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Red Vetyver

Love love.... Yes it is like another very popular Frag.
But I believe this is stronger and longer lasting.
An acquired taste.... Dirty citrus
Having this don't need the other.

10+ hours no problem there
13th February, 2018
Everybody keeps comparing this to Terre D'Hermes and many people say this one is even better because it lasts longer!
Based on these opinions I was going to blind buy Red Vetyver when I finished my Terre D'Hermes bottles.
BTW I have both EDT and Pure Parfum versions of Terre 'Hermes and love them both. It's my signature scent and every time that I don't know what to wear ... Terre D'Hermes is something that comes in my mind.
Anyway, a few weeks back one of my friends got Red Vetyver and I had a chance to test it out and see if whatever I've heard and read is true.

The opening of this fragrance is a sweet and juicy orange note mixed with some woods, some spices and maybe a lttle bit of vetiver.
The overall feeling of the scent remind me of Terre D'Hermes but dude, quality of Terre D'Hermes is something else and waaaaay better than this!
Terre D'Hermes is more aromatic and you can definitely smell black pepper and orange in it and they feel very realistic but this one is kind of synthetic!

As time passes by I can detect even more differences between these two. Red Vetyver in the drydown and base changes to a synthetic bitter woody slightly spicy kind of scent and this is where the quality of Terre D'Hermes shines even more!
Based on my experience with Red Vetyver now I know what I'm going to do when I'm finished my Terre D'Hermes bottles. I'll buy just another bottle!
There is no way that I buy Red Vetyver!
If I'm gonna buy a synthetic version of Terre D'Hermes I'll go for Rasasi brand that copies many famous fragrances with poor quality and very cheap prices. you can buy 100ml for around $15 and just like Red Vetyver it's is a synthetic and cheap version of Terre D'Hermes!
Projection and longevity is very good with Red Vetyver. moderate projection and around 6-7 hours longevity but personally I choose quality over longevity!
22nd June, 2015
The textbook combination of bergamot and vetiver with a cedar foundation. Pepper and citrus give it an elevated welcome, but it smells like an offshoot of Terre d’Hermes or one of the myriad TdH offshoots that exist. I’m sure it fills a hole in the Montale family line-up, but it’s doing nothing new. It’s doing nothing new perfectly well, though—which is sort of Montale’s whole approach to perfumery.
04th March, 2015
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A more than decent spicy vetiver/patchouli accord exalting the woody-exotic and seasoned-spicy side of the precious main element (a woody vetiver). Neither groundbreaking nor bad di per se. I see too a certain resemblance with Terre d'Hermes of course but Red Vetyver is decidedly more "coloured", spicy, mild and silky-ambery. I detect of course the initial citric-peppery-herbal approach but the Montale's fragrance is immediately more vetiver centered and more "perfumed" (rich, sweetly spicy, resinous and rounded) while effectively the dry down is more properly woody-earthy (but still exotic and smooth, though in a slightly drier way). Anyway I still detect a level of denser silkiness providing a smoother -sweeter vibe. I still detect the black pepper in this phase (and a rooty patchouli balancing the spicy softeness). Anyway a fashinating and elegant simple aroma which appears unfortunately at the end slightly less natural and interesting.
P.S= I don't detect anything so abrasive or overly (I mean over the "usual" average) synthetic.
27th October, 2014 (last edited: 12th August, 2015)
megachemical blast... a cover version of Terre d' Hermes played by the Montale Band...but... who doesn't like a good cover, anyway???
26th September, 2014
Cedar, Iso E Super, citrus, spices, a sweet base accord comprising patchouli, tonka, perhaps sandalwood. Terre d'Hermès? Yes, quite a bit. But also more "generic" mainstream oriental-woody scents like for example Carbone by Balmain. Not the slightest hint of vetiver except for a rubbery-pencil feel à la Encre Noire which I'm given to know someone still mistakes for vetiver. Not stinky, but derivative, dull and plain.

