people will like it. Reminds me of the scent coming out of Sephora when you walk by in the mall. Not big on projection. I'm giving thumbs up for the smell, very nice, refined and pleasant.
15th August, 2016
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One of the reviewers said this was a 'piney' fragrance, but I think they are mistaking it for cedar. This fragrance has predominantly cedar notes.

This is a masculine, woody, pleasant cologne, with hints of amber and pepper. The grey glass bottle is stylish and the heavy chrome ring on the top has a nice feel.

This was the second fragrance I ever bought for myself, after Pi which is very strongly amber scented. I wanted something that still had amber in it but toned down a bit. Gucci by Gucci pour Homme fit the bill. I imagine this is what Ralph Lauren's living room smells like at his Colorado ranch: Cedar with leather and tobacco notes.
26th April, 2016

I enjoy fragrances from Gucci.this is a lovely scent in my opinion.not unique but simple in very nice a is clean.Good for fall.

The bottle is gorgeous.sillage and longevity is average (longevity 5 hours on my skin) if you are fan Gucci fragrances you have to try by Gucci by Gucci pour Homme!i wait now for Gucci by Gucci sport!

23rd April, 2015
I loved this when I first tried it. I was looking for a new signature scent and I did not know anyone who used it. When I first smelled it and wore it for the day I noticed that the scent does not come on very strong, but still stays on you all day. This is impressive. It smells very piney and although I find it pleasing, not everyone does.
The Good: Subtle, confident, piney, mature.
The Bad: Piney to the point that it may put some people off. Makes me think of the scene in the movie Tommy Boy where Dan Akroid accuses Chris Farley of wearing "pine tree perfume".
Overall: A solid choice if a dry, spicy fragrance with a pine front and a musk back is what you are after.
03rd March, 2014
My Favourite

I spent ages trying to find a fragrance that was better than what my ex wore, terre d'hermes.

It wasn't easy. I dont know much about fragrances so I relied on this site!

I tried Chanel Bleu. I found it like Polo Sport but less interesting.

I tried Oud Velvet Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. For £200 a bottle it was pretty underwhelming.

I tried Bottega Veneta pour homme. It had no projection or longevity.

I tried Rive Gauche. Terre d'hermes smells modern, Rive Gauche doesn't.

I tried Green Irish Tweed and Aventus. Someone here said GIT is like cool water but less synthetic. True but it still smells like Cool Water.

I tried loads then one day I smelt Gucci by Gucci pour homme and my troubles were over. It lasts well and projects well but it is subtle. It's not spicy or pine or aquatic or floral, but for me it is distinctive, abstract and great smelling. God damn it I dont care what this site says I think its better than terre d'hermes.

I cant recommend it highly enough.

05th October, 2013
Lovely scent, very attractive and appealing to others. Buy a bottle today and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Lee H.
29th April, 2013
I was looking for something elegant with my first salary. I went to a shop and started smelling around. I fell in love with it's floral and fresh but dominant note... I instantly bought it. For 3 years now it's been one of my all time favourites and I can only recommend it.
31st March, 2013
When I bought this I didn't think it was extraordinary or somehow mind blown... but it is quite unexpected unti almost all the people I greeted / hugged when I met them, they complimented that "this is a nice smell ", or would ask me "what is the perfume" ... so I couldn't argue or have negative thoughts on this one.
21st February, 2013
Generic smelling, but nice. Like a flanker or sports scent, it is crisp, bright out-in-the-sunshine fragrance. I guarantee that if Creed had made this...It wouldn't have all of the thumbs down.
30th October, 2012
cerjr Show all reviews
United States
Not sure why so many people dislike this one, but it serves a purpose. Weekend wear, spicy, masculine, and perfect after a workout, this is a great scent.

It lasts long, it is distinct, and I love the spiciness of it without having that gourmand tendency that others do.

Perfect weekend cologne for me.
06th October, 2012
Lots of negativity for this one on Basenotes...but I love the stuff. It's versatile, and works well in the office or at a nice dinner.

