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Neutral Reviews of G-11 by Il Profumo

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I'm not smelling what everyone else does here. G-11 emerges as a coniferous forest, all pine needles, moss and rough green notes, with just a hint of dry leather in the background, and though it smells like neither, its forest accord and testosterone content align its opening with Caron’s Yatagan and Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier’s Parfum d’Habit. Then it goes somewhere else.

G-11 becomes drier, more aromatic, and less earthy as it matures, eventually veering towards an almost desiccated powdery cedar. And that’s pretty much where it stays. I don’t get much leather, and I don’t get any tobacco. Just pencil shavings. Maybe I’m anosmic to the rest of it, but I’m not enjoying what I can smell of G-11.

14th June, 2014
Very piney on top. Feels a tad harsh for while, too. A little smoother than Pino Silvestre and the like but not as piney. The whole time it feels open and inviting and subtle yet sticks around for a while. Does feel "chemical" at times, especially at the end. Very odd woodsy drydown there. If you like green scents that are a bit powwdery, you might enjoy this.
11th October, 2009