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Negative Reviews of Dior Homme Cologne by Christian Dior

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Utterly boring, synthetic and sour. However, if you enjoy the smell of of bedsheets right out of the dryer you will adore this.
02nd May, 2015
This is really a very modern barbershop fragrance. This is how a man should smell like after being at his barbershop. Dior Homme Cologne is the MODERN cologne they should spray on you after your haircut. Now, the thing smells wonderful but does not last an hour. It should not be called Dior Homme Cologne but just Dior Cologne because that little word HOMME makes you expect the caracteristic iris of Dior Homme but it is not present in the fragrance. A good fragance anyway.

Pros: Modern
Cons: Doesn't last
22nd June, 2013 (last edited: 15th September, 2014)
Dior Homme Cologne, launched in 2007 is in my opinion, a watered down version of the original.

The fragrance opens up with a slightly citrus aroma guaranteed by bergamot supported by the characteristic lipstick/makeup smell produced by Iris, but in this one, with much less power than the original.

Over time, the smell develops basically to iris followed by a slight aroma of leather.

My conclusion: if you want a classic, stick with the original. This one was made for those who wanted to insist on traditional Dior Homme, but was afraid to get a too feminine look. Oh by the way, the longevity is poor.
21st August, 2011
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