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There's a sense in which Profumum Fumidus is loyal to its name, as it's pretty smoky, but I do wonder what was being burned to create the smoke, since it's an unusually synthetic / animalic way of creating a burnt smell.

Vetiver, birch, and whiskey seem like they should be able to be harmonious, so I have to wonder if there are other unseen notes or if I just have a bad bitch, as the mix doesn't seem to be a logical realization of the other notes. I get mainly a very dirty vetiver, borderline animalic rather than earthy. It's as if Imaginary Authors' A City on Fire was attempted but took an odd turn away from spicy fire and toward burning garbage, as another reviewer puts it.

Not totally abhorrent, just an odd smell that I have a tough time imagine I'd want to wear again, Fumidus, if you like it, at least has Profumum's signature powerful performance, but it's simply not a scent for me.

6 out of 10
04th October, 2016
Huh...if you've ever wanted to smell like burned garbage, put some Fumidus on. The opening notes smell like melted plastic and other bits of trash that have been lit on fire. To be fair, there is a woodiness going on underneath all of that and it brings a very faint smell that is better. Okay, five minutes in and this fragrance is evolving quickly into something nicer. There's now an edge of the unpleasant burned smell, but it's more on the fringes. The main notes that are coming out are the woods and a sweeter accord. Smells much better than the initial scent. Now I'm about three hours in and the scent has evolved further. There's a sour hay smell that's crept into the equation. It almost smells like oak. It's definitely not as sour and pungent as Luten's Chene, but it's brought my enjoyment level down a couple of notches. This is definitely a strange alchemy and seems like a fragrance that people will love or hate. I would be leaning towards the hate end, but there was a period of time during the wear that I enjoyed it, so a neutral rating for me. The longevity was okay...about 5 hours. Sillage was less though at about 3.5 hours.
15th September, 2016
I have a sample and have tried it a few times. The first time smelled I only smelled wet ashes, but now I appreciate the smoky Javanese vetiver accord. The drydown is quite simple and there really is’nt a lot of layers in it – it ends up smelling like a very plain musk. If you like smoky vetiver go for Sycomore, which is much more rich, has more layers and a lot more interesting drydown. Fumidus is only wearable if making a point is more important than smelling good.
18th November, 2012 (last edited: 03rd December, 2012)
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Fumidus opens with a no-holds-barred blast of Scotch Whisky, both peaty and boozy. At this stage, I am impressed with the realism of the composition. But is it wearable as a fragrance? I am skeptical. The booziness settles out and what remains is a competent earthy, vetiver, a touch smoky, but certainly wearable and likeable, if less remarkable. I give it a neutral rating.
28th December, 2010
to say that I had high expectations for this scent is my understatement of the new year.

Yes, the opening is smoky boozy peaty. Laphroaig it ain't (I'm a fan) although I must admit that I've been tempted to dab an Islay malt at my pulse points more than once.

However, and this is most shocking, I was sitting at my desk tonight thinking, "did I put Encre Noir on earlier? I don't think so."

Yes, folks, that is correct. Fumidus smells pitch perfect like Encre Noir after about 45 minutes.

Save yourself the ducats on this Profumum, buy the Encre Noir instead along with a bottle of 18yo Ardbeg, and you'll still have scratch left over.

The sideways thumb because I'm P.O.'d that my hopes were dashed, but also because I'd be ticked if I shelled out Profumum caliber coin and it matched my 65 dollar EdT.

12th January, 2009