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Negative Reviews of 1725 Casanova by Histoires de Parfums

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You're seven years old. You're in a barber shop, and even though you have no hairs on your face, an old man lathers you up for a shave, and you all laugh as your white foam beard is scraped away. You're in your hippie aunt's car on your first trip to go hiking and naming trees, and as you're driving, the sunlight is dancing through the woods, warming the dried vanilla and lavender flowers hanging from her rear-view mirror. You're at home and you're being rebellious. You've accidentally discovered your mom's makeup products, and you're curious (but repelled) as you smell her foundation powder and those foam puffs she would use to dab it on her face. 1725 by Histoires de Parfums.
25th February, 2018
I smell and citrus and lavender sweetened with vanilla and amber. Although the notes sound promising in theory, I did not like this at all, in fact the ambery sweetness almost made me feel physically sick. Oddly, it does fit with the idea of a Cassanova: the mix of stereotypical masculine notes with over-the-top sweetness. But the result is cloying and not something I'd want to smell on a man. For a better take on a sweet citrus cologne, I'd go for Dior's Cologne Blanche.
23rd January, 2009