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Fresh dry fruit in a
Brushed metal rectanguloid
Just smells too damn hip.
16th September, 2017
Ive read all the reviews on here and I can see how people can like and dislike this fragrance but too me its very under rated as a fragrance and its a hidden gem in the fragrance world if you ask me...

Honestly though the 1st time I initialy sprayed this I hated it and almost washed it off immediately because the opening of this smells like really foul,dirty oranges and it smells like for at least 15 mins. But once you reach the heart of the fragrance it does a complete turn around and blossoms into a quite pleasant scent.

The heart and drydown is where this really shines so if you try this dont judge this by the opening and let this set on your skin for at least an hour before you decide whether you like it because once you get past the harshness it evolves into a really sensual,clean,citrusy scent that surprisingly gets a lot of compliments :)

Strength and Longevity:This projects pretty decent for about 2 hours but after that it becomes close to the skin but it lasts on me a total of 6-8 hours. People will still be able to smell you though in passing for about 6 hours and this is one of those fragrances that people may compliment you even when you think the fragrance has died
08th February, 2014
Although some will turn their noses up at this because it's a "celeb scent" this is really good stuff. I bought this after spending a good while sniffing a lot of frags, and this was the only celeb one, yet it's the one I came home with.

To me, it smells exactly like how a guy should smell when he's just had a shower and got dressed. It's fruity, citrus opening is laden with a unmistakably manly musky undertone that makes this without doubt "for him". I can't stop smelling the stuff. It's good not to be a frag snob!
08th June, 2011
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To start, I would have voted neutral but I think this cologne is a little better than that. Even though there are a few facets to this fragrance, I find it to be quite linear. From start to finish, 9 IX Rocawear is lemony-citrus with light woods and light marine notes. The opening is lemony-citrus with the light woods as undertone, then the heart shows itself as "body sweat after sex", it isn't rancid or off-putting you just kind of want to take a sniff once in a while, it blends well. The dry down is pretty much a continuation of the opening...the lemony-citrus, the light woods, the marine notes.

This is a good office fragrance, it is inoffensive, wearable and nice. Also, 9 IX Rocawear is more of a casual, laid-back scent. It's easy going. Wears well with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans or easy work attire. It is made more for the "younger" crowd but if you are looking for something nice, easy, simple and wearable, then I would suggest 9 IX Rocawear.
17th July, 2010
great fresh scent its very sexy and a great guy guy smell thats not unisex like many of the modern frags i highly reccomend this one its a nice citrus woodsy musk blast with some delicate florals and a good warmth to it
29th August, 2009 (last edited: 24th February, 2010)
I think this 1 is Good, it has that little something xtra that ur looking for in a frag, like Lac. Ess. but some didn't give it a great review either. Compared to S.J. & UR, this 1 stands out. Reminds me of a not so brash Hal. Z14. I used to love that stuff.
16th July, 2009 (last edited: 09th September, 2009)
I tried this and it's pretty good. Im actually thinkin about buying this.
27th October, 2008