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Fresh dry fruit in a
Brushed metal rectanguloid
Just smells too damn hip.
16th September, 2017
Can't argue with the price, but Rocawear 9IX does not agree with me. The opening is tolerable, but the odd fruit/musk/spice mix in the drydown is not for me. I'm not sure what the attempt is, but it's not the intensity, but the scent, that causes me to gag a bit. Still, the reviews are positive in general which is why I blind bought this cheap ($8 for 30ml) at Ross, so have at it if you please. It's not worth it to me---hard to imagine how this and Evolution came from the same house, but go figure.

3 out of 10
26th September, 2015
Not all that bad of a fag but the dry down is a one note scent. Good longevity, close to the skin. Not complex enough for me.

It's OK but there are better choices out there.
11th September, 2014
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Ive read all the reviews on here and I can see how people can like and dislike this fragrance but too me its very under rated as a fragrance and its a hidden gem in the fragrance world if you ask me...

Honestly though the 1st time I initialy sprayed this I hated it and almost washed it off immediately because the opening of this smells like really foul,dirty oranges and it smells like for at least 15 mins. But once you reach the heart of the fragrance it does a complete turn around and blossoms into a quite pleasant scent.

The heart and drydown is where this really shines so if you try this dont judge this by the opening and let this set on your skin for at least an hour before you decide whether you like it because once you get past the harshness it evolves into a really sensual,clean,citrusy scent that surprisingly gets a lot of compliments :)

Strength and Longevity:This projects pretty decent for about 2 hours but after that it becomes close to the skin but it lasts on me a total of 6-8 hours. People will still be able to smell you though in passing for about 6 hours and this is one of those fragrances that people may compliment you even when you think the fragrance has died
08th February, 2014
Its not terrible, but not as good as Rocawear's followup scents "X" and "Evolution". Definitely a generic citrus with minimal character, not very well blended either. Plenty of better citrus/musk offerings out there for you hard earned dollar.
09th April, 2013
I know a lot of reviewers knock this frag, but I like this one. I know it is generic and all that, but if has a scent that I'm comfortable with. I wouldn't wear it consecutive days, but I will sport this once every so often. This one seems more suited for a younger crowd. 6.5/10

03rd December, 2012 (last edited: 12th November, 2015)
Not only is this stuff cheap, generic, and forgettable, it's also unbelievably synthetic and awful. It inspired one of the worst headaches I have ever felt. Any and every subsequent uses also bring about headaches of a milder variety, but I still don't care to use literal Headache Maker Juice. There are simply no redeeming qualities at all. Not one. Anywhere.
16th July, 2012
man114 Show all reviews
United States

Not untolerable. Not memorable. Typical mass appeal stuff. Rather unusual take on a woodsy drydown. Dunno what I'd consider this. Inferior Usher derivative? Not worth the time?

30th December, 2011
I really despise these cheap, generic, mass-appeal fragrances that smell of laundry-powder and underarm deodorant.

This juice is utterly uninspired and totally forgettable. It will appeal to men of a similar description, and the boring, suburban women who are into them.

It's time to bring some ingenuity back into masculine fragrances, because this sort of rubbish is just a cynical exercise in money-grubbing. It's garbage.
16th June, 2011
Although some will turn their noses up at this because it's a "celeb scent" this is really good stuff. I bought this after spending a good while sniffing a lot of frags, and this was the only celeb one, yet it's the one I came home with.

To me, it smells exactly like how a guy should smell when he's just had a shower and got dressed. It's fruity, citrus opening is laden with a unmistakably manly musky undertone that makes this without doubt "for him". I can't stop smelling the stuff. It's good not to be a frag snob!
08th June, 2011
This is a very young, juvenile, teenage cologne! Its fresh, sweet like Pink bubble gum to my nose. While it wont offend anyone, O 1 should be so lucky! Also may I add it does not last long either, if this is what your into for a frag, than I suggest go for what you know. I wont give it a thumbs down, but I am going to give it a neutral rating on the more thumbs down side.
18th July, 2010
To start, I would have voted neutral but I think this cologne is a little better than that. Even though there are a few facets to this fragrance, I find it to be quite linear. From start to finish, 9 IX Rocawear is lemony-citrus with light woods and light marine notes. The opening is lemony-citrus with the light woods as undertone, then the heart shows itself as "body sweat after sex", it isn't rancid or off-putting you just kind of want to take a sniff once in a while, it blends well. The dry down is pretty much a continuation of the opening...the lemony-citrus, the light woods, the marine notes.

