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Negative Reviews of 9 IX Rocawear by Rocawear

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Can't argue with the price, but Rocawear 9IX does not agree with me. The opening is tolerable, but the odd fruit/musk/spice mix in the drydown is not for me. I'm not sure what the attempt is, but it's not the intensity, but the scent, that causes me to gag a bit. Still, the reviews are positive in general which is why I blind bought this cheap ($8 for 30ml) at Ross, so have at it if you please. It's not worth it to me---hard to imagine how this and Evolution came from the same house, but go figure.

3 out of 10
26th September, 2015
Not only is this stuff cheap, generic, and forgettable, it's also unbelievably synthetic and awful. It inspired one of the worst headaches I have ever felt. Any and every subsequent uses also bring about headaches of a milder variety, but I still don't care to use literal Headache Maker Juice. There are simply no redeeming qualities at all. Not one. Anywhere.
16th July, 2012
I really despise these cheap, generic, mass-appeal fragrances that smell of laundry-powder and underarm deodorant.

This juice is utterly uninspired and totally forgettable. It will appeal to men of a similar description, and the boring, suburban women who are into them.

It's time to bring some ingenuity back into masculine fragrances, because this sort of rubbish is just a cynical exercise in money-grubbing. It's garbage.
16th June, 2011
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This stuff is very similar to Jaguar (blue juice) in the opening, but lighter and more of a bubble gum punch to it. Very fruity, younger scent. Very low sillage, as this stays quite close to the skin. Give it 3 minutes and you'll get sort of a fried circuit like smell behind it, dare I say.. it actually smells like poo (not the whole fragrance, but this specific part) This ruins it for me at this point, the only reason it's still tolerable is because it's not projecting, but overall this isn't very good. Nice bottle though. Initial smell is decent, then as I said.. it tries to settle into a more woodsy smell when it actually fails and ends up smelling like garbage or feces or possibly burnt rice if that makes any sense. No exaggeration here, it's almost worth trying just to experience the base of this stuff. Even though I got a great price on this, I don't recommend you buy this blind like I did, I got a .5 oz bottle and aftershave cream for under 6 bucks.
21st March, 2010
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United States
Reminds me a little of Romance Silver, however I sold my bottle so I'm only going off of memory. Someone bought this for my 88 year old Grandfather, no really. So, the last time I was visiting I decided to spray my arm, just for sh---- and giggles. Just what I thought. Did I really need to acutally smell it to know what it was going to smell like? Same generic smell that every designer company puts out these days. Definitely inoffensive and definitely not for me.
15th January, 2010