26th July, 2014
Genre: Woods

I'm afraid I can't get onto the Red Vetyver love train. This scent has gotten a lot of positive buzz on the Basenotes discussion boards, but after two full days' wearings I find it disappointingly thin, harsh, and hollow. It's as if there's some critical missing element between the sharp red pepper and the dry woody vetiver that leaves the structure barren, abrasive, and impoverished. Not one of my favorites from Montale, and not one of my favorite vetivers.
25th June, 2014
Terre D Hermes clone (not a bad thing at all). Light Vetiver, grapefruit, cedar and a bit of pepper makes Red Vetyver a nice clean fragrance. Great scent. A bit too pricey for a fragrance you could purchase for half the price by purchasing TDH. 8/10
13th January, 2014
Definitely on my top Favorite list

This is a beautiful earthy smell. I have to say it is very linear but it is not a bad thing. From beginning to end I enjoy this frag. The vetiver,grapefruit and wood are the core of this scent. I reminds me of nature, for example going camping and taking in that fresh smell of the woods in the morning. I will leave link to my full review on my youtube channel below if you all are interested.

Pros: keeps going and going

20th September, 2013
Best vetiver/spices fragrance

One of my favourite vetivers and favourite Montales. This fresh combination of spices and vetiver seems to appeal me a lot! I just purchased a full bottle from this beauty. This scent is really relaxing, and sets my mind to a relaxing, confident state. This smells like a hay of dried vetiver roots splashed with Grapefruit and Black Pepper. I smell Elemi, Patchouli, Cedarwood too, which adds to the complexity of the scent. These notes stay in the background, never overpowering the vetiver/spice notes. Great longevity and sillage.

On a sidenote: I have and use both Terre d'Hermes and Montale's Vetyver. I admit they are similar, but if you "listen", you can smell the differences. Honestly I can recommend both.

Pros: high quality, mature, great sillage and longevity, masculine, unique, refreshing
Cons: nothing"

25th July, 2013

I agree mostly with Postumo's assessment of Red Vetyver.
"For me it's like a perfect blend of vetver + the best of Terre + the cool peppery effect of Poivre Samarcand. Longer lasting that both Hermes with a gentle and transparent sillage.
For me it's a winner, you can't go wrong with it. Easy to wear and suitable for most situations and any weather."

To my nose, it is close to a masterpiece. Love it.
A little more citrus and sweeter than Terre d'Hermes which used to be my favorite.

25th April, 2013
Lasts longer than TDH and smells pretty much the same. Win win for me.
21st January, 2013
After much anticipation and quite a lot of effort, I managed to come by a decant from a renowned site in Germany, as Montale isn't available in the UK.
What a complete disappointment this was! People go on about how this is similar to my signature scent, Terre d' Hermes, but all I can detect is ethanol/alcohol (ISO E Super perhaps?), some light citrus and that's just about it. No evolving pattern of top/middle/base notes, just a very bland alcohol-like scent with light citrus. I was expecting a more woody scent overall, but this turned out to be quite revolting. It was a scrubber - it turned out to be too medicinal and all-out synthetic. I expected more from a company that has been praised on these forums as being 'the baseline' of vetivers and orientals.
OK, I'm not going to judge Montale on just one fragrance, but if this is anything to go by, I will be approaching even a decant of any Montale fragrance with great caution. Don't hold your breath. Stick to Terre d' Hermes or if you prefer, give DR Harris Windsor a try. A very big thumbs down from me on Red Vetyver.
30th November, 2012
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All in all, "Best of Terre" indeed, as already stated. Difference comes in the drydown, where an unexpected and too sweet anise note appears. This non-vanillic sweetness is underlined by some kind of spicy dates but for me personally this adds cheapness to the fragrance mostly because it blurs the initial sharp solid presence, making it.. more generic. Hence the neutral.
Anyway, maybe those final traces are not so much worth discussing as the full-bodied image of Red Vetyver is just this, 'Best of Terre'. I expected an exotic touch and maybe there really was one, yet now Terre d'Hermes is just everywhere, so.
I'd just add that in this case, RV being a Montale and TdH being kinda 'designer frag" doesn't make the former superior in any way. I rarely believe in all these "better mixed", "more natural smelling", "more sophisticated", "longer lasting" etc. which surround the niche brands by default. In this case, if I had to choose Red Vetyver between the two it'll be for the red aluminum bottle and the sprayer clip with the Montale logo.
18th September, 2012
Vetiver on another level. Unlike most vetivers, it's not bitter or sour smelling at the end. A very natural smelling perfume, patchouli and cedar wood add a refined smokiness while the elemi adds a sweetened note to balance out the bitterness of vetiver. Love it, would recommend to others..
10th July, 2012
For me it's like a perfect blend of vetver + the best of Terre + the cool peppery effect of Poivre Samarcand. Longer lasting that both Hermes with a gentle and transparent sillage. Its projection is similar to Terre's but less dense.

