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I can appreciate it's uniqueness but I'm sorry, smelling like a rich old woman is not my thing. Without a doubt, one of the most feminine men's fragrances out there.
18th February, 2018
After reading a bunch of reviews, and buying it... have to say it's now in the top 10.

Long lasting, pleasant and not overpowering
01st December, 2017
A piece of perfumery excellence.

Dior Homme is to the 00's what Fahrenheit was to the 80's. Ground Breaking perfumery!! They were so different. They both had their lovers and their haters. Fahrenheit has stood the test of time as I am sure Dior Homme and it's flankers will.

Of course my review is about DHI but feel that it is important to pay homage to the seed that the tree grew from. The only difference between DH & Fahrenheit is that Fahrenheit was never surpassed by its extended family. In my opinion DH and been surpassed by DHI.

It took me a while to get this one but so glad that I did. Sophisticated, stunning, elegant, classy, out there, formal and intriguing all spring to mind when I think of DHI. And lets be honest.....Who doesn't want to be associated with those words????
12th October, 2017 (last edited: 16th October, 2017)
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I think I need more time in order to understand this perfume.
03rd October, 2017
Stardate 20170729:

Iris vanilla with some Amber.
Smells great. Smells a lot like skin of makeup on a lady - which is a good thing.
The Amber and vanilla bring in the banned called smell.
30th July, 2017
Just might be my favorite.

I didn't love this initially, but as many others have stated, this one can grow on you. It is interesting in a way that most designer fragrances are not.

Not one to judge on a test strip, or even in the first ten minutes after application. Once the iris settles down, it becomes a smooth, warm and sexy fragrance.

This is one of those gems that makes you keep smelling throughout, to see at what point in the journey you are at.

17th January, 2017
I bought this because it was one of the newer winners of a Base Notes award and it has a very low ratio of negative reviews.

While the scent did smell ok to me, it did not turn any heads while I wore it in Kerala, India and that disappointed me.
29th November, 2016
An absolute winner on longevity. The vanilla basenote stays on your skin for at least 24 hours and maybee more if it wasnt for the everyday shower... Getting a lot of great compliments on this one. Opening is as marvelous as for Eau for men or Dior for men.
20th November, 2016
a nice powdery scent

this one starts with the lipstick/make-up smell which is mostly attributed to the iris. the vanilla and woods later kick in providing a smooth and slightly delicious combination. the smell is very popular these days and gets me compliments. excellent performance.

10th November, 2016
A deliciously sweetened vanilla version of Dior Homme. It misses the cardamom I love in the opening of Dior Homme, but makes up for it with a long-lasting vanilla base. I go back and forth on whether I prefer the original or the intense flanker, but as of writing I think I prefer the chalky complexity of the original Dior Homme, although I appreciate the increased projection and longevity of Dior Homme Intense, and it's the only fragrance I have that regularly gets positive comments.
13th October, 2016
Once a year I'm lucky enough to go to my mother's house in the south of France, at the end of a wine fuelled night and a bit of stinky cheese we get out the pear brandy 'armagnac' ..when dior home intense first goes on the skin its almost identical to the smell of a good quality armagnac (especially 2016 formulation) ..immediately I'm reminded of indulgent good times and then the beautiful iris kicks in and eventually after a long process I'm left with a leathery vanilla iris and cedar..absolutely magical fragrance that I can't imagine myself without for the rest of my life. I do actually find dior homme a more leathery sophisticated scent with better complexity but I enjoy this equally for its cosy gourmand feel. The word intense in the fragrance industry has been thrown around an awful lot lately and some attempts have been pathetic ..dior homme intense is exactly that ..intense.
23rd September, 2016 (last edited: 02nd February, 2017)
A heavier sweeter Dior Homme with much more amber and a lot less interest.

19th June, 2016
Was lucky to find 150 ml limited edition bottle for this fantastic juice. I've always loved this frag and do believe this is not for every men. Definitely a metro sexual personality is gonna admire this one. Reformulations have only improved the frag from the vintage version as the iris note has been toned down which makes it more masculine. As far as the performance goes, I have absolutely no issues. This juice is definitely potent so keep a watch on how much you spray. My recommendation, half spray behind each ear and half behind the neck or in front is more than enough to make this last.
Final rating for this 2014 reformulation;
Scent: 09/10
Longevity: 10/10
Versatility: 06/10
Value for money: 7/10

PS: Do not waste this gem applying on the wrists. Definitely to be worn dressed up as its not at all a casual scent.
24th May, 2016
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jumpfrog Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Opening reminds me too much of a sterile hospital ward. Doesn't do it for me at all.
14th April, 2016
Drkube Show all reviews
United States
The first time I tried this I was disgusted and wondered why any male would wear this. I gave it a second chance not too long ago and I actually started to like it. This is a fragrance that grows on you, so if you don't like it the first time, give it some time and try it again.