It's a subltly spicy (kinda fruity) but leathery vibe for the first few hours...then it seems to turn a bit soapier - almost like a vetiver based scent (not sure what the exact notes are here).

I don't wear it for compliments, though it does get them frequently. Sillage is average, projection is modest...but it lasts a full 8-10 hours on my skin and clothes. I once sprayed it on a jacket - and hung it in the closet. It was still there a week later.

Above average, and certainlty something that could be a signature scent for a person confined to a cubicle or an office that needs a daily workhorse scent.
13th September, 2012
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I bought this for my husband and it's my favourite of all his aftershaves. Gucci Pour Homme is a very masculine fragrance. It makes a refreshing change from so many of the men's colognes which have come out over the past few years (that includes you, Bleu de Chanel). Some of them are so metrosexual I'd consider wearing them myself. I like my man to smell like a man, not a teenage girl. This is reminiscent of the proper blokes' smells of the 70s. It doesn't mess about. Fresh, clean, leathery. Love it. Thumbs right up from me.
21st February, 2012
Someone mentioned it smells like Terre d'Hermes? Yes indeed but it has a softer approach.

This is a woody fragrance that has a hint of sweet cocoa to me. The middle and base notes give out a sensual, warm and delicious smell for me. The tabacco note isnt too much to be an old man perfume.

This fragrance stays close to the skin so it aint going strong on people near you.
10th July, 2011 (last edited: 02nd August, 2011)
I actually quite like this scent. It's both citrusy and woodsy and doesn't smell too synthetic. Longevity is an issue, but my biggest gripe is that this smells so similar to Terre d'Hermes. Has anyone noticed that?
15th April, 2011
In my experience, women LOVE this one. Stays quite close to the skin and is therefore the perfect "snuggling" fragrance. Nobody i've met has a bad word to say about this one. Personally I love the tobacco notes in it. It's only downfall is that it doesn't last all that long projection wise. Maybe a couple of hours. But you'll find that others will still be able to smell it on your skin hours after that and hours after you've stopped noticing it. Hence - the perfect snuggling fragrance!
19th December, 2010
Let me strat with some general remarks.

People usually forget that the parfums have two counterparts;
the first is the pelasure for you, the second is the image of you
for other people.

What is often reveiwded here is the first part; the part that one feels over himself.
Some people write reveiws here even not trying the parfum on his skeen!!

Let me explain now my impressions of Gucci by Gucci, the story that has happened last year. Once in our office I observed a very good and pleasant,
thin, delicate but at the same time clear and sufficiently strong smell.
It was at the end of the working day.

Three days later I recognized a person who weared it. He passed to the printer room
and went back but the perfum has been there for twenty more minutes or more!

Finally in two or three more days, when I knew that this person has arrived
at his bureau (guess why), I found a possibility to pass by and to ask him about fragrance. I do not do this in general, but here I did not manage to stop myself.
It was Gucci by Gucci.

