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This throws a curve ball at you...first sniff does not draw you in and say 'like me'. Instead, it seems almost off. Fruit salad with masculine musk, and a bitter note in the background with an orange tinge.

I def did not want to like it. Then I kept wearing it and it just stuck...for a week (which is like months in cologne years)!

Garners compliments inexplicably.

Does better in hot weather and if not compared to Voyage.
20th November, 2017
Faint, cheap & forgettable in short. Sweet and tropical for two seconds and then gone to cheap and then gone.
20th June, 2016
KL863 Show all reviews
United States
This is not a bad cologne at all. It's just a scent not to be worn to anything fancy.

It's tropical
It's summer
It's casual

And it dosent try to be anything else.
It does not seem to last a long time and I was suprised to get a compliment 6+ hours into it from a lady standing in line with me.
To the wearer, it just fades quickly but it must linger for others.

Also makes a good room air freshener =)
03rd September, 2012
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A great sweet and dirty orange, with an aquatic/slightly tropical and beach-like feel.

After several years I decided it's time to revise a review of this one, once again. It fell back, and was pushed back (literally) on my fragrance shelf by other stuff, stuff with better performance. The major drawback in Sunset Voyage is its durability. It doesn't project much, not for very long, and it only lasts a few hours. Some say it smells like Coppertone, which I can see. But, to me, Coppertone smells hella good. What I never really realized over the years of having this though, is there is certainly some complexity here, and it's more than just another boring Summer flanker. Already having a top note of orange as opposed to the typical aquatic notes, allows for this to go the more citrus route. I can definitley detect the citrus.. but, lotus leaf, wet freesia, beach sand? What are these notes? The result is some sort of aquatic hybrid of Terre d'Hermes, much more wearable, far more versatile, and no moldy orange note. Although not listed, there is a sort of incense like dry down with this one, whether I'm smelling incense or various synthetic woods, it smells quite nice. My only gripe is the sprayer on the bottle tends to jam up. I have had this bottle in my collection 3 times, yes I'm on my 3rd bottle of it (mostly because I overspray because of durability issues), and each time I have had problems with the sprayer on the bottle.
28th February, 2010 (last edited: 21st November, 2014)
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United States
a light tropical bland mix. lasts an hour or so and is completely for the wearer's enjoyment. farbetter scents with longevity such as bermuda tonic and burberry summer.
29th April, 2009
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United States
As said before, this is great as long as it lasts. Which isn't very long at all, which is very disappointing. However, I find that sweat tends to completely re-activate this fragrance - breathing on my wrists is more than enough to "wake" it up to write this review. So, this is strictly to be worn outside, in warm weather. Anything less and it dies very quickly. When it's there, it's great. The dry-down straight-up smells like a beach while it's there, with some spices and tropical fruits thrown in. Then again, I've been turning heads all day today, so either this blends in with my body chemistry and smells completely amazing, or I just look good today. I really don't know which.
09th March, 2009
There's just nothing there. I used 6 or 7 sprays on myself, and it was hardly detectable. That said, the hints of what I got weren't horrible, just weak.
02nd October, 2008
I bought this for a very cheap price at TJ Maxx. It is pleasant enough, with sweet and spicy notes mitigated by a clear and cool essence. Not bad at all. Fair longevity.
21st September, 2008
This fragrance opens smelling of tropical fruits and a hint of suntan lotion (like Coppertone). I think this opening smells great, and definitely reminds me of summertime and the beach. These top notes last all of 10 minutes however...

The mid and base notes smell like beach sand and chili powder or cayenne pepper. It's very spicy to my nose, and is reminiscent of eating Mexican food while sitting on a beach.

Honestly, I find the dry-down rather disgusting, and extremely disappointing. The top notes are so fruity and summer-like. The dry-down is just gross. I couldn't wait to take a shower and wash this fragrance off, as the spiciness (like I said, Mexican or Indian food) was making me feel a little queasy.

I don't care for any of the Nautica fragrances, however I feel the original Voyage is vastly superior to this.
15th September, 2008 (last edited: 25th January, 2011)
Bah, doesn't last. It's nice and all but it's got 1 hour on me, tops. A suntan lotion version of Voyage.
13th September, 2008