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Negative Reviews of Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

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I can appreciate it's uniqueness but I'm sorry, smelling like a rich old woman is not my thing. Without a doubt, one of the most feminine men's fragrances out there.
18th February, 2018
First i was raving about this,but now i just can't stand the scent anymore,too much of a lipstick not like the iris scent too makes it too feminine...
01st March, 2015 (last edited: 20th August, 2015)
I do not understand how any man could put this stuff on his skin,after reading all these positive reviews today I finally had the chance to try this fragrance.It's lipstick mixed with cheap chocolate very disappointed.
11th January, 2014
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Not my cup of tea!

Longevity is phenomenal. If you like the smell, this is, of course, a great thing. If you're not so partial to it.... the strength leaves something to be desired. I could imagine this inducing nausea in some people, so definitely one to apply sparingly. Personally, I don't find the scent horrid, and I didn't want to wash the stuff off, but to me, it's a feminine scent. It's sweet. And powdery. This isn't a "barbershop talcum powder," this is a "grandma's bathroom" powder. If this routinely attracts female compliments, I can only assume it's because the women want to wear the scent themselves and want to know where to get it. I'm happy I got a decant and didn't blind-buy a bottle. Definitely try it first.

07th June, 2013
It's so linear that gets boring. The only real good thing about it is that it lasts for about 48 hours.
31st October, 2012 (last edited: 15th September, 2014)
This fragrance opened so feminine, my administrative secretary who is female said, "Oh, sooo girly!" I agree! the only note I could pick out that I enjoyed was a tobacco-esque vapor that lingered for 10 mins. loved that! the drydown was boring for me to say the least. I am a blond haired blue eyed male of Irish/Scottish descent. maybe my fair skin just doesn't bring this out. anyone seen my patchouli oil? ahh, there you are! sniff, sniff, sigh :-)
30th March, 2012
Sorry, but for me this is far too feminine and sweet. As others have said the lipstick/make-up smelll is totally overwhelming.

I never get past the cloying sweetness of the fragrance. It's funny, I do find the people the companies get to advertise their fragrance do in some sense embody the scent (I give their marketing departments kudos) and for me I can totally see this fragrance on a smooth, slick, slightly feminine, slightly insincere operator - just like Jude Law!

Not for me I'm afraid.
30th December, 2011
What started out as lovely powdery iris and a powdery patch/chocolate base just intensified with time and over the course of the last few hours has gotten louder with a synthetic woody amber sweet base. I so wanted to love this, but it is too much.
28th November, 2009