It opens up with a very strong crayon/lipstick note that lasts for about 45 minutes. It reminds me of something a woman would wear, but some men could definetely pull it off. After this, it starts to develop into this warm, soft, chocolately and vanilla combo which lasts pretty much forever.

It is no doubt a night-time fall/winter fragrance for special occasions. Not something I would wear casually. This thing has decent sillage but the longetivity is insane. Definitely one of the longest lasting fragrances I've ever tried.

Scent: 8/10
Sillage: Good
Longetivity: Excellent
08th February, 2016
For many people, the smell of hot cocoa and vanilla is a cosy winter warmer - I imagine a soft comfy rug in front of an open wood fire with a steaming hot mug of cocoa and Christmas carols going on in the background. I just can't for the life of me understand why, but this fragrance just remidns me of Christmas! Could it be my childhood or too many winter films? I have no idea...

Whatever the case, the scent is the most absurd mix of notes! Spicy lavender (although short lived), iris (those who don't know the note refer to it often as the 'lipstick note'), gorgeous woods and delicate sweetness (i.e. vanilla). Somehow, when François Demachy waved his magic fragrane wand over this mix, arguably one of the most gorgeous scents in the world came about. Don't ask me why - a cacophony in music sometimes can be made to sound pleasant - maybe the same can be said for Dior Homme Intense?

I don't actually detect a cocoa note per se, but I think the effect the ambrette seed, iris and sweet/delicate woods mixed together make a cocoa-like effect. It's almost delicious enough to eat.

Foodies and those with a sweet tooth beware: Demachy will have you addicted to this scent in just a few sniffs. Please, make mine with two marshmallows.
05th February, 2016
Not a bad smell by any means. I get a little bit of lipstick, vanilla and powder. This lasts quite a while on me. I bought it based on the hype but was slightly disappointed, maybe I would have been more impressed it it wasn't so hyped.
27th November, 2015 (last edited: 08th December, 2015)
Considering that I was among those who did not like the original Dior Homme, I had little hope for Homme Intense. I am glad I did not hold myself back, however.

This is a very smooth leather, redolent of iris - the opening reminds me very much of Lutens' Iris Silver Mist. The harshness of the original Homme's leather notes, which put me off, are gone. This settles down to a smooth and very successful leather, subtle and sophisticated.

If anything I'd switch the names of these two, finding the original too "intense" for me and the flanker just right. Odd that Turin finds the scent of sweet, baked apples in Dior Intense. How different all our noses are.
19th November, 2015
Density, complexity with absolute smoothness. A masterpiece.
01st November, 2015
Sensational! This is one that people always ask about every time you wear it. I went out the other night and it made me the center of attention. It really is amazing how a fantastic cologne can change peoples' perceptions. So this one is a keeper. I just wish it were cheaper.
03rd August, 2015
I like this--I think.

Wearing DHI is like getting dolled up in your black-tie best and going to a red carpet function where you're immediately accosted by about 30 gorgeous women in heavy lipstick who jostle and push you headlong into the dessert table. When you extricate yourself, you're a bit breathless and disoriented from the experience--but you can't say it wasn't a good time.

To me, DHI is a total gourmand, and you have to like the initial iris and a rather waxy cocoa to enjoy it. It's also not going to win any awards for being uber-masculine. That said, on the whole I love vanilla scents, and DHI has rich, lovely vanilla that goes on seemingly forever (careful with the trigger finger here). The dry-down for me is rather linear, but that doesn't detract from the quality and immense presence of this scent. However, for what you pay for DHI, I've found myself wondering on more than one occasion if I wouldn't be better just sticking with Old Spice (still my barometer for any vanilla scent). My wife would probably agree.
18th July, 2015
What an absolutely gorgeous scent. The quality here is unmistakable and the fragrance is remarkably well constructed. Sensual, sophisticated and alluring, the hype is 100% merited. Every man should have a bottle of this in their arsenal.
16th July, 2015
This was the first fragrance I bought that wasn't a gift. When I first smelt it I was thinking, what an amazing smell.

To date its my favourite fragrance and nothing has ever come close.

The only one in my collection that I will walk past and take the cap off just to have a smell. I don't really get the "bag of lipstick" thing.

Its incredible, a work of art. If I only have one frag for the rest of my life this is it.

