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Reviews of Madeline by Ava Luxe

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This opens with a huge burst of spices, predominantly clove, but also nutmeg & ginger. Over the first hour, the licorice note weaves in & out, before the scent becomes thicker, creamier & sweeter. At this point I begin to detect the milky/eggy/custard-like notes that produce the delicious aroma of that classic Yuletide tipple, Advocaat (known to our friends across the pond as eggnog). It dries down to a boozy vanilla five hours in, & lasts a good eleven hours before fading out.
Those who have difficulty with lactonic notes would probably hate this, but I find it utterly yummy, & I'm really looking forward to wearing it this Christmas.
28th November, 2017
The opening is the killer for me. It's reminiscent of over-spiced eggnog with everclear in it. It's mellowing as I write this, but still too harsh for a room spray, much less anything more personal. Some comfort scent :p
coming back to this later...oranges balance clove/allspice nicely, milk, not so much. It's good to know. Makes me wonder how eggnog can smell so good, when all the components here, just don't.
10th March, 2012
Eliza Show all reviews
United States
It smells the greatest at Thanksgiving and Christmas time, although I wear it year round. Reminds me of Pumpkin spice in the spice isle of the grocery store with some milky notes added. I'm not too fond of the milky cream notes, just so they don't get too strong. I love this scent. I only got the small thing of it, but it lasts forever which is nice to have in a perfume to get a lot of mileage out of it.

Do you love spice? This is it for you.
12th November, 2011
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Madeline smells great in the bottle, but on my skin turns plasticky and cold. The notes are intriguing, and except for the licorice are some of my favorites. So maybe it's the licorice that does the scent in for me? I don't know. I get a medicinal clove note on opening application, then plastic. Weird, because I suspect that on others, it's marvelous.
22nd March, 2009
This sweet elixir is as comforting as any of Ava Luxe's milky vanillas, but the addition of spices brings it to another plane. To my admittedly blunt nose it has a heart of soft leather. Remarkable. Utterly cozy and delicious, I hope Serena will eventually make this part of her regular line.
01st February, 2009
The perfect Christmas scent! Like the most delicious, expensive eggnog and spiced gingerbread cookies, consumed next to a crackling fire. A milkier, heavier Guerlain Winter Delice without all of the spruce, it gets richer and more spicy and musky as it wears on the skin. All this scent needs is a red velvet dress, a stack of Christmas cards, and some mistletoe.... and it's actually a kissably scrumptious scent through the rest of the winter months as well!
14th July, 2008