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Positive Reviews of Dior Homme Cologne by Christian Dior

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United Kingdom
Nice classic cologne

Citrus and bergamot - a classic core, witha light white musk in the drydown. A bit disappointing in it's lack of development but this is not unusual in a cologne. Good longevity of four hours.

21st September, 2013
I love the sharp woody iris when this goes on. It's very femme and brings back childhood memories of my mother putting on perfume. In the drydown, however, as it turns progressively more chocolatey, it loses its magic and becomes a rather trite scent. I like it. I just wish it was able to sustain the romantic elegance of the beginning through to the end.
28th February, 2013
Luckly i've found a bottle of this gorgeous scent. This is a lighter version of Dior Homme. Also it has less lasting power, but sillage and projection are okay. I guess the neroli note has given it a real freshness that makes this scent versatile for summer/spring. If you find this, just dont hesitate: BUY IT. Thumbs up!
10th January, 2013
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i asked someone to buy dh for me and they came back with this version. it was a blessing in disguise IMO because this stuff is great and much more wearable than the original without taking out the things that made the original dh appealing.
19th August, 2010
Highly recommended. I get lots of compliments on this one - more than the EdT and Intense versions even. As others have noted, it's close to the EdT, but a bit more citrus and fresh. It's very, very good stuff. The relatively short longevity (I get about an hour of decent top and middle notes) is both its charm and curse. You will be compelled to re-apply, guaranteed. If you're a fan of layering, it makes a good first course - skip the EdT and dive straight into Intense for your second layer. So rich and inviting for an EdC. It's among my most-recommended fragrances.
25th June, 2010
It's unique, but still reminds me of a make-up counter in an 80's Dept. Store. I find the longevity poor though. Women my age(27) think it's arousing, but teenagers have called it an 'Old Man' cologne. I just wish it were cheaper!
03rd March, 2010
Less is more. I really enjoy this one more than the "original". Less sweet, Less powdery, less lipstick cosmetic bag. It's all still there and not watered down. Toned down, and a little more citrusy. Very soft and enjoyable.
07th December, 2009
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United States
It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense EdP. It took me a while to come across a bottle of Dior Homme Cologne and it was worth the wait! First off, there is no indication that this is an EdC concentration, rather it is simply titled 'Cologne'. The strength and longevity indicate it's likely an EdT concentration. The Cologne is NOT a watered-down version of the original. Rather it's a new interpretation of the original, and a very successful one.

Compared to the original EdT, the iris on which the fragrance is constructed is far more prominent while the gourmand notes (vanilla, cocoa) are far more subtle. Overall this is probably the best version of all the Dior Hommes vis-a-via balance and construction. The brightness of the topnotes hints at an underlying touch of citrus not noticeable in the EdT. The vanilla, cocoa, vetiver, and leather come in slowly - never overpowering the iris.

While the sillage isn't as strong as the EdT, the longevity remains very good. Having a 125ml bottle encourages me to use Dior Homme Cologne more like a body spray, liberally applying over my entire torso. I can enjoy the fragrance without projecting it ten feet around me (as happens with the EdP), making the Cologne perfect for situations that call for less sillage.

While I still love the brash, gourmand vulgarity of the EdP, I can't help but think that Dior Homme Cologne is the 'ultimate' and most well done expression of Dior Homme.
24th August, 2009
Best leather scent I've ever used, sophisticated and very clear finish.
Still looking for a scent similar to this.
24th March, 2009
To me this is better that the original EDT and the much different Dior Homme Sport. I find the cologne to be lighter than the EDT (as it should) with the citrus element not so dominant as others have indicated. Iris on the other hand is what the Cologne is all about, in a very elegant and pleasant way!!!
I've heard that the cologne has been (or soon will be) discontinued. If thats true then its really unfortunate.
19th February, 2009
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United Kingdom
The first impression of Dior Homme Cologne is that it is very citrus-y. This is not unusual for a Cologne. The Citrus note is quite bright though, almost as though a lemon has been freshly squeezed out of the bottle for you.

The great player of Dior Homme, Iris, also makes a wonderful play here in Cologne. It’s a pleasing twist on the original Cologne theme. The Iris note here is made warmer, and more powdery, almost as though another great powdery floral, Helitrope, has been added. Heliotrope reminds me of Ghost Sweetheart, a sticky-sweet powdery-floral feminine. But Tangerine and Orange Blossom both follow the Iris into the heartnoes, and sweeten it somewhat, reminding me of one of the many faces of Guerlain’s beautiful Cologne du 68.

The drydown is again, a very soft Leather, with Iris.
17th December, 2008
Though the differences are subtle, I find that I much prefer this reworked Cologne version of Dior Homme to the original EDT. It's got neroli and more bergamot, which lends it a depth and transparency. The powdery feeling is balanced this time with a slight effervescence. It feels a little "cooler" than the original. Also, it wears well in warm weather and after a workout.

You can smell the precision in this one.
11th December, 2008
To me just a weaker, more watery and less distinct version of Dior Homme. Why this version when the original has short longevity and very shy sillage? I honestly don't get any fresher or newer notes in this so would not bother to buy as well as DH original. Overall as good as DH if you only want to wear it to work but probably unnecessary as they are too similar. Thumbs up though as the original (thus this) is brilliant. A plus is that it comes in a big 125ml vaporasiteur.
07th December, 2008
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As a self-confessed Dior Homme junkie and oh-so-occasional appreciator of citrus scents, I was a bit hesitant in buying this untested and given that there was mandarin in the top notes. My fears were unfounded when I got this because it's become one of the best buys this year. It goes on with the citrus and lavender which (for me) quickly fades to concentrate on the iris/orris middle note which is divine. I think I actually get more iris from the cologne than the normal EDT these days, but have taken to a bit of layering - a couple of sprays of cologne and a spray of the EDT for good measure - which increases the longevity all up. On it's own, I probably get about 4(ish) hours out of each on a good day.

I sometimes feel that the regular DH isn't as fragrant as it used to be, but that might be my nose. The cologne now seems to have rebuilt the fragrance and reminds me very much of how I remember it back when it first came out.

25th October, 2008