For me it's a winner, you can't go wrong with it. Easy to wear and suitable for most situations and any weather.
28th June, 2012
Pepper, sweet citrus and the wood shavings aspect of vetiver combine in this rather lacklustre fragrance. About the only point of interest is an accord that wavers between incense and medicine cabinet.

08th June, 2012
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United States
Excellent fragrance. I can understand why so many people comparison Red Vetyver to Terre d'Hermes. For the first few minutes or so they are similar. After that, however, the similarities cease. Red Vetyver is brighter, sweeter, and dryer than Terre d'Hermes (which is greener, grittier, and deeper). Red Vetyver has (not surprisingly) a dominant vetiver note, while Terre d'Hermes has a dominant cedar one.

The longevity and projection of Red Vetyver are outstanding: I'm getting 12-16 hours on my skin. The smell is fresh, bright, and clean. This is a very flexible scent that can be worn all year around. It goes just as well with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with a business suit.

I strongly recommend it. This one is a real winner!
25th February, 2012
If you put enough Red Vetyver on you will get noticed. Subtlety is not it's thing. At the start loud candied orange, the wood from the base of a fresh cut christmas tree, some spices, salt underneath. I find myself thinking of Happy for Men which I still wear from time to time partially out of nostalgia I know. And I'm not apologizing here even though I feel like I am... like you would for some old friend nobody thinks is cool. I actually still like Happy FM. Poor thing. But the point I'm struggling to make here is that Red Vetyver reminds me of Happy FM in it's being almost obnoxiously to the point. Both have the loud candied orange thing although Happy's is definately more of the souring Mandarin variety. Happy has some loud green stuff. Red Vetyver has the turned up wood and some spices the aquatic Happy does not. That spiciness and the overall presentation of Red Vetyver reminds me of another not too subtle fragrance L'air du Desert Marocain. And yes Red Vetyver definately reminds me immediately of Terre d'hermes most of all. I would like to have made a direct comparison between them but I don't keep that kind of stuff in my house.
18th December, 2011
Let me say that as a vetiver lover and after all the fuss made bout this fragrance, my expectations when I approached Red Vetiver for the first time were maybe too high but, as a matter of fact, I've been disappointed. At the same time I see why this fragrance counts many supporters around.

Red Vetiver shares more than one single similarity with Terre D'Hermes (a fragrance I don't love). While they quite differ in the opening where Red Vetiver adds some extra richness to the simple formula peppery-citrus of TdH, and brings the unmistakeable Montale's hallmark with some (let's say) gourmandic hints, they become totally alike in the drydown. In this phase they share the same slight harshness, the same vetiver/woods combo, the same allure. I'm pretty sure that If you carefully look at them you'l be able to find more differencies and (maybe) prefer one over the other. Me? I didn't like the cheaper version (TdH) I don't see why I should like the expensier...

Tenacious lasting power and good projection (as usual in Montale's fragrances).
14th June, 2011 (last edited: 06th August, 2011)
I can see why some have compared this to Terre d'Hermes - it certainly bears a passing resemblance to the bestseller. But only in passing. Closer inspection reveals RED VETYVER to have the more sparkling topnotes, presumably on account of the elemi. The vetiver however lacks the heft and sandy texture that characterize the Hermes, with a light dose of patchouli filling in the gaps. Very natural smelling. I'm pleasantly surprised at its overall levity; it wears like a splash-on EDC while retaining the tenacity of an EDP.

