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No, I don't like woody/citrus/spicy fragrances, and no I generally don't like light scents. And yes, this is both light and generic. And no, I've never tried layering this with the other Kapsule perfumes. Despite all this, I think this is a great scent.

Even if a perfume is generic in style, I can sometimes enjoy it if it's done well. Kapsule Light is one of the best blended woody spicy fragrances I've ever tried. Every note, every facet is handled with great care and with a light hand, so that all its various facets work together beautifully. The woody notes are perfectly balanced with clove and other spicy notes. Everything is rounded off with a soft, creamy but subtle base of tonka and musk, giving the whole scent a buffed out sweetness, but never weighing it down.

There are so many other fragrances just like this, but few if any are done as well as this. Big thumbs up!

MY RATING: 8.5/10
19th June, 2012
This actually smells like a cleaner, more washed-out version of Kouros Cologne Sport-- but much, much lighter. Probably too light for some people, however I like it.
15th December, 2011
I like this but, not as much as the other two. It does seem like something akin to a fresh shower gel. But lets remember that this series is meant to be layered. Therefore don't be to critical of each scent. Each one plays upon the other. This is a fun and different alternative to the usual scents out there. Give it a try.
03rd June, 2009
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