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Negative Reviews of Sunset Voyage by Nautica

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United States
a light tropical bland mix. lasts an hour or so and is completely for the wearer's enjoyment. farbetter scents with longevity such as bermuda tonic and burberry summer.
29th April, 2009
There's just nothing there. I used 6 or 7 sprays on myself, and it was hardly detectable. That said, the hints of what I got weren't horrible, just weak.
02nd October, 2008
This fragrance opens smelling of tropical fruits and a hint of suntan lotion (like Coppertone). I think this opening smells great, and definitely reminds me of summertime and the beach. These top notes last all of 10 minutes however...

The mid and base notes smell like beach sand and chili powder or cayenne pepper. It's very spicy to my nose, and is reminiscent of eating Mexican food while sitting on a beach.

Honestly, I find the dry-down rather disgusting, and extremely disappointing. The top notes are so fruity and summer-like. The dry-down is just gross. I couldn't wait to take a shower and wash this fragrance off, as the spiciness (like I said, Mexican or Indian food) was making me feel a little queasy.

I don't care for any of the Nautica fragrances, however I feel the original Voyage is vastly superior to this.
15th September, 2008 (last edited: 25th January, 2011)
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Bah, doesn't last. It's nice and all but it's got 1 hour on me, tops. A suntan lotion version of Voyage.
13th September, 2008