A quality piece of work from Montale that will please even the noses of those who are not fans of vetiver.
04th June, 2011
OMG this fragrance is just amazing! Not to overbearing, very long lasting. I sprayed 2 to the chest and could smell it 10+ hours later. It does show some resemblance to Terre d'Hermes in the dry down but not as loud and sharp. The opening is also really different from TdH. Highly recommend if you like earthy scents.
24th February, 2011
Red Vetyver
I love it. It´s an extravagant fragrance. Super silage, super longevyti
12th October, 2010
This a joy to own and wear. Think of it as the composition of Terre d' Hermes with the citrus toned down and the geranium turned up a notch, plus the balmy sweetness of Vetiver Tonka. On me lasts forever.
11th July, 2010
An amazing vetiver fragrance indeed. The opening is sharp, the pepper and grapefruit combine and certainly give one a wake up call. Press your nose too close to the sight of application and the pepper threatens to take out your nose hair. The sharpness falls back just a bit as the vetiver, cedar and patchouli come into play going into the drydown. What is left on my skin is a spiced up vetiver/patchouli marriage that I find thoroughly enjoyable. This does not have quite the projection and sillage of Montale's Aoud fragrances, however it holds its own even on a hot, sweaty day. Kudos to Mr. Montale, although not every fragrance from this house suits me perfectly, I have found all are made from high quality materials and I don't have to use up half of a bottle to smell myself as with so many modern offerings. After so many disappointments, it is refreshing to have access to fragrances that don't disappear like a thief in the night.
28th June, 2010
This smells a lot like Terre d’Hermes (TdH) to me. I should clarify: TdH presents itself inconsistently on my skin and Red Vetiver falls within the experience envelope that I have had with TdH. I am ambivalent to it and I would say to anyone who is testing this, please test Terre as well: you may find it meets your needs at a much lower price.
16th May, 2010
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
An interesting and different take on vetiver. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I feel the elemi and grapefruit in the top note makes for a very promising beginning. The rest is conventional enough not to be offensive. It seems to have good longevity and sillage on me, and I like the rather unorthodox beginning.
27th April, 2010
A spicy version of Terre d'Hermes without the over ripe oranges. I don't know about the quality of ingredients but I bet they are good considering the Montale name. I personally prefer the Hermes though.
23rd August, 2009
Montale Red Vetyver

Pierre Montale has made a name for himself with the extensive Aoud based line of scents he has designed for Montale. As much as I like and admire those, my two favorite Montales are non-aoud scents Blue Amber and the 2008 release Red Vetyver. Red Vetyver is a complex citrus forward scent and you won't hear me use complex and citrus-forward in the same sentence too often. Red Vetyver bursts to life with a grapefruit that sparkles over a base of vetiver. The razor sharp cut of vetiver in contrast to the citrus is a brilliant beginning. After a while the spicy kick of pepper joins the grapefruit and vetiver and this blend lasts for a good while and adds some heat to the chilly top. Red Vetyver finishes out on a bed of clean cedar and earthy patchouli which is the kind of depth you want a scent like Red Vetyver to close with. Red Vetyver has been unfairly compared to Terre D'Hermes and I think that comparison is because they were both introduced within a year of each other and they both start with such distinctive grapefruit tops. Terre D'Hermes is classic Ellena minimalism at play. Red Vetyver is almost the exact opposite of that and happily so.If you like the Montale Aouds cross over to the non-aoud side of the street and give yourself a chance to be impressed, like me.
23rd May, 2009
The vetiver in this is soft and citrussy vs. the vetiver in des Sables which is bitingly resinous (and lovely). This one has a beautiful mix of soft spice and is just ever so slightly soapy. The longer I have this one on, the more I am convinced that it must be added to my collection. It wears close to the body and seems to last well, going through many stages. Fantastic! Also could be worn well by either a man or a woman. Another winner from Montale!
08th May, 2009