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Neutral Reviews of Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

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I think I need more time in order to understand this perfume.
03rd October, 2017
I bought this because it was one of the newer winners of a Base Notes award and it has a very low ratio of negative reviews.

While the scent did smell ok to me, it did not turn any heads while I wore it in Kerala, India and that disappointed me.
29th November, 2016
A heavier sweeter Dior Homme with much more amber and a lot less interest.

19th June, 2016
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jumpfrog Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Opening reminds me too much of a sterile hospital ward. Doesn't do it for me at all.
14th April, 2016
Not a bad smell by any means. I get a little bit of lipstick, vanilla and powder. This lasts quite a while on me. I bought it based on the hype but was slightly disappointed, maybe I would have been more impressed it it wasn't so hyped.
27th November, 2015 (last edited: 08th December, 2015)
I'll give Christian Dior credit, they design some hugely popular fragrances. Fahrenheit and Eau Savuage have been favorites of mine for years and I truly tried to like the Homme line, but just can't stomach Iris. To my nose it's a very feminine note that doesn't work well in a man's fragrance.

Many love this and I'm happy they do. Dior gets only a neutral from me, because I like the house and I know I'm in the minority on this line.
16th March, 2015
As a huge fan of Dior Homme 2005 , i was very excited when I received this as a gift , I must say its very nicely done with Iris and Vanilla(too much imo) but I badly miss the leather and cacao here which I got in original EDT, and that is the main difference I see between them , I just like it but I Love the original which is far more better, masculine and very versatile piece of art if compared to this extreme version.
20th May, 2014

Smells like Orange Soda that's been left out in the sun, somehow with a distinctly feminine edge to the rot. Why the hell would anyone wear this?

24th October, 2013
Gary F Show all reviews
United States
Nice but Not Worth a Bottle

Tried a sample of this after seeing all of the love for it on the internet. Very smooth and well done, but nothing that captured my heart enough to buy a full bottle. I'll have to try the EDT to see if I feel differently. (A similar thing happened to me with LIDGE and LIDG.)

Pros: Pleasant
Cons: Little More Than "Pleasant" to Me

20th June, 2013
nyguy Show all reviews
United States
So has a sickly sweet note to it, and I usually like sweet.

I gave it 3 stars just for longevity and projection (which is amazing), this thing lasts forever.. Sprayed it a few times/several days and just couldn't understand the hype behind it. I like sweet fragrances, and overall like Dior Homme sport, but this is utterly putrid and disgusting. Has a sickly feminine powdery smell behind it...

26th May, 2013
I prefer the edt ordinary version  despite this more intense version is also an interesting beast. If you privilege the strict balance between the fresh citrus-flowers-lavender and the oriental notes in order to wear an averagely sweet, buttery (lipstick) and slightly balmy, powdery and hesperidic concoction than you will choose the edt, on the contrary if you crave for a more intensely spicy, chocolatey, musky, dark and sensuous version, more stressed on benzoin, chocolate and musky amber, than you will go for Dior Homme Intense. The note of iris is still there but less royal, sharp and  starring while indeed a bit overshadowed by cocoa, a more stressed cinnamon and balsams. The outcome is a candied floral dust with a tasty consistence, a touch of bitterness (spices, dark chocolate?) and dampness (citrus-lavender), the juxtaposition of different levels of mildness and a more obscure and mysterious  wake of spices, vetiver and cocoa beans. Very long projection and good lasting power. Not bad.

Updated review: i admit to have utterly misunderstood in the past the beauty of this juice and to need doing an almost complete u- turn in my opinion. I tested the Intense in a frosty night out recently in Germany and yes, i loved to wear it for clubbing around and mastering in the chill. In the frost i detected the leather, a velvety and mysterious more prominent suede, the royal dampness of the iris/lavender, the smooth synthetic musk, the delicate fruitiness from the pear note, the well balanced dark cocoa, the unmistakable enveloping smooth warmth from the ambrette seeds and the richness of the woody nuances (a starring vetiver in my opinion). The sweetness, in the first part of the development, (though intense) is more grassy/cocoa centered with a sort of (forgive me whether i don't find the correct words) nutty/lymphatic/anisic/musky more waxy feel while in the dry down it is more woody , restrained and deep. Never cloying, just more leathery, obscure and intense with an highly refined kind of chic/velvety virility (yes, the woodsy notes from vetiver, musk and cedarwood and may be a touch of tobacco enhance the virility in the background). Great work from Demachy.
Ps: many many tests later i detect a pleasant aromatic synthetic iris/vetiver surrounded by a bunch of other elements (some almost edible) but the dry down (at least in the more recent formula) is too much finally "dull" for my full pleasure, anyway not completely linear but neither enough complicated in texture and too much "educated in its un-naughty final powder" for my full satisfaction. A pleasant and well balanced fragrance but probably not a masterpiece of mystery and articulation.
15th January, 2012 (last edited: 28th October, 2014)
I just realized that my new bottle of DIH is the reformulated one! It has the black collar and the date of manufacturation is April can find slight differences between these two...overall in the middle notes where i guess they replace the cocoa wiht the pear, but i repeat a slightly difference that if you don't have a trained nose you weren't able to know which one is which.
The sillage of the new DHI is weaker than the vintage formula, but maybe it's until the bottle loose some alcohol and the perfume become more oily...

PD: Big Thumbs up for the vintage formula!!!
27th October, 2011 (last edited: 13th November, 2011)
I don't understand why people love it so much.

I get the lipstick note which is dominating the whole scent.

Who likes the smell of lipstick? I don't like at all, my girlfriend said that it smells like synthetic carrot.

This one is really weird. I would give it a thumb down but it's not so bad that you can't wear it.
23rd October, 2011
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drseid Show all reviews
United States
I just get cocoa powder and waxy iris; that is about it. I am not a gourmand fan as a general rule, and this one has not made a convert to the genre out of me. Certainly a well-made scent that lasts and lasts, but I feel this one does not live up to the hype. I *really* love the bottle though... Too bad the scent does not live up to it's top-notch packaging. 2.5 stars out of 5.
06th August, 2011 (last edited: 02nd January, 2013)
It was love at first first, the opening smell kinda turns me down..but then...I started sniffing myself even going to bed! and fall in love with it..

the reason i give this a neutral cause I blind buy it and hoping for more because Im basing on reviews and opinions from forums..

it doesn't projects as much as Le Male...being the 2nd perfume i purchased, Le Male projects like a nuclear, this one...the projection couldn't beat Le a matter of fact it kinda wears down after 6 o clock when i got back frm work..I realized that it smells grows back if i was sweating in the guess it should be a summer scent or at least someone who has a hot blood flows often for it to work.. does smells great when going to sleep...the reason i give it a neutral too is because I don't want to purchase something for going to sleep or being alone and 'pathetically self loving' in the weekend..I want to go out and wanted someone 'liking me to be around them'... :)

08th April, 2011 (last edited: 15th April, 2011)
The original was a heavy-handed piece of confection, but with Intense, Dior have still decided to dumb down something that was pretty stupid to start with. A rather despondent iris and vanilla accord is magnified into something crude, cloying and unfathomable. There are countless fragrances that use vanilla and iris far more creatively that Dior have with Intense.
18th July, 2009
As a Dior Homme enthusiast I did not enjoy this as much as the regular one, which was disappointing. Boo.
10th September, 2008