This is a good office fragrance, it is inoffensive, wearable and nice. Also, 9 IX Rocawear is more of a casual, laid-back scent. It's easy going. Wears well with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans or easy work attire. It is made more for the "younger" crowd but if you are looking for something nice, easy, simple and wearable, then I would suggest 9 IX Rocawear.
17th July, 2010
This stuff is very similar to Jaguar (blue juice) in the opening, but lighter and more of a bubble gum punch to it. Very fruity, younger scent. Very low sillage, as this stays quite close to the skin. Give it 3 minutes and you'll get sort of a fried circuit like smell behind it, dare I say.. it actually smells like poo (not the whole fragrance, but this specific part) This ruins it for me at this point, the only reason it's still tolerable is because it's not projecting, but overall this isn't very good. Nice bottle though. Initial smell is decent, then as I said.. it tries to settle into a more woodsy smell when it actually fails and ends up smelling like garbage or feces or possibly burnt rice if that makes any sense. No exaggeration here, it's almost worth trying just to experience the base of this stuff. Even though I got a great price on this, I don't recommend you buy this blind like I did, I got a .5 oz bottle and aftershave cream for under 6 bucks.
21st March, 2010
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Almost exactly identical to Polo Explorer.I mean frighteningly identical.
14th March, 2010
brrrry Show all reviews
United States
Reminds me a little of Romance Silver, however I sold my bottle so I'm only going off of memory. Someone bought this for my 88 year old Grandfather, no really. So, the last time I was visiting I decided to spray my arm, just for sh---- and giggles. Just what I thought. Did I really need to acutally smell it to know what it was going to smell like? Same generic smell that every designer company puts out these days. Definitely inoffensive and definitely not for me.
15th January, 2010
great fresh scent its very sexy and a great guy guy smell thats not unisex like many of the modern frags i highly reccomend this one its a nice citrus woodsy musk blast with some delicate florals and a good warmth to it
29th August, 2009 (last edited: 24th February, 2010)
I think this 1 is Good, it has that little something xtra that ur looking for in a frag, like Lac. Ess. but some didn't give it a great review either. Compared to S.J. & UR, this 1 stands out. Reminds me of a not so brash Hal. Z14. I used to love that stuff.
16th July, 2009 (last edited: 09th September, 2009)
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
a lot of thought was put into jay's first scent but to not much avail. at least he didn't do a remake (sean john) so it gets points for that. overall though a citrusy start and a faint woody end , i guess for romantic evenings because your significant other will have to bury her face in your chest to get a whiff of this.
03rd February, 2009
I was going to write a review, then I read SirSlarty's...he pretty much sums it up. It smells like something else, though there is a bit of quality, just a bit, shinning thru.
I get citrus and melon in the opening...and it doesn't change much from there. Light, very light woods and musk in the dry down.
So just as already mentioned...just another frag from a clothing compnay trying to fit in. Love the bottle though...thin rectangular copper metal looking thing.
31st December, 2008
I file Rocawear under celebrity fragrances due to the tie in with star rapper Jay-Z. I sorta like it but it's got that "hey it smell like something else" feel. Abrasive citrus on top, spices in the middle and hearty drydown of woods and musk. Not innovative, just another perfume from a clothing company trying to fit in.
13th December, 2008
To my nose, this is stronger version of allure homme. It stays a long time on my skin, but I can't smell it other than sniffing it. But it is definitely there. Got a bit bored by it sweetness at the end of the day. Smells great in around first 4 hours though.
28th November, 2008
Boring, boring, boring. Faceless 'wood' contrasted with powder, crap longevity & virtually no sillage. Wear it if you want to smell like every other guy over the 2008 holiday period.
Also they are VERY HEAVILY promoting this rubbish over the 2008 christmas shopping period at Australian retail, so alot of poor blokes will wake up with this stinker in their stocking this Xmas.
Nevertheless, you could smell much worse, so I will give this one a neutral - there are much better 'innoffensive' fragrances on the market.
25th November, 2008
I tried this and it's pretty good. Im actually thinkin about buying this.
27th October, 2008