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Negative Reviews of Fumidus by Profumum

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The notes list is promising the scent is definitely disappointing. Ok, there are three ways to approach this review for me:

1) Great perfume if you like to burn wet vetiver roots in the fireplace (translated: A LOT OF SMOKE) while drinking some Scotch and in the meantime you don't realize your place is going on fire.

2) great perfume if you want to smell like you've just been rescued from you mountain hut that has gone on fire.

3) great perfume if you like to set fire to the trashcan where you have wasted an old vetiver fragrance gone bad.

To me it simply smells horrible, unpleasant and definitely unbalanced on the smoky side. Sorry, I've to pass on this one.
06th June, 2011
I get mildew; chestnut; the wet, black rot of forest-floor compost; rooty vetiver. I'm afraid I find the overall effect to be decidedly disgusting.

On the other hand, it's not the disgusting of incompetence or indifference, and I can certainly envision some sick bastard enjoying this. It's just an extreme scent. If the description appeals to you, don't be too put off by the predominance of thumbs down.

I would imagine that to enjoy this, you would have to really like Frederick Malle's Vetiver Extraordinare, but find VE too tame and sanitized.
24th February, 2010
Fumidus was a scrubber for me. As much as I love the raw vetiver in MPG RdV and Frederic Malle's VE, the smoke in this fragrance just really blows me away. It smells a bit like a stale, half-smoked cigar drenched in scotch.. over top of a great, raw vetiver. It's just a bit too dirty - I wish there was something in here to temper it a bit.

I like robust, woodsy, dark, incense fragrances..even smokey fragrances (Malle's Bois d'Orage). I love vetiver, and the vetiver in Fumidus is of outstanding quality, but I hate the other notes that accompany it. Now if all of this intrigues you, I can tell you that you will certainly get a long-lasting fragrance with plenty of sillage and longevity from Fumidus.

Folks often note that Profumum uses extremely high quality ingredients. Though I'm not able to appreciate Fumidus, I still find it remarkable that the same house that produced it also created "Vanitas", "Dulcis in Fundo" and "Acqua Viva". Such diversity and beauty.
11th June, 2009
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This smells like smoky and bold scotch whiskey, peat, and vetiver with an overwhelming opening. Are you sure this is what you want to smell like? If you want to smell like this -- try some lower-grade vetiver oils.

When people go clubbing in Thailand, they don't drink beer, vodka, and other spirits. What they, the majority, drink is whiskey. And this.... this smells like I wore Encre Noire out to the club, got drunk, and literally bathed myself in scotch, went out to the parking lot and fainted, lying next to a diesel car's exhaust for a few hours.
31st January, 2009 (last edited: 24th August, 2009)
Scotch and vetiver – these notes I love. Birch bark – this I don’t. I think it’s a shame that birch bark was included in this scent because I think the other notes in Fumidus are so outstanding: The Scotch and vetiver are strong enough to survive through the birch bark miasma… they exhibit the potential of forming an intriguing accord, but, alas, in the end they are undone by the presence of lesser than they. I love the smokiness and the intriguing combination of scotch and vetiver of the fragrance, and this would be a great fragrance if it weren’t for the birch. (Edit of 12 November 2008 review.)
12th November, 2008 (last edited: 20th October, 2009)