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Positive Reviews of G-11 by Il Profumo

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Quite aromatic green at top – an aromatic that includes a firm aromatic lavender: It is refreshing and unique – I’ve never smelled anything quite like this before. One of the causes of the uniqueness of the opening is the use of oakmoss to warm up and fill out the spectrum of green / coniferous aromatics. Later, further adding to the exoticness, are the tobacco and rosewood, which both fill out and darken the fragrance a bit. This accord eventually joins with the heavier woods / light woods base. The drydown is warm and fulfilling and lasts incredibly. It has good sillage and excellent longevity. G11 is an outstanding fragrance. The depth of this fragrance is remarkable. It has a strong masculine character, but it is not loud – it’s more the strong, silent type. Its character is not in its excessiveness or dramatic persona; its character is quiet confidence, well-balanced individuality, and creativity.

07th October, 2008
G-11 by Profumo is in my estimation the most underrated top quality fragrances on the market today. In fact, it's so underrated it's essentially unknown amid the din and hype of an advertising climate that seduces everyone of every age to buy mediocre fragrances. G-11 is a rich, smooth, intoxicating scent that is green, fresh and herbal up front, and develops into a rich, tobacco and warm spice finish that lasts and lasts. It is not sweet and is very distinctive. It's longevity can only be described as tenacious. As with a powerhouse EdeP, which this is, apply sparingly for best results. On, I called it an Aramis for the 21st Century, unabashedly masculine but not aggressive and definitely not dated, it is made to be appreciated by men of all ages and anyone fortunate enough to be nearby. I am sorry that our friends in Los Angeles have dropped it form their roster. If only more people could have gotten over the unappealing name and given this a try! G-11? What's that, an international summit conference that young people like to protest against? No, it's one of the finest EdeP's on the market today, and in a word it is great! Passed over by many who fail to appreciate subtlety and class, think of the Brioni add: "Be One of a Kind". That applies to G-11, in spades.
13th August, 2008