Although not the most versatile, I wouldn't wear it to work, its more of an evening frag for me.
12th July, 2015
I smelt Dior homme yesterday, and wow what a wonderful smell!! And the fact that this one's even better compels me to blind buy this.. Can't wait to edit this review!!
24th June, 2015
Simply fantastic. This was a blind buy, based upon a visit to the local fragrance counter to check it's sibling. Today I wore it for the first time, and BAM! This juice lasted a full 12 hours on me. My prep after showering is to hit 2 sprays, and follow up with some fragrance free facial moisturizer. Coming into the office today I asked one of my friends if she noticed the new Dior on me, and she said she really could not due to her own aquatic fragrance. Well just before lunch she popped into the office to say she got a real nice aroma down the hall, and followed into where I was sitting.

Several times I had to judge wether I had picked up a smidgen of oud, but after reflection it must be the combination amber and iris notes. The dry down was perfect, and projection was solid. This is an impressive expression of a perfumist's art. Bravo!
04th June, 2015
artlin Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I absolutely love this fragrance. This could well be the ONE for me (until something better comes along). I was trying out a sample of Sospiro Duetto which I think is brilliant but I could not get hold of a full bottle. I am so grateful that I found DHI because IMO it comes very close to the more expensive Italian fragrance.
The floral start is very pleasant. Not a feminine floral at all. The action is immediate and continues to evolve over the next hour or so when the cedar and vanilla begin to shine.
My wife just loves it as well. I sampled Dunhill and Narciso Rodriguez at the same time and she went straight for the Dior.
On my first proper wearing of this fragrance, I could still smell it the next morning.
If you have not already tried it, I suggest that you get a sample. You will not be disappointed.
03rd June, 2015
The gods be thanked in these unforgiving times! No need to add much so permit me to editorialize about one facet of this terrific offering. I don’t quite know what the “Virginia Cedarwood” mentioned in the pyramid is (and this from somebody with a country house in rural Virginia). However, I would be a much happier man if this could supplant the appalling hamster cage cedar chip note in so many modern fragrances.
02nd June, 2015
As perfect as Dior Homme and heavily similar to it (no point in describing the notes again then): just deeper, probably with more iris, slightly darker, muskier, more powerful and with a bolder lasting on skin. Maybe slightly woodier too. Layering the two of them using Dior Homme Intense's drydown as a base for Dior Homme brought me this close to getting rid of 90% of the rest of my wardrobe. I am not familiar with the alleged variations among Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense batches, all I know is that my 2014 bottle of the Intense is a glorious, delightfully non-redundant companion to its timeless brother.

06th May, 2015

INTRODUCTIONlet me again tell you this DIOR EDP is a masterpiece.In my opinion one of the most important factors about great fragrance is how unique the smell is to you personally and DHI is one of the best I've tried.

MY DEFINITION:It is hard to keep your hands off when your man smells like this and i am sure this lovely DIOR will remain a everlasting and continue to entice ladies because it is like a soft-spoken famous artist whom all the ladies in his entourage fall in love with.

TRAITS:My signature is almost hypnotic fragrance.A fragrance of Intense Sensations,Conspicuously Alluring,Mysteriously Attracting with superb finish.It is a perfume intended for those who are addicted to the game of seduction.

BOTTLE:What a marvelous idea to make a Special Party in a bottle!The bottle is as great as the perfume inside is deep,sonorous and and timelessly charming.

ULTIMATUM:recommend for the "grab me and kiss me" kind of attention and also to anyone looking for a great evening wear fragrance that stands out. Anyway i will always have DIOR HOMME INTENSE in my collection.

22nd April, 2015
I had to blind buy it as the major retailers in my area don't carry it for some reason...same goes for most of Dior's line. After reading the reviews, I was expecting a rocky ride with Dior Homme Intense.

I was expecting this to be very feminine. It's not nearly as feminine as I expected. I have other male fragrances, not counting "unisex" scents, that I consider to be WAY more femme than this is (Amouage Lyric Man, Reflection Man, regular Dior Homme, Spicebomb).

I also thought it would take time to like it, but I loved it right off the bat. Addictive immediately and more versatile that I expected. I think you could wear this not only in winter, but also in evenings throughout fall and spring.

It would go great when you're dressed sharp or formal (not business though), but it's also comforting enough to be a feel good frag when you're bumming.

It's a classy, comforting, sensual scent. I think this is a great price point, it could fetch much higher.

My only complaints are that longevity is moderate and sillage is low for me.

Thumbs way up!
18th April, 2015