On my personal opinion, it is wonderful! Modern, innovative, fresh,
dry and fruity at ther same time.
This is a fragrance of a precise, correct, determined and at the same time open-minded man, who knows his price.
I've bought EdT and Lotion both, and never regret about this.
Bravo, Givaudan!
14th July, 2010
I'm honestly perplexed by so many negative reviews about GbGPH. I suppose it just goes to illustrate how varied everyone’s tastes really can be. For starters, this is a wonderful, manly fragrance, right out of the bottle. (Speaking of the bottle, it’s also nicely done, heavy, no-nonsense and stylish. What else would you expect from Gucci?). But back to the cologne. My nose is nowhere near as expert as most others on these boards, but I can tell you that it opens with notes that are nice. A woody, peppery, somewhat sharp opening that immediately reminded me of Gucci Pour Homme II. Must be the violet? Then within an hour or so, the fragrance begins to evolve into a spicy wood that is not overbearing, just….nice. I get a slight mix of tobacco and leather, pinned by faint amber. I’m not very fond of amber as a dominant note, so this one fits the bill perfectly for me as the amber is more lurking in the background, rather than center stage. Overall, this is another excellent cologne and I am not one bit disappointed. Gucci, after all, is Gucci and I’d have to say they have become one of my favorite fragrance houses, right next to MPG.
26th March, 2010
Swagger in a bottle! Smells somewhat similar to Gucci Pour Homme II but is more youthful, modern, softer, and darker. It's not as sharp and dry as Gucci Pour Homme II nor is it as spicy but instead, more woodsy and floral. The tobacco, leather, and incense blended with the violet make for a very masculine, unique, and sexy scent! Good for a night in the club or a special occassion. On my skin, it projects fairly well and longevity is great too. I get 6-10 hours everytime! I almost turned the other cheek on this one because of the fact that a celebrity was the poster child, but I smelled a strip in a magazine and I was instantly hooked! If you're looking for a something new that's sexy, masculine, modern, yet refined, look no further than this! Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme is a perfect addition to any collection! Get it! Final Rating A-
01st February, 2010 (last edited: 19th December, 2010)
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
hands down one of the best scents ever. mainly for cool/cold weather.andrew said it best. very warm and enticing not overly done masculine scent. nothing compares.great for all ages also. truely a masterpiece. lasts forever also!!
05th November, 2009
excellent modern woodsy chypre i cannot describe how bold and rich the notes in this one are its totally out of this world

gucci really makes great fragrances and after smelling this, gucci and gucci 2 i am excited to see what they come up with next

as for the scent its a very woodsy chypre with a good edge that makes it perfect to wear all round, when this stuff actually dries down it becomes incredibly sexy and hip with a very masculine edge
29th September, 2009 (last edited: 10th December, 2009)
fusion Show all reviews
United States
This is a very nice scent longevity and sillage are good a thumbs up.
09th July, 2009
Larwiz Show all reviews
United States
What I don't understand is why so many sales associates are so willing to recommend this when gucci pour homme 2 is in the midst. GPH 2 is amazing. This isn't. I don't get this, nor do I get GPH 1. Envy I get. If you want Gucci's finest offerings, go with GPH2 and Envy.
27th March, 2009
personally i like this scent very much, the kind of smell that i haven't experience t before, is a fresh start, sweet & spice in the middle, and the dry down is kind of sexy, more alluring
26th February, 2009 (last edited: 08th April, 2009)
vawallpa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening notes strongly remind me of Burberry for men (1995). Through the mid notes it continues to smell like burberry for men, but with much better lasting power and sillage. It ends up smelling similar to X2O by ted baker. I have nothing bad as such to say about this fragrance as it is a classy, long lasting scent, but as with many new fragrances it bears resemblance to other fragrances that I have tested previously. A nice addition to anyones collection if you do not have either of the aformentioned mens frags.
13th February, 2009
Fresh, minty, spicy. Really not bad. Totally evening perfume, especially going out in some club. All in all, very nice, considerably classy, not overly intrusive. Lacks intensity though, that is its flaw.
10th February, 2009 (last edited: 04th November, 2009)
CPotz Show all reviews
United States
Top notes are a bit too sweet. Dry down is great. Smells like smoky cedar, tonka bean, and tobacco on me. Lasts 8-9 hours. I agree with many of the previous posts that this scent is "safe" and suitable for casual use.
01st February, 2009
I love this stuff , It reminds me of chanel platinum egoiste only subtle, more mature, it doesn't scream 'SMELL ME!' . Its more self assured, more confident in itself. It also lasts for 8 hours + , at least on my skin it does.
28th January, 2009
It is Saturday, early morning, definitely cold inside the house, and a man walks around. He is single, but he has had a female companion whom he is close with stay the night. Nothing happened the night before but they did hold each other most of the night. He thinks that she is still asleep, but she is not, she lays in bed and thinks about him. While he prepares his breakfast he thinks about her. Neither of them is uncomfortable around the other.

This scent makes me think of an actual human smell. Like it is the combination of those people aboves skin touching all night. That is the smell it would make the next morning.
26th January, 2009