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Positive Reviews of Ancient Attar Pure-Fume Spirit Spray by Aveda

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I love's truly sexy in my opinion and if my cat peed that scent, I'd be wearing it! Needless to say, the above comment is a 'little off'. No ammonia in this attar! You can only describe it as 'other worldly'. I am love it! <3
27th August, 2010
I really like how strong and exotic this is. Unfortunately, one male friend compared it to cat pee. HOWEVER, I love it anyhow! It's a great scent.
11th December, 2009
i got a whole bottle of this at my favorite resale shops...i love it but only use it occaisionally as it has an unusual scent that folks constantly ask what it is...sometimes this is cool sometimes you want something subtle....
10th November, 2008
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