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Neutral Reviews of Dior Homme Cologne by Christian Dior

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I'm slightly in two minds about this, as I am about the whole the Dior Homme line. I am among the 25% or so who find the EDT too feminine by far. However, the iris and cocoa that I object to in the EDT are ramped up so dramatically in the Intense version that I find it a big improvement; and perhaps one of the easily available designer fragrances that also happens to be one of modern classics of male perfumery.

DHC seems to aim to provide a lighter experience, withdrawing some of the iris and prioritising the usual cologne accords with some musk to finish. It starts off therefore with a denuded iris component that is still too much for me, although it is more redolent of deodorant than it is of the interior of an old handbag. The later stages segue into very familiar cologne territory. It's a long wait, and I wouldn't say particularly worth it. The quality is clearly there, with good potency for an EDC. However, I don't get on the with iris, even in this reduced dose, and there are better things out there for better prices. My personal approach will be to buy DHI, at some point, for the purposes of nights out or similar; but I cannot imagine a set of circumstances that would lead me to cross paths with the EDC again.
14th August, 2016
I liked the original better, and now wear DHI instead of DH. The reformulated DH smells a lot like the original DHI; it's not a bad scent, but goes too far into the strong cocoa territory for me.
18th May, 2012
Hmmm, why would someone put citrus here? Where's the cocoa, amber and the lavender?? You can still feel the women purse smell but not with the sweetness and mystery of the original and the intense versions.
It's OK though, but I can shower on this and will last for an hour or two. Love the spray, you just gotta love the spray on the DIOR HOMME collection.
07th February, 2011
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From the bottle it smells like a typical girly dior fragrance, after applied it smells like a used, musky, slightly floral powder puff. Not masculine at all, unless you're a Frenchman. As some have described it, smells like the bottom of a make-up bag. It does have a descent floral talc sillage. A bit too sweet for me.
23rd November, 2009
Did the original Dior Homme by Olivier Polge really need a reworking just 2 years into its release (as some parties had claimed)? I think it was more a case of product extension i.e. a sales & marketing strategy. To me this is just a less powdery and less sweet version of the original. With the amber and cocoa left out of the heart, it also comes across as more floral and I find this aspect appealing. But replacing the opening lavender with citrus makes no real difference to me nor should it since the top fades away after 5 minutes anyway. And as palatable as DIOR HOMME COLOGNE is, its shorter lifespan and the absence of a drydown further reinforce its image as a poor man's version of Dior Homme. Rather unfortunate.
18th October, 2009